Memes and jokes aside, he would wreck both Goku and Saitama. And you know it.

Every time there is a Doraemon thread on Sup Forums I peek inside and half the time OP or some user is claiming he's one of the most powerful anime character of all time. Which tells me they've never watched the show or read the manga, because the robot is in fact physically weak, incompetent when it comes to problem solving (they even play on this as a gag in the movies), and got his ears chewed off by a mouse. Yes, a mouse.

He's only "strong" in the sense that he has bullshit tools and future tech that he can pull out of his 4D pocket, but many of them are impractical and/or can't be used effectively in the right situation because he and Nobita are THAT stupid.

tl;dr OP is a Sup Forumsmblerfag who has only heard the name and read the OPM threads.

excuse me, but who are you quoting, shonenfag?


The truth is that even Anpanman and Doremi would wreck Goku if they passed level 6 magical exam.

True. Dorami, on the other hand, she could easily wreck everyone's shit. She's like Doraemon, except competent.

any lewd doujins?

Man I wished I had a Doraemon in my life when I was a kid.
Dorayakis are fucking tasty btw


he seems unintelligent

Everytime I see doraemon posted I get reminded of that depressing ass fan comic. Put me off from ever watching it again

>reading doujins
It's like comparing gospels to saint paul's letters

So there both fake? XD

>depressing ass fan comic
care to explain? i'm not asking for the sauce, i'm just curious of why it was depressing.

Don't matter
One is original OC and other some edgy fan fiction

Wich is the OC and wich is the edgy fan fiction?

Gospels are OC
Saint Paul is fucking Sup Forumstard writing his own interpretation of Jesus

I forgot the name. I watched it on YouTube when I was younger looking for doraemon episodes. Just type in doraemon last episode

What is the best gadget that was used in the series?
Mine is the time machine.

Wish-granting booth
That shit OP as fuck

Lady of the Lake is my personal favorite.

>G accidentally falls into the lake and the lady gives them Better G.

It's an old doujin. Very old but has a good art so people think it's official.

There are 2 of the most famous one. It's been ages since the last time I read them so it might not really accurate.
1st one, the depressing one:
The usual Doraemon comic, but then the scene changes, to her mother, talking to a vegetable Nobita in hospital bed. The story about Doraemon is all a dream. Nobita got in an accident while driving with his father. This is the reason why the father is always written as incapable of driving a car. And also the reason why Nobita is stuck in 4th grade. It's all a dream.

2nd one. I think this story is the winner of "write a Doraemon ending" contest or something.
Usual day in Nobita's house, going back home and crying to Doraemon, but he found Doraemon to be unresponsive. He tried to bring Doraemon back to the future to fix him, but is blocked by time patrols. Years passed, Nobita finally man the fuck up and study like crazy, to the point of even beating Dekisugi. Years-years later, Nobita became a robot engineer and fix Doraemon. The first word of Doraemon after being fixed is yelling his name.


Ranking of best boy from best to worst.

>le "everything was a dream all along meme"
that isn't depressing, that is insultingly laughable.

Don't forget this thing is literally more than 15 years ago, where "everything was a dream all along meme" hasn't become a meme yet.

Memes and jokes aside, he would wreck both Goku and Saitama. And you know it.

I like the second one. If I'm not mistaken, the twist was that Nobita was the engineer who started the Doraemon program. So it's a stable time loop.

Not wish granting. Reality-bending.

Combat-wise I would say the Reverse Mantle. That shit could reflect anything back to the enemy.

Arale could anally devastate that faggot cat

Keep dreaming