Nino's panties status: drenched

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Also, Itsuki confirmed to be the girl he took the photo with.

Miku status: utterly annihilated

Why do you say that?

I still believe. Either way, things are shaping up to be absolutely catastrophic.

Not really. Nothing has really happened and she is being proactive.

Where is her nose? And her pupils

Yotsuba, Ichika and Miku saw Fuutarou with the wig and thought nothing of it, and Nino's reaction was due to the photo she saw. Itsuki hasn't seen Fuutarou with it yet, nor has she seen the picture, so it could only be her.

>absolutely catastrophic.
I suspect this
>Ichika lies and says she doesn't like him
>Miku is a little suspicious but chooses to believe in her sister
>Itsuki's detective meddling leads Miku to find out about Ichika almost kissing him
>Miku rages hard and feels betrayed, her light dies soon after
>openly supports Ichika since she's dead inside but Ichika sees through it and uses her acting career to distance herself
The only good way this can end is Ichika tells the absolute truth.

Yeah but she's fat and won't live to 20 with her diet.

Negi got lazy I guess

What the actual fuck is happening? Who's falling who? Last time I remember was the exam chapters and then the school trip. Did something happened in between or I'm just stupid to read between the lines.


Sad Miku's eyes lack of any pupils

Reminder that Mantarou stole Ichika and the guy was too beta to man up.

man this is gonna be so fucking stupid i hope she realizes soon

Itsuki saw the picture when she took him home in the taxi, we didn't see her reaction to it.


How would Miku feel if her pretty, outgoing, well liked, and popular sister also liked Fuutarou and went for him? Would it hurt her self-esteem and confidence?

Omitted for artistic purpose.

Bokuben is better

I didn’t notice it was mentioned before. She said that it was trivial, but who knows what she actually thought of it?

I think you might be a little dense, user.

I suspect this is turning into a harem but the polygon is a little convoluted. I suspected that a few of the sisters would fall for Fuutarou at some point.

But how can it be better when it doesn't have quints?

The quints are the five girls interested in MC

she truly is the woman who was cucked to death
guess she'll have to do with the sex tapes they make


Yotsuba, Ichika, and Miku haven't seen the picture to jog their memories. The only reason Nino "recognized" blonde Fuutarou is because she saw the picture and made a connection.

For all we know, Fuutarou may have met all five of them one at a time and didn't realize they were different girls. He certainly would remember meeting quintuplets and we know they used to act even more as a singular unit before.

They don't look the same at all though. One of them doesn't even have tits!

>Would it hurt her
Ofc it would, she would think something along the lines of 'why should I try to even get near him when Ichika is both, cuter and has a better personality than me'

Pic very related.

needs the sweat drop removed and replaced with shojo sparkles

I agree.


Volume3 cover, AKA 'What Were They Thinking: The Cover' maybe author is too busy with the weekly deadlines to draw a girl for the cover.

Isn't that just back cover?

He had like 8 prototype volume 2 cover designs. I refuse to believe that's the actual cover. Also the tweet says that "the cover will have have this sort of aesthetic" and not that it is the cover.

Looks like an inside cover or the back cover.

Why doesn't Negi have Yotsuba as his profile pic anymore?

That's not his twitter you donut.

You're most likely right user, I'm most likely misinterpreting Google TS.


The real Negi.

Do people actually fall for "Google TL is accurate now" meme?

People do say that about me, or being an idiot.

All I know is Miku is realizing something. Other than that, I'm clueless about everyone's relationship.


It has the ISBN code on the upper right. You can also see a tiny part of the spine on the left.

Or we can go by the actual tweet that doesn't say it is the cover. We can go by more obvious clues.

On another note
1. Miku
2. Ichika
3. Yotsuba
4. Nino
NR. Itsuki

Source of that poll user-kun?

Is there a mega of all the HQ chapters to download? I saw one last thread, but that was only for 1, 3, and 4.

Is it Yotsuba or Yotsuha?


Ichika loos like she is up for Fuutarou sneaking into her bed and having his way. Miku better watch out!

Stop trying to start shit faggot. I doubt you even read either.

Do all sisters have same 3 sizes (except for Itsuki, of course)?

Stop right there.

Wouldn't it be amazing if Miku was misunderstanding Ichika and was just being paranoid and that Fuutarou wanted to dance with Miku regardless of what she said to that guy and Fuutarou told her how special and talented she was?

Probably a few cm difference, an athletic girl like Yotsuba would be more slimmer than Nino who seems like the type of girl that likes to flaunt her assets, and Miku is probably all bones and fat and Ichika's being fattened up for her eventual AV debut

Go to sleep Miku

fucking whore i'm unironically furious right now

Next chapter is a dere Nino chapter. I'm excited.


Which Toubun would you Go- for?

>started liking Miku at the start when she was cold and had low self-esteem
>felt sad when Miku started being happy after finding love
>excited at the prospect of her becoming dead inside again
I blame Negi for making broken Miku so appealing to my preferences.

Yotsuba said the wig suited him and Ichika started asking about his hair when she saw him with the wig on.

See We don't know if this Ichika business will wound her.

will I hate myself for picking this up?

Why would you?

We've been over this. Nino is confirmed to be on the front cover for Volume 3 and for those who can't into moonrunes, the twitter page also confirmed it's releasing 16th March. Please buy it, everyone


Right now? Possibly.

>tfw credit page got cucked too
Well I hope they're reserving it for the bonfire dance chapter

In sickness and in health.


I'm 100% sure that it's Yotsuba and she's playing coy myself.

>when everyone shits on Itsuki but no one is allowed to make fun of Miku
Hey no fair. I require equal shitposting rights for every 5toubun



Yeah, well maybe one day Itsuki will actually get someone on the scanlation team to like her

I'm sure who I want to win more anymore. Ichika or Miku?

not sure*

>Even in 5-toubun threads Fumino is bullied

this is good

I could only find her nose.

>Itsuki eats too much junk
>Fumino eats too much junk

P-please stop bullying girls user

It goes deeper, Flatty and Fatty will both win their bowls... Itsuki will be disappointed it's only a figurative bowl


But she is going to get NTR'd and has only herself to blame for it. Miku should give up on Fuutarou, not like she could be worth him.

Even the most steadfast have to admit that Miku isn't feeling so good right now.


Ichika - Whore
Nino - Bitch
Miku - NTR'd
Yotsuba - ???
Itsuki - FAT

Yotsuba - 4d chess

Ichika isn't a whore. Miku told her she could try and kiss Fuutarou while he was sleeping.

Also Yotsuba is the puppet master.

The power of first release.

It's obviously all 5 of them, but he was too retarded to notice.

Yotsuba - Redrum

I think that by now Itsuki as been edited into literally every fat joke on the planet

>Ichika isn't a whore
>trying to rape defenseless fuutarou

That doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly approve of it.

>tfw nino is gonna btfo both ichika and miku in the upcoming chapter

What are you talking about user Nino's only interested in her childhood friend, his cousin...she's completely outside of that bloodbath.

If only it was that simple.
Honestly I just wanted to post pic related

Shout out to the childbirth user from the last thread, you have not been forgotten

Of course he wouldn't be.

Jesus Christ.