There's still time[/spoiler ] to spend Valentine's with you husbando

There's still time[/spoiler ] to spend Valentine's with you husbando.

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I have been seeing these threads on the frontpage for years but I never actually entered.
What do you guys do here? post images of hot anime guys?





I don't know.

Can you repeat the question?


Apparently it's also fundoshi day.

Talk about cute guys from airing shows

Lurk 500yrs before posting.

fundoshis are top tier

Gayest non-gay thing this season.

Even men make better women.
Men really are better at everything.

You an incel?

You an ugly fat stinky feminist?

Is the hair dresser avenger also gay?

He's right tho, men make for better women than women themselves.

He's a "woman" so he's "straight". I get tired of the token okama in these shows, only one that was decent was Nathan.

It's like how women actors make the best 3D pretty boys. All girl musical Tuxedo Mask is the hottest Tuxedo Mask.

>liked girls instead of pleasing old men for money
Not fair

His brother was more my type.

The true meaning of okama is too vast for my mortal understanding.


Is it idol valentine time?

Only nudes allowed

There's nothing deep about it, they're just trannies. However the okama in anime are annoying because they at best wear some makeup but still look manly whilst claiming they're delicate girls and use "atashi." The one in Ramens doesn't even do anything to make himself look feminine at all. It's the equivalent to lazy fakebois. Has any essayist or someone studied why manga and anime creators do this? I'm curious.

But idols are pure

Oh okay.

I just thought Avenger Guy was really camp.

I think it gets confusing when japanese use stupid terms like "the heart of a woman," and the line between gay man and "straight" okama becomes blurred.

I want to lick Yato, anons.

He’s a slut that gets shirtless all the time!

>gets shirtless all the time!
That's what pure idols do, user.

Did he get to pound Gochin after all?

Thanks for reminding me to get back to the manga.

I want to lick Ebisu

You're not the boss of me now.

I got your golden husbando material right here.
>can get things done against all the odds
>he is not being a condescending bitch about it
>cares for you and will search the world should you get lost or leave to become an apprentice of a S-rank criminal
>warm and sweet personality
>so yearns for love that was denied him when he was a kid and so scared of being alone again that he will stay with you anyway - no matter how shitty your personality is
>you can always have a three-way with him

>There's nothing deep about it, they're just trannies.
I thought actual trannies were called newhalf and okama were just japan's equivalent of drag queens. Like how one of the swordboys and the pheasant guy from nanbaka were also okama and they look and talk like flamboyant homos.

Is this Jelly Fish? I don't remember this scene.

Yes, so is the torturer.

Okama just feels like what straight dudes think all gay are like also a cheap way to have a gay character in your show that doesn't make the audience uncomfortable, I guess.

He is so lovely. I need a Kagewani season 3

This show gets better and better.

Probably this, but what's the point of even having a gay character if they don't like them, and why has it become a trope? I get they're comic relief but there's less weird ways of doing that then having gay clowns.

I wonder how Tenma in Atom: The Beginning will react when he finds out his biggest crush is actually Moriya?

Happy Valentines day Altairbros

Why is he so goddamn handsome. I wish there were homo doujins of these two.

Nice, nee-san got dubs. Good taste friend.
Also white day merch soon.

I assume it's because the average nip's only experience with LGBT people are the okama (drag queens) and tranny talents/entertainers they see on talk shows and variety shows. You can hardly go a day without seeing one okama/tranny entertainer, and they're usually all older men who definitely don't look or sound like women. Their whole comedy and shtick is being men dressed as women, being loud and feminine, and making straight men uncomfortable. Some okama/tranny talents have gained considerable amount of fame and respect(?), like Matsuko and Ikko, but it's sometimes hard to distinguish whether people are laughing with them or at them. Japanese TV likes to indulge on the weirdness of people, and the only way a gay guy is getting on TV is if he goes full on gay and weird.

I assume this is why okama are so frequent, and used as comedic characters. It's just that that's all most nips know of LGBT, they just seem them as jokes (not necessarily like '' haha gays are jokes I hate them they have no worth as human beings '' but like '' haha dem gays, so funny and silly lol haha. ''

>It's just that that's all most nips know of LGBT, they just seem them as jokes
which is correct way to view them desu
also wasn't nips view homosexuality as some kinda "phase" that will fade away sooner or later?
I mean i heard most of the homos there will eventually get married and have kids.

>which is correct way to view them desu
fuck off fujo

>it's a trannyshit thread
Absolutely disgusting.
Kill yourself

>fuck off fujo
nah, taking it "seriously" will cause some elements in society to become more reactionary, thus leading to unstable enviroment.
Viewing it as phase, joke, or entertaining thing etc. will make them gradually accepted naturally.

>Kill yourself
You don't have to be so rude just because you haven't realized how awsome Naruto as husbando before.

Makes you appreciate people like Tarou or Ao no Flag's author.

What a cutie


Still have to watch it, but I read in the anime his love confession to Violet was removed. Is it true?

That's a guy?

They turned it into 'i want to watch the stars with you again' or something. But he was a cute tsundere wasted on a mediocre show.

>We lost incest brothers author to Otome

Seriously? Did they at least finish off the series?

Also might be old news to some but the new Binan Koukou completely snuck up on me. None of the boys are En tier attractive though, disappointing.

The homo this season is so fucking boring, I really need a new anime original homo surprised. Not even CLAMP managed to deliver homo, Touya and Yukito barely interacted, it's like they are afraid to have them in the same scene.

I remember I didn't like Binan's designs at first so I'm holding off my judgment. Do we have info on the VAs? A shame we lost Umehara's soft deep voice.

>Seriously? Did they at least finish off the series?
Yeah, it's finished, one volume. The author is pretty good though, her previous series had a yandere homo childhood friend.

Her incest brothers series probably had the hottest incest sex scene I've fapped in a doujin.

The VAs are all newbie seiyuu accord to MAL, one was in Devilman Crybaby.

Yeah Binan's designs didn't super appeal to me either at first, En only dragged me in after I saw his transformation.

He's undeniably cute but his design is pretty boring. I'm still waiting for the Benedict episode and Gilbert-san's brother to show up again.

Isn't the new manga about a woman into a 'genderless' guy?

I hope they finally confess to each other and spend a romantic night.

Homo thread's opinion on Goro? Homo or not?

He will fully go for Ichigo eventually.

I think you ought to distinguish Okama from transgender people. Okama are drag queens, crossdressing performers, they're not necessarily transgender.
Best transgender woman in anime is definitely pic related.

>Chocolate homo
This author is pretty based.

Dropped this, what's his deal? Does he still not care about getting cucked? Had there been any hint of homo beside ths?

He's clearly attracted to the strawberry.
He'll still the best bro for Hiro.

Last episode he was starting to act pretty weird about Ichigo, blushed in bed, etc.

It's Nishigori. Why would you even expect any homo? Guy makes the straightest shows.

Sometimes you get homo out of nowhere, though.

Hey anons, redpill me about that Kingpri movie that got mentioned here some time ago. I hear there're homos kissing but they die and I don't wanna watch if it just ends like that.

I don't think you've watched Franxx, or you wouldn't say that.

I like Goro, he seems like a chill guy.

What about this little bitch?

>Okama just feels like what straight dudes think all gay are like also a cheap way to have a gay character in your show that doesn't make the audience uncomfortable
This. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing. Look at the okama in One Piece for instance. They're all good people, not a single one is evil (except maybe when they bully Sanji but he deserves it so who cares), and the one with the biggest amount of screentime is argably the best character in the show.
That stuff about Dellinger wearing heels because Jora "raised him like a girl" totally rubbed me off the wrong way though.

Oh so there's nothing gay about him at all. Sasuga.

They don't die, the kiss happens early in the movie. Shin loses his ability to prism show after he gets stabbed. Louis gives it back during the tournament while he pole dances

He was
>muh Hiro

Koito is going to fall for Tuskishima.

It's not gay if it's the MC. Of couse everyone is gonna be hot and bothered about the MC. He's the MC. And DFXxxXXX is the worst kind of escapist fantasies for otakus.

Oh good. I found the pic, looked like a serious murder-suicide. Full homo happy endo then? I'm all for that.

you mean the 14/88 Zorome?

Hiro is so fucking beta I'm happy if Goro will hook up with Ichigo.

What a cute supremacist.

>It's not gay if it's the MC
Nip fujos disagree

He seems bullyable, but not cute enough and too obnoxious.

I’d rather bully Mitsuru.

Is that new KilluGun doujin from Tomiko getting scanlated?

It pandered to my thirst for bromance a bit, so I'll keep watching. Any homo in this series may just be delusion-tier wishful thinking, but Goro being worried and jealous about Hiro was sweet.

>being so desperate

>stop having fun
Fujos can draw whatever they want.

I wasn't talking about the artist and what they can/can't do. It's the vain hope to see some homo in this blatant het show that is laughable.

Hey, you never know. Though I do agree it's desperate.