How come so many dark skinned anime characters have white hair?


X-men anime storm

Cloud village naruto ninja

Dimension W African prince

Darker than black April

Deadman wonderland

The sexiest guy in Wolf's Rain

Hell if I know. It looks rad though

Because it's best contrast.
And because it's an inversion of the typical Jap ideal of beauty; i.e., pale skin and black hair.

burned mana circuits

It's a sexy look.

I think all people have an eye for contrast, and in general, people with contrasting skin and hair tones are seen as more attractive. Light hair with darker skin looks good to us, and the same is true for light hair and dark skin. Obviously not everyone kinds that particular thing attractive, but for the most part I think it's true.

As far as anime goes I suppose it mostly boils down to a stylistic choice. A character who has dark skin and light hair stands out, and the easiest way to pull that off is by having brown skin and white hair or some other color that is very light.

I love this look because of the contrast. Irl I enjoy pale skinned brunettes for the same reason.

Because the beauty of white hair has to compensate the ugliness of black skin

Pretty much

There's no "deep" meaning to it. Its just exotic colors. Japan has used almost all kinds of colors for hair and skin color.

Mabye Marvel's X-men character storm invented the look before the Japanese

Contrast. It's easy to identify.

umm that's not kiba

He's better than Kiba

It's a GOAT combination

Seeing as how she was a thing since the 70s/80s, I wouldn't be surprised if that is actually the case. A lot of Manga creators get inspiration through imported American comics, and with Manga style diverging from the overly cartoonish look at that time it's not that much of a stretch.

dark skinned characters are only allowed to contrast with white and purple schemes

Same reason why light skin and dark hair goes so well together. Contrasts are effective because opposite shades complement each other and it works both ways

If it look so good then why doesnt rl brown/black people bleach their hair.

because im scared i'll look dumb

Because black kings and queens don't have the same type of hair as w****e "people" or azns (who also don't have the same type of hair, but are more similar).
Brown people are an abomination.

contrast nigga

^There's always that one guy. Enjoy your inevitable (You)s

They do sometimes. Honestly it always looked weird to me especially if it was a kind of blonde. Asian people look weird to me with blonde hair too though desu.

He's right though, don't be so sensitive mr.shit skin.

Because then you'd just call them SJWs, soyboys, cucks [insert pejorative buzzword here] etc.


In real life having a lighter hair colour than your complexion often looks tacky

mai waifu

stress, causing them to go grey before their time?

I've seen it done a few times.

the new trend in the black community is to dye your hair, even the guys are doing it

well, im not
but yeah

was thinking the same thing with the contrast

Because of contrast and cecause there are actually blonde black people on the Ryuko Islands which are far closer for the japs then say africa.

Because in real life it looks tacky as fuck

I wanted to bend her over the second she appeared

cuz it's butt yellow, not glorious grey or white.
You need a ton of money to make it look right AND maintain it every two weeks. It's a commitment. If they had this soul power to commit and maintain, they'd, ya know, wouldn't have time for this shit being busy with something important instead. Pretty clear how it works.


You just answered your own question.

>draw a drow elf
>call it a dark elf
>draw a "dark elf"
>call him "maybe mexican"

>bringing 3D at every opportunity

Purple > White