Who is the true Ace?

Who is the true Ace?

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The chap with the strap


What even is an Ace?

Someone who loses to hype up the new strong character (aka a jobber)

Sounds like Agari

The one who wins the Nationals.

Scorp might not win nationals, but she won my heart

I believe in her.

Chillest team.

>scorp quits ping pong and becomes professional boxer

>Ippo ending

A pilot with at least 5 confirmed kills.
The star player of a team.
Take your pick.

Tanahashi himself, come on it's his theme here.

He is midcard now, also which theme?

>at least 5 confirmed kills.
Kururi was the ACE all along.

Definitely not Agari, she's not even her anime's ace.

Gee, I wonder why.


Suzuki is the Ace

Only 1 confirmed kill so far.

He barely beat miracle 1.

I watched season 1 when it was airing, is it worth watching anything else?

Definitely at least watch Season 2.





What makes ping pong so sexy?


Alright, thank you.

Chapter 24 when?

>Top is dating nobody
>Bottom is dating Nobody
>Okada is engaged to Umi and had the first ever 6 out of 5 star match
Gee. I wonder who

Did you know... there are three kinds of aces? Those who seek strength. Those who live for pride. And those who can read the tide of battle.

Sadly SW threads get deleted these days or I'd warmly await your opinion on it.

spring tiger anime with ms x when?

>lost to Okada at the dome
>barely won the IC belt
>got killed by Suzuki
>isn’t the most popular wrestler in Japan
>got 1,000 less tickets sold for him and Suzuki than a Gaijin on Gaijin match with someone who isn’t that good for tertiary belt
When is Omega getting the strap brother?

he will get another run when he heals
then go to wwe for the cena match

The one that is fucking Umi

The one that draws dimes.

mikoto it is


where'd ya find this one user?

yo we have like three fuckin threads goin on in the same thread

the user that bought the blu rays is the true ACE

Saving spACE.

Let's settle this.
Post ACE.

Pre ACE.


I think it might be the one that's saying she's ACE guys.

This looks so gay, just like ACE.

Tombstone is the ACE of battlebots. It only lost once because it was having too much tanoshii.

How did you know?

It’s not gay, except sometimes as a joke. Go watch some free NJPW matches on YouTube. You’ll be impressed.

She's lying.

As long as long pants Okada exists I will boo him. I miss his old attire

That's how you know she's not the ace.

One of them at least draws more dimes than the others

What’s wrong with the long pants?

They're really ugly and distracting. It's like if AJ Styles or Tanahashi started wearing a singlet, wouldn't look right. Also it doesn't help that the pants are baggy bell bottoms with lots of garish colors. Dominion 2017 was his best look

Sawamura is the true ace

They’re fine. It looks okay. It’s garish like the persona of DA RAINMAKER-DES would require.

Stating something in anime is basically saying the opposite will happen

Best ace


a real ace doesn't need to call themselves the ace

I could give it a pass when she said it in the opening, because that was awesome, but now I just want her to get her shit slapped.



post it

It was a lie.

Lying bear strikes again.

I sweat god ACE is the sweariest.

>ACE calls Kumami a cunt next chapter

That's the post I came in this thread for.

>tfw no takkyuu musume to cuddle with

plushies will be released with S2

It's was a dream all along