Serious question

Serious question

Does Felix like men or not?

He is crushing Crusch in a nightly basis, you tell me.

Does this look like crushing Crusch?

Or this?


Felix is a cat, all cats want the D

gay thread

How is it gay?

Of course my wife likes men




Fanart. No evidence.
Fair enough.

Felix has some of the sexiest armpits I've ever seen

Why the fuck was Felix originally considered to be the final boss?


So, I guess this is a good thread to ask this is in.

We know that feminine dicks aren't gay and man on man ham slam is gay. But what about getting trap dick up the pooper?

Is that gay?

>>We know that feminine dicks aren't gay

Don't fucking delude Urself

I hope so

He's straight as an arrow but cursed to be lusted after by legions of raging homosexuals such as yourself for all eternity.

It's not gay if we're all little girls.