My Hero Academia

But seriously though. Is the hate for Tsuyu real or just a forced meme?

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la creatura...

rate my mineta cosplay

The more I look at this the funnier it gets

a forced meme, at first some people tought she was ugly and withing those plebs mutie-posters came

Never forget the endgame ship

That's the wrong pic.

El abominación...

spot on

i'm pretty sure people are just mad that normalfags favour her so much when there's much better girls to choose from. i know i am

she deserves the hate , she was meme'd into popularity without doing anything and she's a shitty lawfag

What, like the invisible girl with an invisible personality and the spastic with a god tier quirk and shit-tier confidence?

El mutante...

spoilers when

el aberración...

Dios mio...


some is the mutant meme and some is people who generally don't like lawfags


stop , keep that spic shit in the dragon ball thread

la chica del dispositivo de trama...

>Mt. Lady
But no, the ugly toad that probably stinks of shit and eats flies is the one people care about the most.

how would you feel if Hori introduced an arc that featured a underground quirk club? a place to vent some steam for those exhausted from the daily grind. no heroes. no villains. only quirks.
>Muscular vs Rappa
>Bakugo Deku Inasa Shoto free for all
also post intersting 1V1s that will likely happen or never ever.

rappa was part of an underground fight club until OH killed him

I know my hate for her is real

She was always nauseating for me to look at, including during her massive hype on Sup Forums, so I don't really know.

>never ever
Stain vs Aizawa

I would like it but only if it focused on the VA, claiming turf in the power vacuum left by the Yak
Maybe recruit some new members that aren't trannies or autistic Stainfag kiddies

aizawa would be owned since stain dont even need his quirk that badly

stop fucking posting these

Mustard vs Midnight

Generally the hate for a character it's mainly the fault of the character's fans.

Never understood her popularity. Before the lawfag meme she literally had zero definable personality traits other than "kero kero xd", and those hands/feet/hunchback pose is gross. Also her hair is stupid as fuck, I don't even know what the fuck is going on there.

Mustard's gas covers more range than Midnight's plus his costume has a gas mask.
RIP Midnight

ywn be this cute

Is Muscular ever going to be relevant again? I can't help but think if we ever see him again it's just going to be so we can see how much Deku has grown. Like this nigga's gonna pop up somewhere and Izuku is just going to curbstomp him on the way to the actual badguy.

i don't think he can beat him again since he needed to use 100% to beat him

I see you post about Muscular a lot, what is it about him that makes him more interesting to you than other villains?

One of the biggest forced memes in these threads by far. Doesn't help that paintfag panders and throws fuel into the fire.

Its revenge for all the other young boys she has put to sleep

Your argument could be used for every girl bar Jirou (because she's the only perfect girl in this manga).
>Never understood her popularity. Before the PISS meme, she literally had zero definable personality threads other than "alien queen xd", and that pink skin/black scelera/antennae are gross. Also her hair is stupid as fuck, I don't even know what the fuck is going on there.

Four Arms and Shouji

togafags get the fuck out

Mustard has more range, can control the movement of his gas, the sleep effect works equally well on men and women, and he can sense movement in the gas allowing him to use firearms. Quirk-wise mustard has Midnight beat on every front. And Midnight doesn't wear a gasmask.

Mustard was someone I wish we got more info on. He actually seems to hate UA but we don't know why.

I don't hate Tsuyu, I hate her fans.

This. Exactly this. Here, have a frog.

Do you mean Fourth Kind?

I'd like him to stay if that's allright with you.

iktf ;_;

Why is he so based?

Juuzo from 1-B vs Cementoss
Assuming Cementoss is actually made of cement

I'd be very happy, sounds badass as hell
Also Kendou vs Ojiro, a martial arts battle with some quirk shenanigans would be fun to watch

Okay let's settle this, VOTE NOW:

It's a combination of a lot of things.
She's ugly, she barely has any personality, normalfags love her, and she's a lawfag.
Since she's already so hateable and she's a mutant, she got roped into the mutant hate meme.

They're both shit, user. You didn't need to make two polls to know this.

>big hands vs big tail
That is lewd user you can't go around threads posting like that.

Because some people thought "wow, what's so special about quirks, a gun could kill them".
And he actually did it.
He was the real madman of the Forest arc

It's about Sup Forums consensus, not my personal opinion. Just like the thread. Try to read the mood user.

We're lucky to be blessed with so much high tier toga fanart

It's just a fetish thing.
She's like baby's first monster girl.

He managed to damage the majority of students and provide cover for his teammates

Why is he so perfect?

I hate Mineta
Literally ruins the entire show. The rest of the cast is average while Shigaraki or whatever is the name of the hand dude is the only one that is mildly interesting. Cool actions scenes though.

>He actually brings a gun to a quirk fight
>He faces one of the two kids that can withstand bullets
That just wasn't his night huh?

When the inevitable prison break happens, he'll get his moment to shine, just like the rest of the villains.

>Mustard ends up killing a bunch of pro heroes because none of them motherfuckers wear bulletproof vests

It's forced and taken out of context. It only took hold because a majority of posters here are Tumblr whales obsessed with Shouto's cock.

i dont think he is in prison since he is a minor

You're blaming Tumblr for us not liking your abomination anthro waifu? Absolutely pathetic.

To be completely fair, he was also a criminal in possession of an illegal weapon and a Quirk that would let him bust out of a normal prison, not to mention the fact that he's probably killed people before if he was willing to fire so easily at two high school students. That being said, we don't know enough about this alternate Japan's criminal system and Mustard's past, so it's all up in the air.

>a middle school aged child in an adult prison

Why do people even like Shouto? He's such a bland motherfucker and his design is even worse.
And I have the same question about Bakushit as well.

Fans of this crappy series are tumblrfags though
Check out the general, it's all about shipping irrelevant characters with one another. Shit's pathetic. Worse than the jojo generals.

i mean toga is a suspected murderer and yet the authorities keep her name and face a secret

Why is his helmet so un-american in the image?
He's the first civilian with a fucking gun, at least color his stripes and give him the stars.

I only visit Jojo generals for the based hairposter

It's because of the fucking normies, user. They subvert the community and reduce it to a fraction of what it once was. Just take paintfag fans as an example; they've singlehandedly turned Shouto into some kind of mutant hater.

You think they're going to toss a smoke quirk in with the general population? user please, have you never heard of solitary confinement?
>but he's too young even if he's a monster
So call it juvie or call it a psych ward, he's going to solitary confinement either way.
>the eternal shitposter is a Tsuyufag
It all makes sense now. Seek help.

im more triggered about the gas being purple

What color would you liked it to have been? I'm thinking an obvious yellow would've fit.

Go back to /r9k/, newfag.

>implying I visit your shitty general threads

For me, it's because he hates UA so much but obviously has the talent to get into the school. During his fight with Kendo and TetsuTetsu he goes on about how it's bullshit that an idiot like Tetsu is being praised just because he went to U.A. But the thing is that he can't be jealous of UA because he failed to get in: Mustard's quirk is a top-teir crowd control quirk; he orchestrated the attack on the camp that succeeded even after he got captured; he's smart enough to bring a gun to a fist fight and he's physically strong enough to kick away a muscleboy made of metal. Like, fuck, can you imagine how much Tetsu weighs when he's in his steel form? Shit, he probably could have won if he wasn't using a crappy .38. Tetsu and Kendo would be dead if this motherfucker was using magnum round or a fucking SMG.

I want to know what turned Mustard to villainy. What made him hate the world enough that he decided to join up with Shiggy and his loose association of assholes.

You're posting in an MHA thread right now, you retarded faggot.

Gappy doesn't make me happy though

He's probably some kind of mirror of Izuku in that he was probably bullied or some bullshit like that.

Chadoroki always wins baby

So which character is gonna suffer worst from animeonly's shitposting in season 3

Toga or bakugo

Does Joshuu make YOU happy?

Definitely Bakugo, it'll spur on the fujos even more. At least the togafags know when to relax.

This isn't the general thread you fucking retard. Kill yourself or learn how to read. This thread wasn't made to discuss the plot but to shit on bnh girls.

reject spic shit > tumblr shit

Joshuu doesn't make ME happy
And Doppio doesn't get me Uppio

Stain fights short battles where his goal is usually immobilzing his enemies, so basically the same as Aizawa where he erases his opponents’ quirk and bound them. It would be one of the most interesting fight for sure

>Dat La Brava

>he is bland
Boom. There you go. He is cool enough for you to like him and bland enough for you to give him any characteristics you want.
"He is secretly caring and tender and has a foot fetish" - TodoMomo-fags
"He acts aloof with everyone but Deku cause he is secretly gay" - DekuTodo-fags

Joshuu is love. Jobin on the other hand is retarded. We also need more female jotaro

Jobzawa would job as per usual

Bakugou for sure. Just imagine the new wave of Sasuke comparisons.