If you're Ichigo, how would you win the Hirob owl?

If you're Ichigo, how would you win the Hirob owl?

Sleep with every boy in the squadron and then blast him with sexual energy waves.

Suck his dick. Let him fuck me wherever and whenever he wants.

I don't. And live a happy life(hopefully) with taro.

Hiro will simply feel disgusted and guilty after you try that, Ichigo.
When a boy clenched his teeth shut as reflex to you trying to kiss him, it's a sign he's not into you.

By making 02 fall in love with me instead.

I'd methodically plan DIno bitch's downfall to remove her from the equation.

I'd just automatically start bullying myself and fall into an endless feedback loop.

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>the state of ditf fanbase

/u/ please

I want to cum on Strawberry's face.

I'd realize Goro is better

She can't. She already got BTFO. Best thing she could do is move forward or prepare for endless bullying.

It's only episode 5, there's still a long way to go.

Reminder that Goro and 02 will die (Goro in the next couple episodes, 02 at the end) and Ichigo will end up with Hiro

You can't lose if your rival doesn't win, it's a perfect plan.

hush.. ichigofag

I'm not an Ichigofag I just recognize what a beautiful, intelligent, loyal, empathetic, caring and all-around amazing girl she is.

I wouldn't. Instead, i would notice the girl that actually loves me.

Ikuno is shit.

i rape him, maybe i wont win but i am gonna get that sweet ass and cuck the oni

Maybe, but it's either that or turn into a sad loner. Who knows, Ichigo's love might improve her.

If I was Ichigo, I wouldn't even bother with Hiro to begin with. Goro's a better husbando.

Aren't you forgetting someone?

unfortunately said rival has dignity, so that's not an option.

Are you saying that Ichigo isn't cute enough?

Yes, i did, He's fine as long as he doesn't die.

She could win, if she had a thick and juciy Hiro dick.

>licks an icky girl's body

It's going to be a while before he dies, they wouldn't be giving him this character development to immediately kill him off. We'll see him figure out his feelings for Ichigo first.

What said.

It kinda makes sense. I mean, if Ichigo could somehow seduce 002, Hiro would have to be absolutely gay to turn down that threesome. Kinda like a reverse of pic related.

By telling Hiro to fuck off and falling in love with the much better Goro.