ITT: Anime that don't deserve how good their OPs are

ITT: Anime that don't deserve how good their OPs are.

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Tokyo Majin Gakuen
Subete Ga F ni Naru


Absolute Duo
Nadeko's arcs in monogatari

PTE in general shouldn't be as good as it is

is that a compliment?

for real. completely forgettable otherwise
Overrated dogshit. Insulting that they have such good OPs.

I fucking hate contrarians

I fucking hate normalfags

Mirai Nikki

Pic unrelated?

Nice argument cocksucker

Only cocksucker is you for watching shitty normalfag anime. Name 3 good scenes in one of the shows I listed, oh wait you can't because they all suck dick and pander to ironic weebs and normalfags.

>i fucking hate normalfags

>using a reaction pic from a normalfag show
Are you retarded?

Suck eachother off please.


HOTD is great tho

1972 Devilman

Code Geass is much better than any show you like

This is really, really shitty bait.


I'm divided on the argument you two are having. On the one hand, normalfags should be shunned and ridiculed at every chance to stop them from believing they are wanted or in good company here. On the other hand, the stuff he is calling normalfag anime, is just popular anime that are just plainly good and universally liked. True normalfag stuff would be like DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, and what ever is airing on tv.

Jojo, Outlaw Star, Code Geass, GGundam, Kill la Grill are most definitely not normalfag anime.

Eromanga sensei is actually a good show with genuinely 3 dimensional characters and excellent animation. Normalfags hate it because of Digidumb. Please go back to whatever site you came from.


Aside from Juri, there's no reason to continue watching after the OP.

This is just a case of "10/10 OP - 7/10 Show".

Only stupid fucks care about normalfags to the point of shunning an anime over it. Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Bleach get shit on for poor writing by the community not being "too normal". It doesn't take a genius to figure this out.

>tfw don't know how to make webms

1972 Devilman > Devilman Crybaby

Naruto openings are god tier but...

Marilyn Monroe

I remember watching the first episode and being genuinely impressed, then it all went to shit faster than I could process it.


I actually really like this show. Its just undeserved because its a slice of life with hype as shit opening.

Coming in coming out

Upboating Inuyashiki

>jojo part 2 OP
only actual gays think that shit is good

I'll bite
I guess you hate fun

kokkoku is aots tho

Everyone but Benio was alright, and Mashiro was the best. Benio hit that unnerving zone of being a genuine child predator and deranged psychopath.

>caring about youtubers
Not only are you a normalfag, you're also still in high school

>Absolute Duo
This, so much.

Absolute Soul was an 11/10 opening for a 6/10 anime. I still use an instrumental version of that song as my phone's ringtone to this day.

Bleach is the poster child for this.

Why all Pop team threads are deleted of locked? Mods hates this anime?

Go back to /m/ faggot

fuuuuuck that takes me back

EDs were pretty great too
can't forget the best one:

I was going to dispute the nadeko arc thing but then I realized that I was actually thinking of everything I thought I liked from those arcs was actually in Hitagi End.

Koi to Uso had me slapping my desk like a retard every episode.

This, one of the best OPs in recent years


Bruh, in all seriousness there are dumb nonsensical moments in Dragon Ball and DBZ but the Saiyan/Namek arc shits on the Juppongatana arc, Orange Islands, Alabasta, Enies Lobby, all of FMA's incarnations, the Dark Tournament and it's a bit below the Chimera Ant arc. Some people just don't like how something is recognized as universally loved and is amazing in the first place because they want to be special.

Bleach and Naruto were just worse on average.


Let's get it out of the way

>autotune garbage
The only good part of the OP are the visuals


okay stan from southpark


I like the show and the OP

Undoubtedly Mirai Nikki, the OP was the only reason I watched that garbage

People will always hate popular things just cause they are popular. Death Note and SnK, for example, always get shit for being entry-level or shonen trash but I honestly think they are both incredible series.

Dat character design though.

Amagi Park

Why does this guy remind me of Papa Roach.


>being contrarian was created by South Park
Ok, delusional person.

Doesn't exist on Youtube because nipkikes, but Tsuritama's OP was absolutely flawless. Great animation, fantastic song. Anime itself was pretty good, but didn't live up to the OP.

It's not a bad show though. Nothing special, but it has an interesting premise and never goes full shitshow. Although I agree that the OP and ED are overselling it.