Hakumei & Mikochi

This is probably the AotS.
Why is it flying under the radar?

Not enough pixiv porn of them crawling on regular sized dicks that are three times as tall as them yet to vet interest.

Is it normal to have a crush on Mikochi? She somehow has a naturally seductive air. I find her mature, feminine personality extremely sexy.

no ebin memes to share on facebook

Does anyone know where one can buy these?

I think that's the idea for the average plebian.
Adulthood is when you realize the tomboy Hakumei is superior.

Do you honestly think Mikochi has mainstream appeal?

But Hakumei is a boy.

she's the average wifey type, of course she does.

Mikochi makes me want a wife.

It's easily the best written series I'm watching, at least for what's released. There's a couple wildcards that could peak later, but right now friday's the day i'm looking forward to the most by far.

Is that Dr. Shuu?

that's a nut bird.

not every series can sustain threads all week long, i guess. pro or con.

Right now it's my third favorite show.

I have had this on my watch list but haven't started yet. Worth picking up?

it's SoL with rational people.
is goo.

Let's see.
>No fanservice [ x ]
That's pretty muchh thhe only reason.

Because it's shit and not AoTS

i didnt watch this, but maybe i might just for you op. it kinda looks like made in abyss art syle

there's just enough pain and suffering to keep things interesting, so you might be disappointed or not.


Because casuals are afraid of trying new things by themselves, as well as of going above a certain arbitrary threshold for shows they're watching in any given season. That's good though because threads for it have been mostly peaceful so far, despite the occasional facebook-level faggot showing up.