Our very own Valentine

Tanabe for Valentines? You shouldn't have!

Oh Carol, accompany for tonight

carol is SHIT

not with that sweater she's not

>valentines day
>absolutely nothing
well, not like I expected romance from this manga anyway

Title: Tatsumi Tanabe
Panel 1
Tanabe: Welcome, everyone! This is our restaurant, God Ramen Tatsumi!
Panel 2
Tomo: God Ramen...
Misuzu: (Sounds like it was named by an idiot...)
Carol: Tatsumi?
Tanabe: Oh, so you noticed?
Panel 3
Tanabe: Apparently my dad had always been pretty lazy, but he turned himself around when I was born and opened this place, so he named it that. Seeing it written in big letters up there is a little embarrassing, of course...
Panel 4
Tomo: (What does Tatsumi mean?)
Misuzu: (Where did he get "Tatsumi" from...?)
Carol: What's Tatsumi mean?
Tanabe: I'm guessing you guys don't know? That's my first name.

>Tomo: (What does Tatsumi mean?)
>Misuzu: (Where did he get "Tatsumi" from...?)
>Carol: What's Tatsumi mean?
>Tanabe: I'm guessing you guys don't know? That's my first name.
will he ever find happiness?

>That's my first name
What. What a loser.

>What's Tatsumi mean?
That just....

This is actually cute. Glad for Tanabe's dad.

it's like they shit on him on purpose

They're really playing up the fact that no one remembers his name this arc.

How much do you want to bet it ends with Misuzu calling him by his name?

>This arc
That's literally his character. And Misuzu already called him by name during the Beach Arc.

Why doesn't Tomo just jump on Jun's dick as a present?

That's how it always goes with Tanabe. He's the most forgettable character in the regular roster.

Tomboy is shy

the entire point of the manga is that she wants to do that but can't

Man, he should stop trying to impress Misuzu and have some self-respect


I don't get why everyone is calling Tanabe an idiot. It's not his fault, and it's nothing really worth calling him an idiot for.

Poor little beta, why do they always fall for the dyke

Tanabe is legitimately an idiot.

They aren't stupid, try actually reading


But how is he an idiot in this specific strip?

The girls aren't stupid. Why is he called an idiot here?

Tatsumi will win the Misuzu bowl

>will he ever find happiness?

He doesn't deserve happiness or my Misuzu goddess. FUCK HIM, in particular.

Misuzu is shit.


No no, im calling you personally stupid, because no where is Tanabe being called an idiot. Misuzu said the person who named the shop sounds like an idiot so she is calling her future father in law stupid.

>Tanabe arc
>being Tanabe is suffering
Poor bastard doesn't stand a chance.

If anything it was his dar the stupid one. But it's cute and heartwarming that he named his place after his son.

is this shopped?



>carol had a husbando arc
>now it's Misuzus turn
cannot WAIT for her to finally blush in 10-15 chapters

Because great girls deserve the best men. Misuzu deserves a strong tall person, much like myself. Since she can't have me, I still want the best for her and it's very clear that her preferred type of men is someone like Jun.

post more

>misuzu arc
>tanabe arc
No, you piece of shit.

Can we get someone who isn't a total faggot? I would rather some other part timer gets introduced to seduce Misuzu.

Seems like this is it. Misuzu gets her husbando before Tomo finally gets her resolution.

Tanabe origin story when?

Misuzu is gay you fucking bigoted shitlord.

Won't happen. Save this post for the future if you want. The mangaka understands that Misuzu is popular and while the other two had their love interest set up from the beginning, there isn't any romantic feelings between Misuzu and tanabe. It'll end in bitter sweet, but up lifting heart break.

Carol is shit

it's misuzu again
hi misuzu

Misuzu will never blush or smile until Tanabe stops being a faggot. And you can guess what else will never happen.

>10-15 chapters
more like 100-150 chapters

Carol looks so pretty.

she always look good

>ywn deep kiss misuzu

why persist on living?

He deserves better.

I'll go first, see you on the other side.

I'm guessing Tanabe says something completely out of no where that surprises Misuzu and she tries to save face but either smiles to herself or blushes


Boy you're gonna carry that weight...

>Tanabe arc confirmed
Welp, see you in a few weeks.

See You Space Cowboy

I'll take Misuzu from him then, don't pity me or mourn for me. I take one for the team with a smile on my face. Helping friends is the right thing to do in life.

Misuzu isn't going to fall for Tanabe you fucking idiots

even if she doesn't, she needs a hardworking type.

post naked Carol, i beg thee

>he fell for it

Fuck you, have this Misuzu instead. It's her series, in her arc, in her thread. The age of Carol is now, now is the dawn of Misuzu.

can you delete that pic? it's terrible and misuzu would never make poses like that

Lurk moar

I didn't ask.

Misuzu is just a gag character, she is useless and disgusting

I want to gag Misuzu.


The why did fumita drew it?

Carol is the gag character. Misuzu is the voice of reason and the soul of the series. Tomo is the unwilling, ignorant heroine that fumbles about, earning the affection and admiration of the viewers as she stumbles in life.

>using the same panel twice
Hackmita strikes again.

>naming things after your kids is ba--

now that has to be the king of double entendres

Why DID Fumita draw it?


he sketches loads.
he wants to do interracial.

They don't deserve him.


>Main guy who is a dumb dense retard faggot who won't confess is supposedly better than the secondary character who openly expresses their interest in a female
>The story makes extra certain to shit on this one character just for pursuing his romantic interest/having a sex drive

Hate this shit.

I want Tanabe to be happy

he's gotta fight for it, user. that's how things work.

>The story makes extra certain to shit on this one character just for pursuing his romantic interest/having a sex drive
it's japan
you don't bother people in japan, that labels you as worse than hitler

>Jun doesn't have a sex drive


Only the dumpster deserve Tanabe.

He doesn't deserve happiness. He's a typical "nice guy" who thinks good deeds will earn him pussy.

Poor Tanabe has no idea that he's merely a tertiary character.

>Only the dumpster deserve Misuzu.

But user, good deeds do get you pussy. There was this guy who was so nice, he got laid.

If it aint broke, don't fix it.

Misuzu doesn't like Tanabe because he looks like a goofy guy. Once she figures out he's a pretty reliable and dependable guy while working with him, she's gonna be putty in his hands.

It was broken.

He deserves better than her. Not that I can think of a girl in this manga who'd be a good match for him. Maybe the PE sensei?

fuck off you hack misuzu should stay alone or with me

yeah, teen impregnation time.

What does Tatsumi mean anyways

>Tried to touch Tomo's tits
>Easily manipulated by a midget girl
>Sees things that don't exist
He's a shitty friend.

Way too much bully in in a single pairing