Shinjis gay

>shinjis gay

Post top Anime misconceptions

Another: Smart OP

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I don't want to believe that shit but Anno is pushing it in Rebuild 3. I'll eat a sock and livestream it if the next one doesn't end with Shinji being Eve and resetting the universe so he can become a perfect angelic being just like Kawofag.

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>Sup Forums still not supports audio
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Needs proofs for these outrageous claims

/wsg/ will take care of your needs, people use the thread: Webms for other boards


>he tries to help him by taking his place

so this is where the whole kaworu = shinji theory comes from. You just take what literally happened in 3.33 and stretch it over the loop theory

holy fuck that would be terrible
just spin the top like in inception if were going to go with this shit

What a tease. She knows.

>asuka becomes Mari

I'd fucking shoot myself in the theater

the kaworu = shinji theory is as retarded as chico = quiet theory Sup Forums pulls out from their asses.

>not the BD version

We finally get one show to go get the ending to end all endings in EoE and if this theory holds true with "muh time space loop continuums" and "muh multiverse theory" retconns all that, I will personally murder Hideaki Anno.

Y'know, looking back on this scene as an adult I don't remember Misato being the type of person who would actually kill people, and she seems to do it nonchalantly in this scene.

he was confirmed bi

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>I'd fucking shoot myself in the theater
>I will personally murder Hideaki Anno.
You won't do it fags

I want Misato to dominate me!