Did you cry?

Did you cry?

Didn't know there was an OVA out. Probably will though.


I didnt know about OVA either, but my eyes got a little watery on episode 12

fuck yeah I cried
made me like Gabu a lot more.

true demons never cry

>let's help this one random blind girl who we just took pity on and never actually were friends with
>let's also fucking heal her blindness and resurrect her while we're at it because why not
>fuck millions of other blind girls suffering right now all over the world
>it makes us feel better than we really are which is why we helped her in the first place, after all
Fuck this tearbait

I cry to every anime I watch.

>no more delicious demon anime

damn right i cried

Who are these SEMEN demons?!?!

Holy shit user I'm sorry that you're so overly bitter and cynical you couldn't enjoy this OVA even a bit.

so then I relayed this post to Gab and she was all like "What are you going to do about it bitch nigga?"

>Raphi thread

No, because it was so weird and tonally inconsistent with the rest of the series that it felt forced.

Came here to say this.


i cry at every anime and almost every moment. rate

The point was that they helped her without magic. The ending was just a bit of characterization for Gabu and to avoid the really heavy feelbads.

You're right, next time I see someone getting mugged or raped, I won't bother helping them because there are a lot of people who get mugged or raped.

Anime is almost all I can cry at anymore.

No one cares about you.


debiru may cryu

Like a fucking fag.

Raphi a shit. The demons cared more about the poor girl than her. Worst angel.

My girlfriend Vigne is so thoughful.

No, the pretty and kind disabled girl gets into an accident just yells emotional manipulation, and Raphi was right, there're millions suffering around the world, angels should not play favorites.


why is every girl in this other than the main character made for breeding?

boring, uninteresting. not entirely sure why she was made MC
annoying little fucker. tries to be funny but comes off as just a bothersome little shithead
lovable, waifu tier. you want to protect her demonic innocence
hilarious little scamp. would make the perfect imouto for you to hug and play with

Its the messiah's dilemma. You start helping the masses your cover is already blown. Its pretty much why Gab was reluctant to help let alone it being a rule. People would become dependent on you for anything and everything. Go read the fucking Bible.

You're just biased, mate.

This, basically. Somehow managed to make a bad show even worse.

So soft.



I only cry to ninja slayer and robo cup

No, it felt forced and weirdly incongruous, and I normally cry at everything.

Is this Devilman Crybaby new OVA?

too funny


tfw gabchan still has more activity than me


My wife Satania is so pretty

you wouldn't do shit either way

We aren't all pussies like you.