Valentines stream part 2

We're continuing with the sadness and Valentines drinking!
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To listen in, google r/a/dio

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what kind of person will we be next year

getting sleepy


Is there ANY reason not to kill myself?

after a certain point you stop changing

There is no better feeling than to love and be loved.
Happy valentine's day.

It's only downhill from here.

Next year we'll all be here again together, I hope.

Ace combat 7 in April.

can't cum when you're dead, for one.

Code Geass s3

There's no anime up there user.

I will be a wizard near the end of this year.

Why are there so few people in comparison to the New Years and Christmas threads? Is it because it's a weekday?

although you might not see it, the people around you do care about you. even people you don't even know on some iamge board man just think it over and keeep goin until you find yoau

Woman I was married to for more than 10 years and I met with that Eyes on Me song.

Th-thanks Claud.

Probably that.
Also I'm not Kilim. I can't even imagine being Kilim. can you?

3D is PD, we warned you user.

Things might get better.

Please just wait until Code Geass, at least.


You deserve it piece of shit normalfag.

Did you know that you will die? That makes you one of the lucky few to have ever existed or will ever exist. Far more people have never been born than there are grains of sand in the Sahara desert. Think of the odds that your consciousness is in fact here, now, instead of some other consciousness in your same body, or even a different body. Try to think of your luck before you pull the trigger. Even being a broke homeless beggar means you can sleep under the stars.

was it a mistake to not seek happiness?


How old are you?




hope for Haruhi S3

we're getting new FMP this year for christsake, literally anything could happen at this point

>its an f/a/ggots go full /r9k/ despite saying that they don't care about 3D women
Yeah you guys sure don't care about them huh? You're not so different from the frogposters you all hate so much.

I'm going to try to get into university. If I fail the entrance exam I'll just kill myself.
I'll wait for Claud to host r/a/dio though so I can add to his kill count.


You don't go looking for happiness, it just lands in your lap when you're not expecting it. Just like how the despair will come back once the alcohol is gone and the stream is over.

>9 minute fly me to the moon
jesus fuck, i wish it was the frank sinatra version

Half of the people are normalfags, spending the night with their girlfriends.

damn they really dragged this one out, didn't they?
the frank sinatra version is way better.

Your parents and family are gonna be sad.

Possibly. Sometimes I feel like there's nothing good from here on, that life will just get worse and I won't have the chance to find happiness, whatever it might be.
But what is always a mistake and will always be is saving fucking thumbnails, user.

My sadness is due to not having my waifu.

>If I fail the entrance exam I'll just kill myself.
There's way more things in life than that user. It's dumb. I don't know if you're already old or you're young, but it's never late to take a different path.

Just do it and finish with your pain.


/r/ Beautiful world

Is useless

Non of us can imagine anymore ;_;

alright I won't kill myself

now wtf am I supposed to do?
My problems didn't decide to go away like I just did with these thoughts.

>it's another faggot trying to stir up shit because just one person decided to blog about 3DPD

>he doesn't know

Sup Forums is a normalfags board friend.

Don't do that. You might end up like me, 27, alone, stuck pursuing a doctorate that you don't even know if you care about.

Plenty Sup Forumsnon! Find the joy in the little things!

>find wagecuck work
>throw it all in a gamble in bitcoin
>wait 5 years

>one person
>implying you're a not all crying like little bitches because of your loneliness

/r/ sakuranbo


Try to make enough money to keep your internet. That's all you need in life.

>Light your heart up
Dammit claud I was holding back my tears until now.

You have to figure that one out for yourself.

Find something you care about, something that can make you money, something that you're good at, something that the world needs.

Let me know when you have an answer. I'd like to know where to go from here too.

If you want to.

is this the don't kill yourself block

small steps
tackle things in tiny tiny little steps
you can accomplish things if you work at them, even if it takes time, even if you progress mere millimeters at a time, you CAN progress.
but your situation will NEVER change if you don't actually work to change it. you can be sad at yourself and live your life without ever trying to change, but you clearly aren't enjoying that. so try to change things. one thing at a time, and baby steps if you need to, but you have to take that first step.

join the merchant marines

It was fun


satsuki's ass > ryuko's boobs

I hope so

this is a happy song. I like it.

gurren lagann block when?

It's really tough. Try to take it one step at a time, just focus on the bare minimum of happiness
>food that isn't shit
It's never really the same answer for any two people. Ganbare!



ok no fuck you claud


watch the never give up your way vid until you belive it

is it new years already

Season 2 never


I like this song, but was the anime any good? It looked like shit from the little bit I saw.

Maware Setsugetsuka please.

What is Kilim up to?

What is Sup Forums drinking tonight?


Just made a gallon of tea.

Claud, ask mods if you can do a stream monthly on bi-monthly for friday night r/a/dio

Kemono Friends is the biggest sham to exist in this decade. It's basically a meme that got out of control. The show isn't actually good.

can you imagine

It was stronger than expected.

>the fun times are over

I finished a bottle of cheap wine a few hours ago. About 30 minutes ago I moved over to straight vodka. I'm not sure how much more I should drink, but my glass is empty right now.

some shitty cheap wine i bought earlier

Cute smug molecular gastronomist

Lots of vodka

Good to know. Thanks user.

Still just vodka and energy drinks. Just shots here and there.

Waiting for the depression block to really fuck myself.

Me or r/a/dio?

Since we're on westernshit
/r/ Bon Jovi

jackdaniels and some pepsi

Pretty sure r/a/dio staff already asked. Their answer was pretty much
>If we let you, we'll get dozens of fags asking the same thing, and we'll end up with weekly "official" threads about off-topic bullshit

What brand?

oatmeal stout

something dark and high abv and a little comforting because of the cold outside

/r/ shine mr. big