What makes JoJo characters so lovable?

You know who I love? KIRA

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Doppio gets me Uppio

Anyone who really loves Kira knows that he would not appreciate all this attention every single thread.

Gappy makes me happy
I love you Gappy. Happy Valentine's Day.

I love Joshuu, he makes ME happy

manly/friendly often

>there will never be a spinoff manga where shinobu and kira are happy together

Guys there's a new chapter coming out in a few days.


Kira is a monster. He doesn't deserve to be happy.

None of the characters really seem one-note or like they're just there to be comic relief or any other role. They've got distinct personalities.

Also, 85% of characters are cute as fuck.


He doesn't mind


I want to marry Josuke.

Which one

Part 4.

I would do unspeakable things to Josuke.

It's so hot to think that he can't heal himself, only others. Imagine if you were to creep up in his house at night, and sneak into his room. Admiring his well muscled, tall, sexy Joestar genes body, you lick your lips and begin to meticulously tie him up. You aren't a stand user yourself, just a creep, but you do know about his healing ability and how it only works on others. You get to work on sedating him with the tools and drugs you stole from the hospital to make sure he won't wake up for a few more hours. Undressing him, you take another moment to soak in his gorgeous body, and think to yourself how handsome he would be if he didn't have such shitty hair. Still it's his trademark, so you leave it. You lift his strong, heavy body to place bandages underneath his defined arms and legs. Finally, you grab a bonesaw, and get to work with the messy job you came here for. The flesh, the muscle, the bone... It takes countless hours to cut through as well as careful application of more bandages until he's ready. It's well past dawn when you're done. You're so happy you can now take him home with you and he'd never be able to leave you or take care of himself, without arms or legs. He now fits neatly into the wheelbarrow you had used to carry your tools for the job. Since it's still pretty early, only a few people notice you heaving around a blanketed wheelbarrow back home. Of course you were careful to clean off yourself and the crime scene. Tomoko probably thought it was Josuke himself preparing for school. But he'll never go to school again. Now you have your own Jojo to love. Forever.

Josuke is for loving not abusing

This. Josuke is pure.

Cerishing something nice you know will die horribly a few episodes later.

I love Kakyoin so much.

>Reminder that it is 2018 and Jojolion STILL doenst have a main antagonist


Jobin's getting a redemption arc and everyone will go on a quest to genocide rock humans.

Giorgio had no personality and was outstaged by his friend and best boy

Jobin still feels like Diego, having somewhat selfish intentions and connections with the real villains so we can have a look into what they're doing. It'll either be a rock human leading this new or another set of rock humans or it'll be Kaato with the stand Queens of the Stone Age who's had connections with the rock humans while in jail and orchestrated this whole affair to make Jobin, and the rest of the family, better

>The main villain is going to be another rock nigger out of nowhere

I know, it hurts.
Haha jealous fag

>None of the characters really seem one-note or like they're just there to be comic relief or any other role.
Even Nukesaku?

Goddamn, the first episodes looked so good. Pic unrelated.

I unironically like Nukesaku

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
I love all of you.

What are you giving us for Valentine's?


How was your Valentine's Day, all of you?

I finally got around to starting the dub of Phantom Blood and remembering that I have a thing for fake British accents.

Happy Valentine's Day guys.

I love you all.

Wait, is that you? or is it me?


What do you mean? You've confused me.

thanks you too

Jotaro is the closest to Jonathan in terms of personality

which jojo is the most hetero?



I'm gay

When will you jojofags move on to a better series?

u first

I know

What would you do to DIO?


Why would you spill icing on your toys?
Didn't your pappy tell you to eat over your plate?

Be friends with him

I really thought there'd be more porn out there for Narancia.

>johnny laughing or showing emotion

Me too, but I was asking if he doesn't seem one-note.

Ask Naranciafag and he'll tell you where to find everything.

I'm gay

What are your JoJo wishes/expectations for this WonFes?


Multiply Kenshiro into 20 different characters, give them their own unique personalities that everyone could relate too. Along with some subtle gay stuff and you'll get Jojo. One of the best mangas since the 80s.

Happy Valentine day guys

Where are the characterfags showing off their shrines?

But there's already a Giorno figure, user.

I'm going to participate in the collage, another characterfag already did. The deadline is Feb. 15 at 7pm PST. I just need to bake a cake for the pic and draw the stuff I'm going to include, and make the decorations, etc. But don't worry, you'll see it in the afternoon, maybe. I still want to see Kirafag's birthday dinner, goddammit.
Help me list all the characterfags.

Whammufag (?)

What will you make for Jotaro rapeanon?

Have they posted here though? I saw a Wamuufag in an old waifu collage thread, but not here, not that I remember.

I don't consider them a waifufag. Should I include Jotaro anyway? It would also work as rapee-user representation.

Please include him.

In case there's another Jotarofag, I would.
Can't answer on the Wamuufag, but perhaps they'd see it.

You're the rapist user, aren't you? And you've said part 4 Jotaro is your favorite, right?
If the rapee user is here, I want to know what Jotaro they prefer. Perhaps I can include two different Jotaros.

Thanks for remembering me, although I never stopped thinking about Jotaro brutally raping me and hanging me upside-down. I prefer Part 3 Jotaro.

Excellent then.

What other characterfags are there?


I've been travelling these past few days so I haven't been able to participate.
I did make some cheese cake (no mango) for Urban though in a dingy poorly lit stop room
Any proof that the Diego figure actually exists and Prosciutto coloured.

>I haven't been able to participate
You mean in these threads or the collage?
Also, do I include both Cio and Urban?

I guess. Gappyfag too then?

Just Urban since that's who I make content for nowadays away and I meant the collage. I did post pic related but the thread archive pretty quickly before Toniofag came for blood.

Gappyfag and Joshuufag should be included

That looks really cute.

Oh, I didn't stick around until the previous thread got archived so I hadn't seen it. You should try to submit a pic, the deadline's 7pm PST, you still have time, come on.
And that's a shame, because it's gonna be a chocolate cake and it's gonna be a missed opportunity for a visual pun.


I didn't realize there were so many characterfags until we tallied them up.

They're quirky, yet at the same time they do normal things.

it just proves that JoJo has so many lovable characters

And there's even more (who are actually waifufags but don't post about them often), like the Hazamada user, DIOfag, Bruno user and someone whose husbando is Risotto.
I wonder what happened to Mistafag, now that I think about it.
And that's not counting the old characterfags.

How does Araki make characters that make people fall in love with them?

I don't know, man. They're so colorful and unique, there's a character for everyone. I wonder how Araki makes his characters feel so genuine.

I'm going to sleep. Please keep listing characterfags.

is there a nukesakufag

sadly no
want to be?

Not here but out there, yes.

These pairings crack me up

can confirm, am a Polnareffag but I just lurk on these threads

sure, where do i start

Pic related is still my favourite random pairing.
Be honest Anons, Don't weall have a littlePolnareffaf in us?
I'm (still) at the airport.
Because Araki covers a huge range of tropes and designs with a little sprinkling of creativity. Just look at the cast of Part 5 for example. You want a anger management mess to project more backstory/non LN story for? Fugo. You need an autistic character whose actually super strong and smart? Secco. You have a tumblr full of whining and pseudo-trans issues? Narancia. The point is there's always someone whose gonna be lose enough and relate to the person.
We had the Foo/Koichifag thing for a while. Speaking of, I met a person who had angelo as their husbando. Very weird.
Every thread post that you want to diddle/rape/holdhandswith Nutesaku every thread.

good idea.
watch out world.

Who the fuck thought this pairing was a good idea?

Oh God. Oh God, what the fuck is this.
I hate my country so much, why are jojofags here so damn retarded?

I'm gay

Have you participated on the Valentine's Collage with a picture of your husbando?

Your country is retarded in general

jojofags being retarded is a worldwide phenomenon.

Can't say you're wrong.