So, is Violet waifu of the season?

She looks like Saber.

She thinks like Rei Ayanami.

Could a waifu be more perfect?

>Waifu of the season

That title already goes to Nadeshiko, you flopping cretin.

This is the best girl.


Seibahface wins again

But Violet is attractive, so no, they don't look alike.
>waifu of the season
As expected.

EVERY TIME I look at her in that pic, I always mistakes her for Meat from Haganai.

>Violet waifu of the season

that ugly bitch up top sure isnn't WotS

She is better than pervert edgelord 02
only horny teens love 02

Can she be attractive?

I see what you did there.

>Waifu of the season
Back to re:ddit scum.

t. worried strawberry

Realistically Violet could absolutely destroy 02 in a fight.

>seasonal waifu
Fuck off cancer.


I love some other girls a lot, but violet is a strong contender, yes.

Baioretto belongs only to Major Gilbatto.
There are better choices in that show for a waifu.

Cattleya is STACKED


You're obviously not watching DITF.

Not him, but Zero Two, even in Sterlizia poses no threat to litteral avatar of Goddess of War

>literal avatar of Goddess of War
Why is she autistic then

She is litterally a weapon with zero self concicious and memories of her own initially. She was sitting on an Isle in standby mode waiting for anyone to order her and use her.

the show tries way too hard to look good and it throws me off from watching it

Upgrade your video card. I run VEG on 4k with max graphic settings with over 60 fps, and it beats Crysis.

i mean the artstyle tries so hard to look "good" that i can't like it

She is literal perfection.


>that nose

They are both good at combat, now I want to see them fight.

She Attac
She defend, but most importantly,
She Peg

Why does she have to mouths?

Don't you know, Girls have 4 mouths

Cattleya is so wonderful

She is a cripple, come on

>She thinks like Rei Ayanami.
What? Ayanami isn't autistic and is capable of critical thinking.

Reminder that Voilet is:
Bewitchingly beautiful
>her eyes are like orbs of a blue crystal of immense beauty from a different dimension
>can perform any war crime, civilian genocide, etc if her master tells her so
Deadly and dangerous
>killed the entire ship crew one by one with bare hands when she was only 9 years old
Delicate and fragile
>was abused and beaten up by her previous master for years
Competent at her job
>literally Jane Austin when it comes to meaningful, emotional letters supposed to help people to deeply understand their feelings to each other, and more important, it took just a bit of time to achieve that, she is just that great at it
Why dislike her? She is perfect.

I like Iris' dumb boob-frame suspenders.

Not even fucking close

>Fucks old men for attention
Her only saving grace is that she looks like Komi

>waifu of the season


I know, user, I know. Just pretend they said Girl of the Season. It's easier to pretend

>Lets some teenage slut raise her kid
Mom of the year, everyone

I will fucking fight you. Apologize immediately.

Truly, he's the victim in all this, coming from a broken home and all. Dad's a perverted flake, mom's too busy for him, and step mom is a vapid slut who only craves dick.
Poor Kouta

So original too.


realistically GODhan wouldn't even take a second to destroy both

>Show with autistic robots actually has more fanservice than the show with sexual robots
Really makes you think.

>Violet waifu of the season?
Kill yourself, Newfag.


Right show, wrong waifu.

>waifu of the season

I know it's hard to look at, but just think of it, user. Weren't most of us seasonalfags at one point? Sure, 90% of seasonalfags will forget about their "waifu" after the season is over, but a few won't, and in 5 years, there will still be devoted followers of Violet or 02. Hell, there are even Rurumufags out there.
Remember Rurumu? They do.