Sup Forums I'm at the liqueur store, what do you want?

Sup Forums I'm at the liqueur store, what do you want?

A sense of purpose

I want that forehead bitch out of yuru camp.
she's keeping the whole anime down.

Absinthe it is.

Could I have 100% malt scotch.

Get me a medium bottle of apple crown and a coconut rum.
I'll be waiting at the usual camground.

You're getting a glorious nipponese whisky aged in barrels that have been used for bourbon over a thousand times.


Grab some ouzo.

I want you to fucking spell “Liquor” properly. Also, some gin.

Hot cheetos

can you afford it?

Nothing. I'm off that stuff for good

Nope. Only waito piggu whisky for me

Suntori Hibiki.

pick me up some of this, im out

Do they have any of that Vincentian Strong Rum? I feel like I need more poison than normal.

I don't like drinking but I do enjoy the feeling of rum in my throat so get that.

Is that an unretouched screencap? The background looks like a photograph with a filter slapped on

Grain Belt

Are you a hikineet? Real life is way different.

>tripfriend belittling anyone
Stay classy my friend

>japanese whiskey
Sounds gross

A alcohol please. With ice and an umbrella

The Suntory stuff is pretty good, actually. Hibiki and Hakushu and stuff.

One alcohol on the rocks with ice. Got it.

What do they make it out of? I don't trust japs anymore after a God damn 80 dollar bottle of sake tasted like shit and did nothing

Jap whiskey is decent but overrated. Stick with and islay malt or a high-rye bourbon if you don't want to spend way too much on overpriced shit.

Weak and smooth, I've read.

I've only ever had Scotch and Jack Daniels. What's a good bourbon?

Makers mark if you wanna pretend to be fancy ejliah craig is also good

Indeed. I drink Jap whiskey all the time (since I'm in Japan) and it kinda sucks that it tops out at 37 percent.

What? Most of the bottles I've seen are in the low 40s, what brands are you drinking?

Suntory crap, Rin etc. whatever you can get at the Kobeni

Evan Williams is cheap as fuck and of comparable quality to JD, so get that instead.
If you want something a bit more decent, knob creek/wild turkey/woodford reserve are all OK. Anything more expensive than that, see if you can get a sampler or order one at a bar before you drop your money on it.
Bottled in bond bourbons are also nice to look out for, since they give you a standard to compare against each other. Evan Williams has a good BiB that's cheap, so look out for that one. Old Grandad BiB is great, too, but I say skip their cheaper, 80 proof bourbon.
Good luck, Sup Forumsnon.

Get me a gun.

Any suggestion for "value" single malt? The one that kind of good but don't broke the bank.

Bulleit and Buffalo Trace
Or like said anything 'bottled in bond'
This one's from heaven hill distillery

I'm going through a bottle of Highland Park 12 the now. It's not hugely expensive and it's a nice all rounder flavour wise. One of my regulars for when I don't want something peaty.


If you like fruitier, lighter malts, Glenmorangie is cheap and not bad.
If you prefer a more medicinal and peaty whisky, Laphroaig might be a good starting place for you, though be warned that it really is on the more medicinal side of peaty whiskys (I think they once described it in their own advertisement as comparable to a burning dentists office), however I think it's at least worth a try if you're looking to go that route.
Neither of these will break the bank, and are good ilentry level bottles.

>apple crown
absolutely disgusting.jpeg

10pack of turkey

Stop making me want to drink hard liquor on a weekday Sup Forums.

Malibu. So fun to mix with sodas and fruit juices.

Yamazaki was my favorite of the three big ones - They Also have 'toki' at a lower price point which is also bretty gud
I will not get you the crown, however Malibu and coconut la Croix with a lime wedge will fucking change your life

>Sup Forums alcohol anonymous

Peaty whiskies, and Laphroaig in particular, are a love it or hate it deal. If you've never had one it'd probably be worth trying one in a bar before you go for a bottle. Though even just getting the nose of them should give you an idea.

Five bottles of Frangelico, please.

What're you doing with this user


Sharing is caring.

hot cheetos redbull and cheap gin

Mitty that won't work.

Advocaat and pick up some lime on the way

Fuck you it won't work, you just watch me Nanachi!

this isn't even close to a real alkie thread

For me, it's imo shochu. The best Japanese liquor.

What's the line where it becomes a real alkie thread?

Discussing not what we're drinking but how much it takes to get to a nice numbness

eh... Alkie or /r9k/

She's such a convenient girl. Perfect for fucking on the go.

Do they have any calvados? I can't find any at my local place.

just grab the cheapest biggest vodka
we'll find something to mix it with and mask the taste

recommend me one barten-san

okay I'm in the mood for a wine cooler right now thanks!

>Do they have any calvados?

No. Get it off the black market like a real woto.

Something that's spent at least 10 years in a barrel

forgot to add a slice of cake as well.

A flagon of Russian Standard, Ice, Lemons and some sleeping pills for me please!

Get me a big ol thing of Everclear
And also a forty

Whey isolate and full fat milk please.

No, /r9k/ would be discussing how much till they don't feel lonely/sign up for dating sites. Sup Forumslcoholics aninnymoose just want to be so smashed that they can sit through the entirety of Nanbaka without killing themselves, if only out of paralysis.

choya and a bottle of ginger ale, please

I don't handle dealing with shady characters very well.

Kahlua, and some Patrone coffee liqueur.

Vodka, you idiot.

>Get me a medium bottle of apple crown and a coconut rum.
Absolutely plebeian.

i don't drink


I'll take a bottle of Patron extra anejo tequila.

Chloroform. So I can rape the yurus.

billy's irish jizz

Heaven Hill Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
2 please

Port and a Blue WKD

some Laphroiag 10, I can't quite get this character down

whomest ever gets that reference gets one (1) free not-a-faggot-for-a-day coupon{/spoiler]


Drambuie and scotch. Gonna have me a rusty nail.

Whatever goes best with medication

Oolong tea pls.

I want to cum it that forehead.

My wife!

Get me some German brandy, it goes well with the cold weather.
Good taste.

Fernet Branca

What whiskey should I order as Im finally hitting of drinking age? Nothing too fancy, budget tops at 100 bucks or so

If you want actual alcoholics try /ck/

IMO something cheap to mix with ginger ale. I didn't acquire a taste for the good stuff until I got used to the cheap stuff anyways.

Go to a pub and try different whiskys first to see what you like. Try some peaty and some fruity ones.
Also, don't listen to
Bell's and Grant's (both are cheap blends) are the worst ‘whiskys’ I've ever tried. You only need to spend £10 more to get a bottle of whisky that is actually good, so unless you mix them just to get drunk there's not point in buying them. They certainly taste nothing like acual whisky.

A Japanese liquor store? Fuck, beer selection is gonna be shit. Get me an assortment of Ao-Oni, Suiyoubi No Neko, Kirin IPA, Tokyo Black and two tall boys of Asahi スーパードライ、お願いします!