Hana smells nice



Does the tall one and short one have sex?

Ano means anus in spanish

>Watching with speakers
>Hana screams

>show is called Slow Start
>it never really started, it's having a Slow Finish instead
What went wrong?

Can you spics please go back to your Dragon Ball or Citrus threads? Thanks.

Please don't lie, she's a smelly rounin.

If I shut myself in my room and study will a bunch of cute girls flock towards me?

No, because you aren't as cute as Hana.

As expected of the master.

Where is my rebuild 4.0 Anno?

How do I become as cute as Hana?

Extensive surgery or virtual reality are your only options. If you can't afford either you're shit out if luck.

You know how.

Fuck typos.

I want to take care of her while she stays a NEET

Fill in the blanks:
My ______ Tama-chan is so ______!

Niece, flat


Husband, cute



Also, reminder that thighhighs are the best

ne (ne ne)



I really like Hana and Tama


>181 Barleycorns
>3.22 Slug


My eyesight isn't good enough to visualize this

MUH, shes so small


2.15 arshin
733,670 grains


Super cute OP




are we through the slow start yet

>hurr durr anime is only for my country