Did you have a good Valentines, Sup Forums?

Did you have a good Valentines, Sup Forums?

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Same as always.

what is wrong with you

No. I had a really good fap earlier to a doujin. But otherwise no

Failed a midterm and played eroge.

It was okay.


I found a dried after eight inside the fridge, so I had some chocolate.

But I didn't get any telemarketer calls today, so I did kinda feel a bit lonely.

It was ok..

fantastic taste

please don't post this pic, it hurts me a lot.


A bit.

Of course.

I see you like the curry flavor.

I spent the day working and the doing some Anki reps, my only regret is not practicing grammar because I'm too tire.
Valentine's isn't a big deal in my country anyway so I don't particulary care.

Why does this board love to blog so much? Literally /soc/ but with anime image instead.

It came out in the anime.
But I was surprised its pretty good.

Because f/a/ggots don't want to admit it, but most anons are closer to /r9k/ than they think, that's why these normalshitters need to talk about how lonely they feel on Valentine's. Its just a modern version of old ronery threads.

Yeah but who give a shit?

>waaah im so lonely guys waaah I wish I had a gf even though I keep saying that 3DPD is shit waaah

Fucking failed normalfags.

It was actually pretty good

It was pretty alright. I hope yours was ok user.

No my photo wasn't included in the collage.

There will probably be another one, cheer up!

It was shit but you know what?

There's always next year, user. Don't be sad.

I spent 14 hours shitposting on Sup Forums. I watched a single anime episode of a show I don't really like and I hate myself.

I watched Your Name with my gf, but by gf I mean mom.

Shitty. Despite making friends recently I still feel so fucking lonely and messed up inside.

No, but they none of my days are very good anymore. It's not like today was any worse than the rest.

pretty good but my gf said she would never do a threesome because she doesnt want me to fuck another girl. Maybe I should dump her

>There will never be a season 3 of Kiniro Mosaic

At least the movie was good.

Pretty lonely, bit that's not anything new.

Watched the first 4 episodes of Gunbuster with my buddy before work.

Was fun.

>seasonal waifu

My friend stood me up and I fantasized about playing a song for a girl I liked most of the day while practicing said song.

Masturbated to vidya sluts all day.

>ywn have a karen gf


this is Sup Forums they could be one and the same and nobody would really care

what the fuck me too

I was fine until someone wished me "Have a happy Valentines day". All that did was make me remember how alone I am.

I'm just as lonely on Valentine's day than I am on every other day. So I guess it has been ok.

haha, that pic reminds me how i used to play chess with myself as a kid.

An artist I like uploaded some really nice fanart of my waifu so I guess it was about as good as it could have been.

my mother gave me a science-mag
I also renovated and cleaned my room
I guess you can call that a good day

no ;_;

Slept through most of it, then spent the rest of the time reading romance manga and watching anime with occasional gaming.

You tell me.

Are you implying that your mom is your gf or am I retarded? If the former then good job.

I fapped, went grocery grocery shopping for my mum, did some Uni stuff and nearly was able to forget that I will be forever alone.

5/10, like any other day.

I slept all day, while Mobster Documentaries played on Youtube in the background. It was mega fucking comfy, desu

It makes me really happy when I can find myself in one of these, especially since I haven't been able to lately.

>Mobster Documentaries

Basically stuff like this
Old Biography channel docs that people have uploaded.

thanks pal.

Spent the day with my wife. Everything went pretty well.

I didn't drink again today so that's kind of a plus.Right?

I watched all of Yosuga no Sora for Valentine's day. I don't know what to think anymore.

What show is your wife from?

Got called into work because everyone else had dates, and the only customers we had were happy couples.


Luv iz 4 chumps

I fapped to some femdom stuff on panda then had some chocolate. It was good

Why not just tell them you had a date?

Money, mostly, but I also often fold like wet paper when people ask me to do things.

It was wonderful thanks for asking user.

Hope you and her still had a great time.

This is a fun image, since if you know the context it's nowhere near as bad.

I was at home watching TTGL, what do you think?

Sounds fun

Smoked fat joints and drank some beer for free, no gf though. Sadly none of the shows I watch airs on Wednesday so didn't watch anything, could've been worse.

It was fun
Good show.I'm glad the memes got me to watch it.

Mr and GF went to CPK and dave and busters. It was cool.

I watched Kimi no Na wa. Alone.

could have been worse

Rewatched Yahari and spent 10 hours wondering where it all went wrong.

It was Ash Wednesday so I went to church, played P5 and had my date with Futaba on Valentines day, daytrading my crypto, went to law school, oh and I watched Overlord.
That's it really. I don't participate in V/a/lentines day threads. Hope you guys had fun with your waifus and loved ones though.

why didn't you watch it while it was airing?

I think he's talking about Franxx in the second sentence.
Also, I was too busy watching Lucky Star

I dind't kill myself. That's something I guess.

Because I'm a tremendous newfag who is on a rush to fill the gaps.

Um... She's real, not a waifu.

>tfw you realized Val's day was yesterday

I swear this day is getting less and less cared about



That's okay, user. I'm sure you'll find the right one someday. Lots of people take time to find the perfect waifu.

Don't lose hope

It was fine, replayed my wife's vidya and rewatched Haruhi till I fell asleep in the second episode of the second season.


Did a lot of stuff for someone. None of it was reciprocated. Got some heart chocolate I guess. I just don't really care anymore.

i celebrated my birthday with my family
it was ok