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Four days til Wonfes.

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Don't follow the new Pokemon series at all, but this is pretty cute.


because scales go on sale at wonfes

You telling me you're a pleb that doesn't buy WF exclusive items by the metric ton? It's the beginning of the end anyway, many wallets commit suicide this time of the year.

>posting shit.


Moon is adorable, but not sure how I feel about the open mouth.

I want my scathach figure now!!

>An ass both an Irishman and a normal man can love
>Breasts just the right size to be loved by everyone but HUGE ANIME TIDDIESfags or pedos
Is Serenity the best ser--
Oh, goddammit.

Liz is the best girl though so I ordered anyway

No, I ordered a WF exclusive. But I also paid for it a week ago.

Welp I'm out.

Brave Liz painted when.

3 times out, fuck off

Nothing particularly wrong with plum though, might not be the best but its far from being a total pile of shit

plum is shit, returd

I dunno what to expect from this besides little hope of getting Cherno Cutie.

Not really, its far from the shit companies. Even QuesQ has larger fuckups

>Chicken-chan has a better ass than White/Touko/Hilda
Dammit, Koto.

Yeah, Plum isn't exactly the bottom of the barrel when there are still companies like Pulchra, Griffon. BellFine and Union Creative still churning shit out there.

Still kind of mediocre like Aquamarine and Broccoli for their price range though.

I have their yoshino and one Alisa and they are quite good, above average, on par with the good Koto figures


I just want waitress Ai-chan.

Broccoli is far worse than Aquamarine and PLUM though, not sure why you'd lump them together

UC Still manages to pull a hat trick every once in a while though. Plum is aggressively mediocre.

>Union Creative
They're not the bottom anymore, at least for now.

Best whistle.

She got delayed user. Just let her go.

I don't understand how that button is even breaking off.

I'll cum if the prototype gets shown at WonFes.

Here's the damage. I did dismantle the display on the lower level, and found the a large piece, but also 4 tiny shards as well. Basically impossible to do a repair job that won't look shitty.

And before you say it, I did use a cleaner on the mirror and wiped it with a microfiber cloth, it still has those little marks on it that only get picked up by the flash.

is it just a mirror? have another identical one cut to replace it

New Porkchop figure will be announced at wonfes right?

>Porkchop didnt get a date for valentines ;_;

Dolls are so cute.

I was thinking that, but the issue is how to remove the stand that's glued to it without damaging it.

Some of the smaller ones can be pretty damn cute. I want one really badly.

creepy af

me too!

Definetly an instant preorder from me. Mizuki is so cute.

I don't have enough heads to rest on all of that softness.

Boring ass pose too



It's like how dams break over time.

Well you'd think she'd notice the she's about to ruin her shirt.

It's downright criminal there's no nudity in that series. A real blueballing if you might

I like this design better than T2's, but if you told me that this was some character other than Miku, I'd believe it.

It's a sexual teasing. If you watched the series there's an episode where she intentionally busts a button on the train to give to him right then and there. Some couples have songs. Some couples have a favorite constellation in the night sky to wonder at. These two have buttons torn off blouses by heaving mammaries.

Her mother must have a fit at the amount of shirts she ruins doing that.

Her mother does the same

Have you seen her mother? She probably understands completely. Most of the buttons presented popped off naturally anyway.

She's ladylike enough to sew on a button herself. Not like it's hard. It's just four holes you learn to penetrate over and over again .

Then her father must throw a fit over how many shirts they ruin.

Or they should get snap on button shirts.


She looks smart enough to not wear a blouse.

She looks old and married enough not to. Something tells me this was a passed down secret by their genetically gifted line.

It's genetics to not wear a buttoned shirt when you get older?
Pointless destruction of cloths like busting a a button activates my autism.

Got a package of random junk today
>Waifu mug
>T's System Hoppou GK
>Cheap early 90s GK
>Tiny ancient magazine
>FAG pin
>FAG apparel

damn that's edgy

It's not just their line though, basically every woman featured in Tawawa has some fat tits, even the background characters. I'll bet it's some kind of mating ritual in-universe.

she's a housewife. ai-chan is a student and a waitress, both of which involve uniforms she doesnt get to choose. dont be autistic

They should wear shirts that don't break under their busts then. It's like driving your car over a bunch of nails and glass everyday. You're going to fuck up your tires and it's your own fault.


mfw there's food

It's a trick of the genetic trade to be able to bust a blouse button wide open. After the trick has won the prize why continue?

I think we are dealing with the tricks of a few very unique individuals based on their preference. Some like to seduce on the train, Some like to get drunk and be petted by their affection's cat. Some like to see men move their muscles. Heaving all of them but genetically gifted all around and the forced perspective should not be confused with a leniency of odds.

even semiramis is cheaper than that

These are too precious. I feel a natural urge to protect them

You may need a dollfie in the mail.

And by a shittier manufacturer

>implying I can afford one

>After the trick has won the prize why continue?
Because the prize has to or at least should be kept won and sewing buttons on is trivial? Please, tone down the autism.

Are mamitan/kahotan really women or roleplaying dudes

Well it still annoys me that it's done away. Also, if they have this trouble with buttons, how many bras do they ruin?

am I a normie

It's kept won by sex. Don't project your autism onto me.

>Man has been shown to like easy to fix thing
>After marriage no longer do thing because eh
You'd make a great woman but I'm glad you're not one.

pretty nice manicures sometimes, dont know beyond that

>You'd make a great woman but I'm glad you're not one.
Man I don't have any idea what you're talking about. Let me explain simply. They fell for the sexual teasing. Then they fall for the sex. ??? = profit. Fill in the blank as far as relationships go.

They have livestreams during wonfes, they are girls. Not particularly cute ones either.

Lurk more

Cockteasing is the devil's tool. They only have themselves to blame if they get raped.
Doujins of that when?

I watched hours of the wf2017s GSC stream when they showed Kouhai-chan and nendo Murakumo, but I didnt know who the people were

>Man I don't have any idea what you're talking about
Clearly. Relationships aren't just fucking and child-rearing, little things like popped buttons to keep the flame going from time to time are a great addition to lying on your back and spreading your legs. Marriage isn't an end goal, it's a state that needs to be maintained. In short, I understand what you're saying, but what you're saying is dumb and probably a good way to end up in a loveless relationship.

Welcome to Japan. Enjoy your stay, hakujin.

Yes, you are a normalfag.

Nice taste. I’m not the only one who keeps hoping.

naw, hes just a faggot

Never ever. Though we got some X stuff last year, it would be really sweet.

Maybe this year.


I will always remember you hanabi user

>package came into Canada and was in and out of customs within an hour

Is this a good sign, boys?

Did they announce the new one?

That was the Mounties trying not to rouse your suspicion. Be very suspicious.

What it is?

Sounds like an entrapment attempt. Start wiping your hdds user.

Konosuba bunnies.

Damn, good for you I guess. Personally I think those ones suck. It's just their heads plasttered on the generic FREEing bunny bodies.