It's ok if the government throws you under the bus as long it is a democracy lmao

>it's ok if the government throws you under the bus as long it is a democracy lmao

Throne and alter a besto

Shitlords never die

That was the whole point, ideology trumps individuals on the long run. Good work user.

>Calvin and mothingfucking Cromwell monarchists

Cromwell might as well been a de facto king

He refused to take up the title even when his supporters wanted him to. He was actively trying to be republican dictator rather than a proper monarch. Never mind murdering the de jure king that was appointed by God himself.

you mean autocracy right?

>it's okay if the entirety of humanity is ruled by a single sickly man with no limitations or stipulations on his power because he's a good guy

But Yang explicitly states that neither are good

>Yang is all-knowing and infinitely wise
no forms of government are good, all forms of control we exert over our fellow human beings are inherently evil

What? That's what you took away from his character?

The whole reason for Yang and co. leaving to form the Iserlohn Republic was because the FPA tried to throw him under the bus and save face from the Reich, obviously none of them were on board for what their incompetent president was trying to do to Yang.

The dilemma that Yang realized after these events was basically that a lot of the people that came with him to Iserlohn were following him because of who he was, Yang Wenli the Magician, and that they would blindly follow him like how the citizens of the empire followed Reinhard, not because they necessarily cared about maintaining a fair and just democracy that worked for the people.

>it's okay to let a fascist dictator take control of the entire known galaxy, as long as he seems like a cool dude
>no, no, forget about Rudolf von Goldenbaum, that was just a mistake
>Reinhardt and his successors will surely all be 100% perfect and flawless leaders that deserve to have all civilization in existence under their thumb

Fuck off you sub-40 IQ nigger. Yang never makes a single claim even remotely anarchistic.
His stance is that a democracy is always bad, but that's it. A good dictatorship is ideal, but can far too easily turn into a bad dictatorship, which is far worse than even the worst democracy.
So Yang chooses democracy because even though it has glaring, guaranteed flaws, it still ensures a better life for its citizens than 99% of dictatorships.

>Yang never makes a single claim even remotely anarchistic.
I never claimed that he did.
I specifically called into question his ultimate authority on the subject (even more so when you consider his words are merely the words of a science fiction author, and not the actual words of an admiral fighting for democracy).

>finally took over the galaxy but fuck running the government!
>I want to go to war!
>I want to beat Yang!
What a child he was.

>Totally missing the part where the both of them agreed that whatever the system, it's the people that determines whether it can be run properly, not the inherent attributes of it

Hello, Speed-Watcher/Wiki-Walker/Troper

And nobody was claiming that he had absolute authority over anything. He's just an intelligent, well-learned historian who is worth listening to on this topic.

Understand the context. He lived at the very end of Democracy within history. Reinhard's ideal autocracy would have brought peace and prosperity for a few generations, but then the fire of democracy would have been completely extinguished, obsolete and needless. When the just autocracies like Reinhard's would get corrupted again, there would be no sign of democracy, other than a footnote in history, just like how Direct Democracy and other forms of government have already been lost to time.

Reinhard was a pretty shitty ruler, especially for ex-FPA, the only reason he praised because Geldenbaum dynasty fucked up so hard anything could be better than them.

A democracy which throws a few people under the bus occasionally is bad, but it's still better than an autocracy which throws a ton of people under the bus constantly.

Reinhard was a rarity, 99% of the kaisers were awful. The Galactic Empire was a mistake, long live the FPA.

yeah that is his ideology. A poor choice in leadership made by the people is a responsibility shared by them, and that was a "fault" in democracy that he accepted. Did you even watch when Yang and Reinhard meet?

And the people were the ones who put the government that threw them under the bus in power.

Reinhard wasn't even that good. If he would really a good ruler he'd seek for peace with FPA instead of constant warmongering.

>"Stop the battle, Kircheis told me to make peace with Yang. What? Yang's dead? Then I guess I don't have to make peace anymore, fuck Kircheis lol xd."

To be fair, after Yang's death Rainhado-sama left Iserlohn Republic alone for almost a year and switched to more interesting activities, such as killing Reuentahl and dying from cancer. They even had a peaceful agreement during Reuentahl's rebellion.
He maybe didn't even touch Iserlohn at all if not Heinessen uprising