Finished Fate/Zero - should I watch the others?

Finished Fate/Zero - should I watch the others?

You've already spoiled yourself, so why bother


Just know that you watched the best one first.

>Best one
Fucking secondaries, get some level reading the VN's

I will never understand why people think that after always getting told to read the VN whenever they ask how to get into fate that starting by watching the prequel of all things is a good idea

I'm not sure I follow. Are VNs anime now? OP is asking about what to watch, do you watch VNs?

If you're expecting them to be like fate zero, don't bother

original fate VN, Hollow Ataraxia, Zero, and possibly prsima illya if you don't mind heavy fanservice are the only ones you should give a shit about, the rest sucks.

If you still want more after that go read tsukihime/Kara no Kyoukai but other than that steer clear nu-fate is cancer.


>other than that steer clear nu-fate is cancer.

how bad is it?

>Watching Zero first
You've already failed.

You don't read KnK, it's one of those cases where you watch the anime instead


With the recent animes being absolute disasters as well, once the sheep start flocking towards another game Fate itself won't last very long without its old identity to stand on.

Watch the Heaven's Feel monstertrilogy while it's hot in the next couple years

>masterful music
>masterful animation
>magic tournament/horror/soap opera stories for the everybodies

its only flaw will turn out to be its too short running time, there's no enough hours in a single day to make it justice

You watched it wrong
It should be :
Fate Stay Night VN (From Fate route, UBW route, HF route) -> Fate Zero -> UBW Ufotable -> HF Movies (When its released) -> Fate Hollow Ataraxia.
Dont bother with other Fate story, they are just cashcow fanservice.

ignore his last comment, play fate/extra.

Why the fuck do people ask Sup Forums for suggestions?

Fate Series is already Over after F/HA
Nasu just milking it & japs eat anything Fate
Just care about HF Movies & F/HA anime, dont bother with anything else.

>forgetting Strange Fake

You can do whatever you want baby. The world is yours.

No. Fuck off.

you watched the only good one already so not really

>my opinion is correct and not subjective at all

No one cares faggot

Real the VN

delete this

>I want to protect sakura
>Gets bad end
>Turns out make a deal with Rin is a big mistake

I didnt expect that desu

Thar route had the best bad endings

Watch Fate/Apocrypha, it's the sequel to Fate/Zero. There are some changes made (Romanian guy steals the Greater Grail during the third Holy Grail War, and a Great Holy Grail War with 14 servants is started about 70 years later), but it's still the same ol' Fate you know.
It's the best Fate anime if I say so myself. It's emotionally gripping, it has excellent animation, and it's paced just right. Its visuals rival Kara no Kyoukai, the sound effects are visceral and sound just like they belong in a fight between legendary heroes. The sound effects are loud, and are exquisitely and tastefully clipped as to show that the fight is beyond human levels. In Zero, UBW and the rest of the Fate anime out there, the swords sound like a bunch of kendo practitioners are fighting eachother with wooden swords. Even though they're legendary demigods fighting themselves to the death, the sound direction is incredibly shitty in them. But not in Apo.
Give it a watch, you'll like it a lot.

You. I like you.

>Nasu just milking it & japs eat anything Fate

That's not an opinion.

It's time to stop. Don't bother with the rest. You're welcome

neron no tenia una cicatriz en el cuello?


The Tsukihime and F/SN VNs recapture the dark fantasy vibes (Far Side routes and UBW/HF anyway), but Zero is still in a leauge of its own when it comes to TM output. The UBW ufotable series is okay, but it's not Zero. Not by a long shot.

no, they're all garbage

By others you mean UBW series and Heaven's feel movies? Yes. But if you mean the Grand Order and Apocrypha then don't waste your time.

Souless money grabs that bastardizes the original. Only good for fap bait.

>The Tsukihime and F/SN VNs recapture the dark fantasy vibes (Far Side routes and UBW/HF anyway)
Not sure I would call UBW "dark." If anything Fate route is darker.

>Finished Fate/Zero - should I watch the others?
You should try to force yourself thru Ufotable's Stay Night twice before realizing it's shit. Then you watch the Prism/Illya movie to get some good Shirou fanservice. Afterwards you can try the Stay Night VN before dropping it because it's boring and writing is terrible.
Unrelated, you can watch KnK movies if it's your thing.

Congratulations, you've realized Fate series is a sham born out of one good anime and some hentai games.

SAO tier level of bad

rule number 1. never trust an opinion on Sup Forums. especially on a Fate Zero thread, they're all filthy secondaries. Read the VN. and then Read HA. then watch whatever else of the series you want because you have unknowingly created a thread for secondaries

>don't trust Sup Forums opinion on anime, it's not bad, butit's bad so go read VN instead
What did he mean by this?

>Not a single mention of Carnival Phantasm in this thread

I am truly disappointed Sup Forums.

Good only if you've gone through Stay Night, but the anime adaptations aren't worth it just to watch a few funny bits of Carnival Phantasm on youtube.

Well then. OP better get to reading Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya too after he finishes reading FSN and HA

>If anything Fate route is darker.


OP is a fag and couldn't enjoy it if he deserved to

>Refusing the truth this hard.

Fate zero is the best, but if you liked it maybe you could watch UBW.

Don't watch Apocrypha or the DEEN fate are both thrash.

The new cooking show is an embarrassment as well.

We could've had cooking wars between masters and servants. Instead we got Stay Night, but with the action took out.


Enjoying Grand Order?

I don't get it.

I'm having trouble identifying how your statement applies to all of the people you responded to. Please elaborate.

The cooking show is nice and sweet. Do you not enjoy iyashikei?

>unironically enjoyed Apocrypha more than all the other fate anime I've see

My GOD it feels good to have bad taste.

>unironically enjoyed Apocrypha

Semiramis is mai waifu

It's boring and pointless. There are other better cooking shows out there and we already had this exact same show. It was called Stay Night. And we had it twice.
If you're turning Stay Night to be about cooking some more, you should make it fun and integrate into the Fateverse.

I didn't like the first half or so, but the later parts left me pretty satisfied. I think it's more because I wasn't as big into fate when I watched the others and only finished reading it fairly recently to get a new appreciation. Those last 5 or so episodes though, god damn.

>Not reading Fate Hollow/Ataraxia
That Cooking show is basically Fate Hollow/Ataraxia

Watch UBW(the tv anime, not the movies). Aside from Zero, its just about the only widely available fate anime with any semblance of quality.

In my opinion its much worse than zero though.

How the fuck did Shishigo obtain the Dragon Smoke cigars? Goddamn.

Was this supposed to be some kind of joke ?

Holy Grail War is Meaningless thing.
War is bad, Shirou is right.

Obviously. So what?

>it's boring and pointless
I think it's quite enjoyable. Iyashikei is pretty pointless, naturally.
>there are better cooking shows out there
But they don't have the fate characters I love.
>it was called stay night
But they weren't the primary focus and didn't have the same atmosphere at all.

>The new cooking show is an embarrassment as well.
delete your account

Wars are what drives the progress of mankind. They are bad, yes, but they are also something necessary.

The show ended after F/HA. no more meaningless war. Only SoL remains.
After F/HA they just milked the Holy Grail War.

My dude. She is absolute perfection; I don't think there's a single other fate design I like more.

Yeah, the first half was rather slow, and there were a couple of parts I just didn't like (that big golem getting obliterated in all of two minutes?). However, I'd gladly sit through the worst trite ever to see those last four episodes.

I'd gladly delete all of fate out of existence just because of that cancerous Astolfo.

Despite the memes, he was a pretty good Apo character

>After F/HA they just milked the Holy Grail War.


>I'd gladly delete all of fate out of existence
Yes, please. Fate is a mistake.

Astolfo was good at the start but got a little annoying after 25 episodes. Umu, on the other hand, has been simply a worse version so far. And I'll my somewhat shocked if she actually improves.

I I don't think there was a single good character in the Apocrypha anime. It was a travesty. After it and after seeing the first three episodes of Extra, I suddenly have a new appreciation of the 2006 anime. I may give it a try again, actually.

>If you still want more after that go read tsukihime/Kara no Kyoukai
>not recommending tsukihime or KnK first

Shit taste. Tsukihime is superior to Fate/Stay shit, KnK movies are also incredibly good. They should be a must watch for anyone that has finished F/Z

Good for you user

Thanks! I really appreciate your words of encouragement and support.

>Not including CP

>Shit taste. Tsukihime is superior to Fate/Stay shit, KnK movies are also incredibly good.

No character in Fate/stay night is as interesting. Except for maybe Kirei, but her past and the twist is still the best.

>Tsukihime is superior to Fate/Stay shit
Shirou is a better protagonist than Shiki and every antagonist in Tsukihime combined isn't half as good as Kotomine.
It's been irrelevant for at least a decade user, I'd tell you to let it go but you might as well enjoy it while it lasts because you know the remake/rewrite is going to destroy it and unleash a new breed of secondaries worse than any before them.

Who are Shakespeare, Semiramis, Kotomine Emiya, Mordred and Sisigo? Hell, I'd even rate the three Greek servants pretty highly. Apocrypha's problem with character comes for Sieg being a shit self insert and John Dark just being a steaming heap of trash.

You can. The choices aren't really all that interactive in the realm of gaming.

If unlimited blade works is in fact unlimited then wouldn't that in itself be a limitation? What if I needed a limited set amount of blades?

Is Tsukihime anime any good?

>every antagonist in Tsukihime combined isn't half as good as Kotomine.

Kirei, maybe.
Archer, no. Not at all, he's a good character but Kohaku is more shocking and much more interesting. Archer seems like a variation of Kiritsugu.

Yet if these hands are unable to hold anything then why would I create weapons? particularly swords?

>Is Tsukihime anime any good?

nuFatefags is a mistake

If steel is my body, then am I not just a sword myself?

Kotomine was great, but Kohaku has a really deep personality if you catch my drift.
Kohaku's twist is overall what makes her an interesting antagonist. This shit alone made her infinitely creepier than Kotomine.

Gilgamesh or Roa?

If GAR means Gay for Archer, and I am both Archer and GAR, then does that mean I'm gay for myself?

No, no. Your human body is an accident, while sword is an essence.

That's a hard one. I have to say that Gil is the more fun character, I really like the way he jobs all the time. Roa was cool though. SHIKI was probably a better antagonist than both of them though.

Is Saber and Taiga fused, would they become a Saber-tooth Tiger?

If I post this picture enough, will my parents love me again?