Is this the best anime opening of all time?

Is this the best anime opening of all time?

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As a music producer, I will put it among the best top 5 anime openings ever made in history

i think the japanese version has too much reverb, i prefer the english op

Not even the best dragon ball opening.

You're so wrong, you know that?
The english OP has shit vocals though


the english version? Yes

Well then what is?
Yeah, the jp version has fantastic vocals

It's good because it's so classic and catchy, but I always hated that it sounds like it was recorded with a potato.

DESU I would say the Sailor Moon OP is better, even though I was never a huge fan of that anime.

Who even gives a shit about the OP? The ED is where it's at.

Not even best opening of its franchise.

This just reminds me of how much I want another arc of Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha and Puar being the main crew again. They all had great chemistry when fully established.

I agree, I would love if they did a movie or something from this era of dragon ball.

Superior OP coming through

>that opening riff

It's not the best however.


Unless you're mentally handicapped, there is no reason not to think that Hokuto No Ken is the superior Toei anime adaptation. Dragonball fans are like Brainlets while us Kenshiro fans have the most intellect out of any Toei fan.

Just posting best adaptation

Mexican version is best

sorry it's this

wait i change my mind it's this


There was Path to Power, but that was over a decade ago (might be 20 years now).
Also, the GT OP is much more emotional for me. DAN DAN just makes me tear up on the inside, well, it used to. Until Super came out and made Dragon Ball much bigger than it ever needed to be and retroactively ruined it. If Super had never come out, DB and Z would be seen as classics with GT being the divisive sequel series. Now that Super is out, everything is hostile, with people saying Cell and Buu are shit, and GT is getting shit on way too often. I thought we got this out 15 years ago.

There's no way people actually like this crap right? I'm astonished and a little disappointed with what you think is good. This and the English version are the worst OPs I've ever heard, and I heard Mushishi's.