ITT: Shows you need a high IQ to understand

ITT: Shows you need a high IQ to understand.

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Evangelion is a show tailored specifically for tiny brained low IQs like yourself though.




t. brainlet

You need a high IQ to understand Rei's character.

picture unrelated


Darling in the franxx

>Sex is deep



Fate zero

i want to fuck the coffee lolis
I don't get this shit


>Coffee loli

>posting worst girl

>You need a high IQ to understand a plot device non-character
Ummm no sweetie

Fuck off Dr hags!

um why has no one mentioned pop team epic yet??


>Sex is deep
It is unless you're a dicklet.



Black Clover?

currently watching evangelion. it's pretty good. better than darling in the franxx so far at least. asuka is fucking annoying, though.

>mfw just watched 3.33

So is Shinji. Rei is a wall decoration.

agreed. i like wall decorations, though.


every part of that statement was true though

Finally, someone who agrees that Asuka is a fucking infantile cunt who bitches and complains.

>ugh this character too problematic and mean-spirited

Found the brainlet.

No, she's just a bitch.


lain log tes
flcl berserk mush
??? eva nhk

PTE, actually

Considering the amount of people who can't into worldlines, you might be right.

Maybe not high IQ but knowledge of certain matter.

That being said, Lucky Star (no TL notes allowed)

what's the one on the left of Berserk?


Ah, a high iq watcher.


Mio is my wife

but rebuild is not a show?


Psycho Pass


Hard to understand or not, it's shit either way.


>if I like things that are boring people will think I'm smart

>You need a high IQ to understand a plot device non-character

you just described every character in nge

she's a good cum dumpster

tatami galaxy


Someone really needs to bitch-slap Asuka into submission.

Can we please end this idiotic wanking over Eva.
Seriously, it's just terrible. Complete non-characters, nonsensical plot and overall pure garbage message. Not to mention the abuse of Jewish symbolism, literally there just because "it looks cool".
Anno probably got it commissioned by (((them))) to create a divide in the anime community, and he succeeded.
Fuck this pathetic excuse of a show.


cromartie is far beyond the intellect of any one on Sup Forums

out of Sup Forums.


Sup Forums & /x/ don't want your nonsense and we don't as well go to /mlp/ faggot