Darling in the Franxx

Well.... as promised, here is your green.
>There are rare, fleeting moments in your life where you experience a truly powerful moment of clarity.
>A moment when even the most entranced, entrenched mind is ripped up from its roots, and forced to confront reality in all of its hideous, terrifying glory.
>And now, will your eyes wide, and your hands racked with tremors, face-to-face with the object of your joy, and the cause of your suffering, you can’t help but feel that this is one of those moments. 
>They’re staring at you.
>You want to die.
>And then, as quickly as it comes, it goes.
>For a few hundredths of a second, Hiro and Zero Two were in the hallway looking at you.
>And now they’re gone.
>You struggle not to collapse from the rush of adrenaline, as your entire body feels as if it has been engulfed in flames.
>The room feels hot - your chest, tight.
>For a moment, your mind struggles to process the situation, or decide upon a course of action.
>You’re frozen.
>And then...
>/You need to hide/.

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>With all the speed and strength your body can muster, you lunge toward the exit, dropping Nana’s stolen eyeshadow palette onto the ground.
>You slam your shoulder into the wooden door, slamming it shut.
>It’s loud, but you don’t care - so long as they don’t come back.
>So long as they don’t see...
>Your legs finally give way, and you slide down the side of the door, before turning around, and resting your back against it.
>Tears well-up in your eyes, and begin streaming down your cheeks, carrying with them your poorly applied makeup.
>Your hands rush up to cover your face, and you try your best to disappear into the floor beneath you.
>Why were they in the hallway now? 
>Dinner isn’t for another twenty minutes! /No one!/ Is in residence right before dinner!
>Your focus is broken by the burn of makeup somehow making its way into your eyes.
>Why did you-
>The pain makes it difficult to think straight.
>What made you resort to /this?/
>You lift face from your hands, which are now stained a reddish-pink from your eye shadow.
>On the ground in front of you is a small triangular slice of red construction paper; tape hanging sloppily off the side.
>Behind it, Nana’s makeup palette lays upside down, almost certainly broken from the drop.
>You... you tried to /become/ her.
>You... tried to become Zero Two...
>For him.

>You’re interrupted by three crisp, sharp knocks at the door.
>It jolts your spine, and forces you to sit up.
>Your eyes go wide.
>No no no no no....
>They... they can’t....
>The horrifying playful, bitterly sarcastic tone is unmistakable.
>Three more knocks fill the air as your hands cover your ears in a desperate attempt to make everything go away.
>It’s /her/.
>It’s Zero Two...

>A long, pregnant pause fills the air.
>She knows you’re in here.
>She... she knows what she saw...
>You panic.
“Go away!!!”
>Like a frightened animal, you scream.
>She’s unfazed.
>”I told my /Darling/ I wanted to talk with you for a moment before dinner...”
>She lets her words linger for a moment.
>”He didn’t pay attention to you were doing, but I could tell him if you’d like...”
>You shake your head.
>This is too much...
“Please... please just leave me alone...”
>There is a much longer silence this time.
>Your mind struggles to fill the gap.
>Did she leave?
>You didn’t hear any footsteps, but if she’s still here, why isn’t she-
>You hear the doorknob twist.
>Your stomach drops.
>You didn’t lock the door.
>You instantly extend your legs forward in a frantic attempt to gain traction, and hold the door shut.
>But as you feel the door begin you move, you realize it’s a losing battle.
>She’s /much/ stronger than you.
>You scramble to keep your feet planted- to keep the door shut.
>The sound of your shoe’s rubber soles squeaking against the wood, your skirt bunching up beneath your legs is evidence enough that you’re failing.
>And so, as if to mock your desperate attempts to stay off the inevitable, Zero Two enters the room; one arm holding the door, the other holding onto the lollipop stick poking from her mouth.
>Knowing that she’s now in control of the situation, you slouch forward, and wait for... whatever she intends to do.
>She slowly makes her way away from you, and toward the mirror on the opposite side of the room.
>Your eyes follow her, out of almost morbid curiosity.
>You’ve never been able to really /read/ her.
>It’s as if she sits in a superposition between serious and silly; only deciding upon her emotion when engaged.
>You try your best not to engage.

>She looks at herself in the mirror for a few moments.
>It’s a strange affair — as if you gave a mirror to a chimp, or an animal.
>It’s like she doesn’t know how to /use/ it.
>Every girl you’ve ever met known has seen a mirror.
>Even if you didn’t get to use makeup as a Parasite, you still had to fix your hair every morning.
>But as Zero-Two leans in to sniff the glass, it’s abundantly clear that the entire thing is unusual to her...
>Or maybe she’s playing dumb.
>Just then, her eyes look down, and meet your gaze through the mirror’s reflection.
>You gasp, and look down.
>She giggles.
>Out of the corner of your eye, you realize that she’s turned around, and is looking down at you.
>“Playing pretend?”
>She bends over at the waist and picks up the makeup with one hand, before reaching for the brush.
“No!... I....”
>You don’t have a good response.

“Please just go away Zero-Two....”
>She places the items onto the table, before walking back over to you, and extending a hand.
>“Let me help, it will be fun!”
>You look at her hand, and then at her smile.
>It’s... unreadable.
>You know that she’s mocking you- she /has/ to be mocking you.
>But try as you might, everything about her smile seems... innocent.
>Against your better judgement, and hoping that cooperating will buy you some goodwill, you extend your hand out, and grab onto-
>There is a single, quiet click.
>The light on her bracelet flashes green.
>It takes you a moment to realize what just happened.
>That she... took a picture.
>You immediately try to let go, but her vice-like grip prevents you from escaping.
>Her smile feels horribly, horribly wrong.
>She pulls you up off the ground in one swift motion.
>You stumble forward attempting to get your balance, and brace yourself against the small vanity, Nana’s belonging now at your fingertips.
>“Sit down in the chair and let me help you...”
>She puts a hand on your shoulder, and her lips to your ear.
>“Trust me, I know what I look like...”

Bump. Good job op.

>You’re too nervous — too ashamed to protest to try to resist.
>She knows exactly what you were trying to do, and now she has the pictures to prove it.
>Your mind is screaming, pleading with your body to run away, but her strength, and your fear are too great.
>You feel the hand on your shoulder take an even more firm grasp, and pull you away from the vanity table: guiding you toward the nearby chair.
>You take a seat, your shoulders low, and your eyes locked to the ground.
>Zero Two walks in front of you, and pulling two tissues from a nearby box, wipes away the tears which still hang from your chin and cheeks.
>The silence now filling the air is almost physically painful to endure, but you know that conversation would be even worse.
>Zero-Two, after a few moments, tosses the moist tissues to the floor, and turns toward the vanity, picking up the makeup and brush.
>As she gently dabs the brush into the pink powder, her mouth opens.
“What would my /Darling/ think about this?”
>Your heart races.
“Please... /please/ don’t tell him...”
>Your pleas sound woefully inadequate.
>You wish there were stronger, more desperate words to offer, but in the moment your tongue fails you.
>She lets out a small chuckle.
>”I wouldn’t do that... you’re sweet...”
>You doubt the sincerity in her words, but dare not press the issue.
>Instead your eyes are drawn toward the now approaching brush, which makes contact with the outermost part of your right eye.
>Zero-Two is exceptionally close to you; leaning over, with her face only inches from your own.
>Her eyes are wide, locked onto the brush, presumably focuses on applying the eyeshadow properly.
>“If you wanted to look like me, you could have just asked...”
>She pauses for a moment, and pulls away just far enough to make eye contact.
>“Or are you a pervert?”
>You look down.
“No-no... I’m not a pervert...”

>Laughter fills the air.
>You close your eyes.
>“Oh? Was this for /my Darling?/ then?”
>You shake your head softly, avoiding any sudden movements which might... provoke her.
“No... I just wanted... to see what I’d look like-”
>”For my /Darling./“
>She cuts you off.
>“Unless you enjoy pretending to be things you consider monsters...”
>You don’t have, nor would you dare try responding to that.
>There’s no good answer, and you can’t risk angering her.
>She flashes a small grin, before reaching down and grabbing your wrist, bringing your hand to her chest.
>“Stamen prefer... more developed pistols...”
>She releases her grasp, and your hand takes a weak hold onto her blouse.
>“/My Darling/ isn’t any different.
>Realizing what you’re doing, you quickly let go and pull your arm away from her, stupidly banging your elbow into the wooden chair.
>She chuckles, dabbing the brush once again into the powder, and moving on-toward your left eye.
>“You’re still sweet though; I’m sure Goro enjoys your taste....”
>Your eyes narrow.
“Goro doesn’t go around licking people...”
>She snickers, and continues applying makeup.
>“So innocent...”
>You aren’t in any position to protest as she stands directly in front of the chair, blocking any attempt to stand.
>And so, for a few long moments, you both sit in silence, and Zero Two finishes applying the eye shadow to your face.
>Finally, after a minute or two, she finishes, and makes her way around the back of the chair, before lowering her head next to your own, and pointing toward the mirror.
>Instantly you look toward the mirror as well, and see Zero-Two, standing alongside...
>You close your eyes.
>You feel her lips move the hair hanging next to your ear; her warm breath tickling your cheek.
>“I said look.”

>Shamefully, you open your eyes once again.
>Her tongue reaches out, and grazes your cheek as she smiles playfully.
>You hardly notice, your eyes instead fixated on the single, pitiful paper horn hanging from your hair, and the two /very real/ horns protruding from her own.
>”What would my /Darling/ say if he saw you like this?”
>Now, looking at yourself in the mirror, cheeks and eyes still puffy from tears, you know the answer to that question.
>The answer is all too obvious. 


>”What would /Goro/ say?”

>Your heart stops. 


“This- this don’t involve him…”

>She coos.
“Doesn’t it?” 

>Sniffs you yet again, a smile still all too visible on her face. 

>“What would happen if I showed him the picture?”
>”Would he still want to sync with you?”

>She traces a finger down your neck. 

>”If he realized that his pistol wanted to be with another stamen /so badly/, he might not be able to focus with you there….” 

>”He might not trust yo-“ 

”Stop…. please…”
>Tears run anew from your eyes at the horrific realization that Zero-Two is right.
>If Goro found out… how /would/ he react. 

>Sure he’s level headed, but if you heard that /he/ wanted another partner, you’d… you don’t know what you’d do… 

>”And if I showed this to him…. If he couldn’t sync with you …. If /you/ couldn’t sync him… they’d send you away just like they did with Naomi…” 

>She whispers into your ear once last time. 
“You’d never see /my Darling/ again.” 

>Finally, mercifully, Zero Two pulls away, and turns around. 

>”Dinner starts in five minutes so go wash yourself - I’ll tell them that you were running a little late.” 

>”I’ll save a seat for you and Goro across from my Darling and I…”


Just a few brief notes, for whatever it's worth.

I have no real expectation that this works here. I haven't written for Sup Forums, let alone Franxx. But the art clicked for me, so I gave it a shot.

I decided to run with 2nd person POV Ichigo since that would provide best insight into the emotions I wanted to explore. Personally a Zero-Two fan, so seeing Zero-Two's actions through Ichigo's eyes was an interesting experience.

Zero Two is really, really difficult to write for given how little she talks, let along build a internal monologue, so she was really out of the question for a POV. Hopefully she doesn't feel /absolutely/ stupid here.

Feedback etc are welcome, but I'm not sure I intend to follow this up with anything.

oh lord

Respect for the sheer amount of effort. It makes good pasta material.

>so this... is the power... of autism... whoa

Being Ichigo is suffering

wait what

It's really good, love the detailed descriptions and 02 playfully showing her superiority to Ichigo (door, mirror, chest). Sequel when?

Imagine being Hiro in that scene and having to be all like "damn, Ichigo, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your auschwitz body and horrific androgynous klaxxosaur face. I would totally kiss you, both to pilot strelizia and because I want you." when all he really wants to do is kiss another rose haired oni in his barracks room. Like seriously imagine having to be Hiro and not only sit in that franxx while Ichigo flaunts her disgusting body in front of you, the favorable lighting barely concealing her stretchmarks and leathery skin, and just sit there, battle after battle, hour after hour, while she screwed up that synchronization. Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage plastered across strelizia's face but her haughty attitude as everyone on plantation tells her she's STILL GOT IT and DAMN, ICHIGO LOOKS LIKE *THAT*?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch her mannish fucking gremlin face contort into types of grimaces you didn't even know existed before that day. You've been riding nothing but a healthy diet of jailbait and onis for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Cerasus. You've never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on her dimpled ass as she sticks it out to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get paid to sit there and revel in her "petite (for that is what she calls herself)" beauty, the beauty she worked so hard for with military trainers in the previous months. And then the commander calls for another battle, and you know you could kill every single person in this room before security could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you're fucking Hiro. You're not going to lose your future political career over this. Just bear it. Hide your face and bear it.

Stop bullying Ichigo, she's doing her best.

you made 02 say "they’d send you away just like they did with Naomi"

although i doubt she even knows about Naomi to begin with

otherwise you did a splendid job man!

>still no Ichigo/02 femdom by drawfags

I actually liked that even if it made me feel awful goddamit.

Not even watching the show but good writing.

Actually pretty good. Thanks for the Valentine’s Day delivery OP.

While it's almost spot on. I don't think Zero Two bothered to remember other's names besides maybe Hiro's. She would probably only refer to Ichigo as the crude "you", Goro as "your partner/stamen" and Naomi as "Darling's old partner". Otherwise, I really like it

What the motherfuck

Next time try just tossing this all in a pastebin instead of taking 9 posts to fit it all.


Holy shit


It saddens me that redditors have to put their shitty watermarks on everything to the point where we've just given up on trying to have non-watermarked images

I don't get it

>Personally a Zero-Two fan
02 fags are absolute cancer.


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It’s a bleach reference

I think these are valid. Looking at it, it does seem unusual for Zero-Two, judging from what we know currently, to refer to other characters by name. Evenn Ichigo or Hiro haven’t been called by name if I recall.

Ichigo literally means strawberry in Japanese

I don’t really think there is any immediate sequel for this. The idea came to me from the OP art, but that’s obviously a very narrow and limited story telling opportunity. I think there may be other “story opportunities” such as the interactions between 02/Ichigo in E5, Both when she’s making 02’s bed, and when she ask 02 to take it easy on Hiro, but those aren’t as clean since they already exist in canon, and would require I work around established lore.

I wouldnt say never, but I’m not committing to any more green either.

I want to be disapppointed. I really do.

But you actually aren't a bad writer, and this isn't bad for character fic.

You have difficulty with 02 because you don't have context with her, but you don't do a bad job for what you have regarding the feelings she's presented.

I'm both aghast and impressed. Run it for spelling errors and formatting (Pistil is the most blatant) and I wouldn't mind seeing this derailing FXX threads in the future. Certainly more effort than cuck/aids posting.

Sasuga user. This is some supreme autism right here.

Did that pasta originate with malaketh in twg?

Bloody Melancholic

*Happy autistic screeching*

you done a good today OP

Sasuga Sup Forumsnon, you've created something and have entered the annals of history.




My only opinion is that I don't think 02 would be quite so vindictive, she seems to be a "live and let live" character, who just outright ignores people beneath her notice.

I like how it really seems like Hiro is resisting the kiss here, like his lips are forcefully being pushed back by Ichigo.


Yeah, she's doing her best at being the Jorougumo.

Sasuga user-kun.

Fuck man, it felt brutal but also plausible.


Based user delivers.

Yeah, I'd agree with the other guys on not having 02 refer to anyone by name. Even code name is stretching it for her.

You and hey seems appropriate. Darling is the only one who would get any special treatment from her.

Has bullyposting gone too far?

I think this is the pinnacle.

What is this

>All of this


Where tho

What, like this?

Delete this

I could go deeper. Like Fatal Pulse deep. It would be easy.



No one would bully Ichigo if she was honest with herself

Is Ichigo in a river in egypt or just a shade on the spectrum?

This is only the beginning.

Better ease up the bullying before she guns down her whole school.

Good thing she has friends that will support her in these desperate times

>tfw 02 is better in ever way
She probably has a nicer looking Vagene as well.

>Ichigo snaps, and tries to shoot up the school
>02 stops her in three seconds flat, wrestling the gun away from her like a badass
>They just let her off, because of how pathetic she is

Yfw she does an Asuka and /wrists herself in a bathtub.

>mfw she fails at even that

>Zerotsuu touches herself every night until she faints
>Looks fresh and cute like a middle-schooler

>Ichigo thinks she was born with two anuses
>For some reason one of them is covered by a jellyfish

PV when

In the two other threads two hours ago.

15 minutes

Can you repost it here?


>trigger episode


Thanks user, but 02 doesn't know Naomi so there's no reason to mention her.

So is the battle going to be contained to a single episode or are we getting blueballed on blue oni transformation?

The show hasn't done cliffhangers so far

Man all A1 episodes was good to God tier. Pls Triggers don't disappoint us.

They dropped quality on episode 4 for this one, they better deliver.

>Ichigo tries to shoot people
>can't aim for shit so 02 doesn't even have to stop her while she empties her magazine in the air
>02 chuckles "Now I see why you need me to take care of the Klaxosaurs"

Don't make fun of her like that, Delphinium is a melee fighter.

It was beautiful op

Don't bully Ichigo. He's trying his best.

Fucking rage-inducing. They could at least credit Viper. But I guess that's the fate of meme-age. To be spread indiscriminately like an STD. you know, STDs? Like Hiro's?

OP was truly...a darling in the Franxx.

No, True Lies with Arnold and Woman from Halloween

I stopped reading when 002 came to her room and started to talk, even calling Ichigo by name. This is nothing like her character.

In Pochincoff we trust.

>Franxxs getting raped by faceless old dinosaurs
Still more likely than femdom or vanilla 02

>ywn be FemGoro, bent over in the cockpit as your senpai gives commands


>ywn merge your nerves with a mech to fight dinosaurs while your partner firmly grasps your hips to guide you