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Requesting Uzuki baking some Valentine's chocolate please!

And happy Valentine's Day to you!

Is this my boyfriend Maki?

For the final time I can request this, requesting Anna and Sophia as Valentine's themed succubi (Red and black lingerie colors preferred) sandwiching Tanukichi between their lewd buxom bodies similarly to this image i.imgur.com/UalZodC.jpg . Creepy licking lips, uncomfortable caressing of the betamax's hair, or other rapey content is good too.

Requesting Zazan sitting with her legs wide open

Your other thread is on page 5 and hasn't even 404'd, why the fuck would you make 2 new ones?

Requesting Sumeragi (left) posing her barefeet like on the right, with her shades on, the wine glass is optional if you so choose.

Requesting Zero Two as an Ultimate Conductor Tyranno gijinka and/or monster girl

>the IP count didn't change

Requesting demon Nagatoro fucking senpai senseless

Requesting Wiz from KonoSuba, adding her mother's milk to a cup of tea or coffee like gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2354359 or alternately getting all hot and bothered from breastfeeding Kazuma like this dou nhentai.net/g/221031/

Requesting Kashima wearing a qipao holding a bunch of red packets like a fan with an Ojou-sama expression on her face

Requesting Kae (Takunomi) opening a bathrobe and flashing her sexy body the same way Joan Jett is doing it in the right pic.

I made that thread but decided to give it up since everyone was using this one anyways.

Requesting cute girls shooting up their schools

Requesting Orikawa from Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise) showing her armpits in her new summer outfit.

Requesting Ultimate Columbine Ursula and Yunyun

Requesting Annie, turned into a black girl (please don't ask why) and craving for Okuma's BJC

Requesting Sailor Moon affected by the Joker's Laughing gas while in a Straightjacket

Requesting Nena Trinity doing naked dogeza.


Requesting Edward Elric wearing this t-shirt on the right that says "I'm not short, I'm fun sized" either he's happy or angry about it, whatever mood works really.

Requesting fusion between Erza and Dragonball Multiverse Bra

Requesting an Amanda O'Neill scissorhands having a shitty valentines day:

She tried to hug his top love but she killed him accidentally with her freaky hands.


I would like to request Tessou happy holding a (Calorie Mate style like) ammo box of .600 nitro express and with the other hand offering a peeled cartridge showing that they are made of chocolate.


We really should find a solution to this since it keeps happening. Maybe the user who wants to open a new thread could ask for a recommendation for a main pic and the pic selected by majority is the one only he's gonna open the new thread with? That way we could agree on one pic and one user opening up a new thread each time.

i wish these threads were stuck on /i/ or /wsr/ or something instead

Requesting a happy, cute Nana being comfy in a scarf or a blanket.

Sup Forums had Drawthreads since forever. It's part of this board.

Requesting Airi from Queen's Blade covering her breast in chocolate.

Last attempt to get a valentine lewd:

Requesting Shino in toeless black legwear and underwear laying on the bed.

Any version of her is fine.

oh this is just wonderful, thank you kindly

do you have a pixiv or tumblr I might follow?

Seconding this.

This is incredibly cute. Great job.

Requesting Raynare in the form of a stereotypical JRPG final boss from the PS1 era (either cosmic horror lower body or just her in golden bikini armor with 10 black angel wings and runes all over her body)

I'm gonna get banned even though it's technically SFW aren't I

Go down with your head held up high, Linefag.

Requesting the "ultimate waifu" with Rachnera's spider lower body, Akeno's upper body and wings, Witchblade Masane's arms, and Asagi's demon form head and skintone

Anchors if artist has the final draft of

They're looking better and better, thank you for putting in the work Linefag.

Requesting Len wearing only stockings, and showing off her cat tail while posed like this pbs.twimg.com/media/DM9RqbzVoAABkeC.jpg

very quick, request again if you want

Requesting Misty wearing a Heer M43 field cap, and not wearing her t-shirt, only wearing her shorts and suspenders in a way that cover her nipples. Please try to draw her whole body.

Godspeed you absolute mad man

Lewd cat, nice.
Are you taking requests right now?

Requesting Wo from KanColle having dinner in an elegant restaurant or on a date with the viewer or anything similar that would fit Valentine's Day.
You can draw her in this costume since she looks adorable wearing it: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2435220?tags=wo-class_aircraft_carrier alternate_costume

Since there's not a lot of time left simple things are more than welcome, maybe Wo smiling towards the viewer while blushing.

Requesting Rin and Nui feet fiving one another.

kind of, i have nothing to do

Can you give this a try please? You can go for a simple take on the idea.

Requesting Ingrid receiving Valentine's chocolate from an awkward orc child

these two dancing.

Requesting Elf-san being overjoyed at finding fries at the bottom of a fastfood bag.

Requesting Coco and Loco . Blowing kisses? Riding a big version of their magical stick? in swimsuits? poledancing?

Heyo, some progress on r63 Altair

Looks cool

Requesting smug Yume (pink hair) putting Kanami in a headscissor!

Requesting Rin smugly sitting on Sakura's face.

Requesting Shinobu stuffing a long donut with "cream" filling.

Requesting this dated meme (Mega Milk) with Annie (End of series black top and blue booty shorts preferred)

Can you give me a satisfied firo sitting atop a mountain of finished chocolare?

Requesting this devil's spawn being punished by a Priest.

chocolate boxes i mean

Requesting Reimu sipping on a yummy bubble tea.
Alternatively I'd like a drawing of her wearing a skimpy vinyl tube top and a bath towel.

Requesting Detective Conan hosting the Conan O'Brien show via his voice changer bow tie after having knocked out his red-haired counterpart.

Requesting Abe Nana (left) in a shy pose showing her feet/soles (pose examples in the right)

Since it's still Valentines day
Requesting user taking Amanda out on a date for Valentines day and then it fast forwards to nine months later with her holding a baby and telling user it's his

Requesting this bellend giving someone laxative laced chocolates for Valentine's day


Young Joseph Joestar used to date Viper-tan? What did I miss?


oh wow


>no preggers Viper-tan
i am disappoint

Jesus man you are the soul of autism

Just dump it elsewhere and link to it you cretin

>tfw you don't have a female -tan, but you're missing the lewds that could be done.


Are you fine with straight lewd?

Very cute! Thank you very much and I hope you have/had a choco-filled Valentine's!


How the fuck do anime heads work

Requesting Hassan of Serenity doing this pose danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2862021

Here you go user

Kinda expected some weird red/purple combination, like base Gotenks


Maybe you should've been more specific you ungrateful shit


Alright got a link for you fucks.


Sorry man, I just wanted to say something

dat cucking

New rar for threads 2160-2169 is done:


Also just wondering if user got around to drawing moff yet.

I should make a female -tan so Samuraifag can make a drawing of him fucking me and I can fap to it.

Requesting Maria Inomata from Gakuen Babysitters in her room, studying and wearing pajamas.

Oh yeah that's the good shit, thanks Rommi

Requesting Deku and Nemuri holding hands.

Welp, at least you tried.

Requesting a lewd pin-up of any Danganronpa girl in Valentine's-themed lingerie don't draw Sakura she's too pure



Absolutely amazing

Requesting Hotaru Shidare getting dry-humped from behind by a customer in her candy store, leaning against the counter for support as the guy cums his pants.

Go ahead. I'll just wait. But I think the end of my lewding is coming close. I miss drawing for real. Besides I've lewded everyone except Rori.

Requesting Misty in her Goldeen leotard performing a lapdance.