Why is he still here?

Why is he still here?

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Just to suffer

because he's popular with the fans

because he will be the main villain after super ends in a few episodes, he will steal the spotlight and wish for ultra insticts
Then begins a new dragonball

just to suffer

Because is the only character with interesting personality.

He is a gay jobber that people love seeing get raped.

Dragon Ball Super (because SSB)
Dragon Ball Ultra (because Ultra instinct)
What adjective comes above Ultra? Ultimate?

He's there so U7 wins when the time runs out.

He's going to be the last man standing after Goku takes Jiren out of the ring with him.

Every night

I can feel D-Dyspo-sama... And T-T-Toppo-Sama... Even J-Jir-Jiren-Sama

To make money

dead show
dead thread

>Jiren needed to step in to stop Berserker Kale
>Controlled Kale is confirmed to be stronger than Berserker Kale
>Still jobs to SSG Goku, who Jiren can stop with a finger
defend this

>Why is he still here?

The fact that he has not been tossed out of the story yet makes me suspect that there is plans for him. Hopefully something awesome.



I read that in his voice.
I also heard his theme scary/epic background music.

so his unconscious mangled corpse can count for U7's victory


More like cancelled show, amirite?

>Dragon Ball Super (because SSB)
Isn't it because of Super Dragon Balls?

To win the tournament, of course.


It always goes
If this isn't it your childhood was fucked.

Cell Dorado would have won by now.

To win the tournament of course.


He's popular and Toriyama likes him

A question for anybody who thinks Freeza will get the wish, how exactly would that work?
The gods won't grant him power beyond Zeno, wishing for more power is superfluous since he can just train for four months and immortality isn't as good as it used to be thanks to hakai. Goku will revive him anyway so that's another unneeded wish. Turn him into a full GoD, give him UI? That sucks too.
I just can't see a satisfying conclusion for this character, especially now that the show is getting cancelled.


100 Million Zennies

wtf is frieza and why is he so much stronger than saiyans considering at most he works out for 2 days a year

Toriyama loves dollarydoos.

well frieza's whole schtick is trying to come back from the dead. from there odds are hes gonna try getting Zeno-sama tier stronk because he is the hatemachine.
that or frieza is gonna go full asshat and wish to revive everyone who ever got sentenced to hell, which would be the setup for the next dragon ball to deal with.

as you know talent>Hard work in DB or it literally would not be the Saiyans wrecking everything show.
Frieza has absolutely retarded levels of talent but refuses to throw any effort in jack shit.

so this
but only Dragon Ball?
I'd actually like that.