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>Spoilers never

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Sale Sale's hatsu will be converting all of his fat into energy. I'm calling it.

Chrollo's cummies in my mouth!!

Spoilers in 5:00 minutes.

Why is everyone so gay in these threads.


Quick! Try to start a discussion we haven't had before! (must at least be tangentially related to HxH)

This thread is now CHAD-CHAD territory!

What do you think Pariston's Nen ability is?

To be fair i'm one of the homoposters.

You know, it would be interesting if he were an enhancer, I mean, it would be so contradictory, just like his personality.

Avoiding corporate taxes by classifying his employees as part of his nen ability.

Something non-combat related although I have to admit this would be pretty cool

Another nen theft ability.

I would like to imagine its something that has to do with the abstract. I kinda expect it to be something that grows stronger with his opponents frustration.

Absolute fucking scum bag.
He must pay those taxes at once!!!

Didn't realize the other thread was about to die so
>Cammy's ability literally grants immortality with no negatives.
Dying is a big negative. Using up her ability space for an ability that only works when killed is also restrictive. They can just break her arm or torture her unopposed.

Cannot be injured by someone that hates him

Since they're on a ship Togashi can totally do the cards up the toilet to kill one of the spiders.

Do you think the spiders watch each other shit so that they can't be killed by hisoka?

It might have something to do with information gathering or manipulating people. He seems just as informed as Ging, but lacks Ging's ability to make friends (I assume) so he must have some way of gathering it. (Then again he might just manipulate people through leverage and interpersonal interactions)

Now that I think about Pariston, I'd love that in the mandatory redemption arc of his character before he gets defeated (because I'm positive in this guy being the final antagonist) we could get an insight on his motives just like with Gyro but instead of a life of suffering it would depict his hunter exam and how he ended up so highly. I don't know why I'm so intrigued about Pariston's past, I don't even

We already have spoilers, though:
>hanzo attacked by Maryam's Nen beast, dodges and comments on how marayam is actually in a room but his room is still just him and the Nen beast
>Kurapika decides to ask Zhang lei's guard for him to mediate between him and the third queen
>Bill is seen looking at silent majority's doll
>Furykov discusses with Balsâmico how they should proceed regarding kurapika

You forgot
Machi touches belly while thinking of Hisoka

How is dying a negative if you come back from it? How is it a negative if you intentionally die from it to gain an advantage. Feitan's ability makes sense because he has to endure pain which can also cause internal damage, it doesn't heal him or negate the damage he's received.

Also I doubt Cammy is as powerless as someone like Neon. If she can use Zetsu she can probably use other fundamental skills as well.

>>Bill is seen looking at silent majority's doll
Is Bill going to be okay?

>Chrollo steals cammys ability
>jobs to Hisoka
>becomes Chrollo Blanco
what are the odds?

Leave Pariston to me.

Guys, I don't get it. Bungee Gum appears to have the properties of both rubber and gum, but does Bungee Gum have the properties of rubber, or does Bungee Gum have the properties of gum?

I wish sds could stay interesting, I read it all about 2 weeks back and it doesn't live up to the hype at all, Escanor isn't as cool as people said he would be either

Should we be concerned that Friday the 13th is part of the possible calendar in this arc?

>How is dying a negative if you come back from it?
Because the process and feeling of dying is extremely unpleasant, not even counting the pain. Unless it's an instant kill anyway which is why she used zetsu.

>Also I doubt Cammy is as powerless as someone like Neon. If she can use Zetsu she can probably use other fundamental skills as well.
Still takes up ability space

>tfw you will never get to be Killua and zap Cammy into a vegetable

No lo sé, Rick. Parece falso.

Look at it this way. Cammy will now be at a disadvantage against any opponent that knows nen enough to recognize that she's baiting them into attacking her. The only reason Musse took the shot was because he had a mission. Anyone else would have either gone for a stun move or walked away.

Cammy has a very potent ability but only to the uninformed. And unless she also turns out to be a master martial artist or something; any nen techniques she knows within the basic and fundamental track is useless as a better fighter will just put her down.

Whens Ch. 374 coming out?

Why didn't Pariston hate Netero? Did Netero not try to ruin his fun like Ging is currently doing?

Netero was more personable than Ging

Fuck your shitty meme

Netero mastered the old man pheromones from hentai doujins. They even work on men

No. Shes for Danchou

i don't think netero tried to outright ruin his fun.
ging on the other hand is just being an asshole

Spoiler from chink, theta dead, ability absorb by 4th prince. 4th prince ability can detect women's lie

But she didn't lie

Togashi killing another literal who. Who cares.

How did he do that?

>an experienced nen user got beaten by a literal newbie
Can Tse beat Meruem?

>texture surprise on all the blood


poor theta
pour one out

Don't know is true, just rumor

Netero played along. The whole reason he hired Pariston was to make the office less boring.
Keep in mind this is the same guy may have deliberately made a couple of Beyond supporters into Zodiacs to fuck with the rest of them from beyond the grave.

old memes never die

>theta dead
I won't believe it.

I don't believe it.

You are so full of shit.

>ability absorb by 4th prince.

Pariston is not a bad guy.

Also keep in mind that Pariston complicated the CA situation as he kept sending Temp Hunters instead of the people Morel and Knov recommended. They could have made it to the queen's hive and gotten to her before mereum was born. Or maybe they showed up and everyone died to the Royal guard.

Fuck off you meme clown that doesn't explain why the bodily tissue in his arms disintegrated.


It's fake because she didn't lie

Theta's nen is some angel wing thing

How can I get a big En to impress the ladies? Asking for a friend

How new are you people to believe the chinese spoilers? This happens every year and people still fall for it.

What else did you expect from a series that largely consists of attractive males and barely any important females?

So don't bring it up, faggot.

People are so starved for content that they'll believe anything.

Threads slow man.....
I just wanted an excuse to shitpost about thetas death. And those Chinese just so happen to provide yet again

If we are seriously getting a 5TH Nen stealing ability (the 3rd in 10 chapters), I'm dropping this bullshit series

It didn't disintegrate, the arms were just cut off.
The blood spray was texture surprised to look like arms fading into petals.
Just like using texture surprise on the mist to look like hisoka in the 2nd half of the fun run.

>Who's Pitou?

I don't understand what you mean

i mean you can argue she did lie.
she said her way was the fastest way to get nen and we know that's bullshit.

A dead guy ant

link to where you're getting them.

Pariston is not a bad guy.

I just reread the Heavans Arena arc today, and he says himself that texture suprise onky works on cloth like substances

barely any=a few

A male.

>1 Chrollo's Meme Book
>2 Kurapika's Dolphin vibrator
>3 That lion fag's ipod
>4 Ging's Nen-tism
>5 Big Benjamin's Benjamin Baton
>6 Ant King's Nen-ophagy
We already have six, it'd be the seventh one.

she definitely lied when she said he could trust her

She absolutly did. She lied about not stalling his nen progress

Preparing this ahead of time, just in case it's legit.

depending on how it's worded. The safest AND fastest way makes it truth. Because there ARE faster ways but they have some risk involved

Pitou was gay? How could you know? When did she show attraction towards other girls?


What about paper?
He uses it to fuck with his chrollo-fortunes

Ging and Meruem are kinda stretching it. Ging only copied stuff he was hit by, and it seems like he can onky copy straightforward Hatsu. And Meruem... I wouldn't really count that

He never said he was gay wtf

I would say paper is "cloth-like"

i've completely lost track, wasn't the previous chapter translated like 12 hours from now last week?

Hisoka could have improved it since then.

Don’t do this. Let’s not get hasty here, please

This guy gets it.

Why wouldn't you count Meruem? If he eats a Nen user he gains their aura and their hatsus, he ate Pouf and Youpi and both both abilities (upgraded even)

She's dead, Jim.

It makes sense so many people having stealing abilities, because it conects with their personalities and nen categories, its simple.
It also makes sense so many people thinking at same time in creating abilities like these cause of the advantage these brings.

If true, some user in a previous thread called that Tse's ability would be related to lies

Also I was the "Theta is alive" guy in the last thread so I guess it's time to eat crow

>another nen stealing ability in the next chapter

at least post the convincing spoilers