ITT: Books that would make great anime

ITT: Books that would make great anime

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Infinite Jest

I like trashy meme shounenshit

/lit/ fuck off
Also Gravity's Rainbow is already made: retards + bananas = Aho Girl


Seriously, how come this shit doesn't have a manga yet?

It would work well in a japanese setting as well.

The indian mutiny
Just drop skme schoolgirls and traps and there is plenth action too

kodomo no jikan?

Imagine the architectural possibilities if Shaft did it

Don Quixote.
Make it a parody of isekai where the mc thinks he's having adventures in a different world when he's just suffering from severe mental issues.

I still could not find an anime/manga with a deep lore like LOTR.

Neon Shinji Evangelion

Perhaps it's meme-tier, but this made me like English in high school.

The letter he was writing to his last surviving classmate fucking destroyed me. That and when he gets his first kill and instantly regrets it and tried to help the dying frenchman, those would be fucking kino scenes if they didnt add magic lolis and 30ft tall (not) german man eating titans.

Nah, they need to go full circle and adapt the first isekai


100 years of solitude. Comes with incest.

Lolita would also be a good one

Japanese sci fi covers are too good for this world.

Whoever told you Hamlet is 'meme-tier' is a charlatan.


Guts with long hair looks fucking weird.

Remembrance of Earth Past trilogy.

Considering how much it is referencing LOGH and how anime some ideas and parts of it already feel, an actual two cour anime adaption would work out great, with a movie for the finale.

And it will also feature an end that would make End of Evangelion feel like a healing-type anime in comparison.

Also, it has the cutest ayy robot waifu ever.

I would kill for this

I could see Chronicle of a Death Foretold done in Monogatari's style.

Unironically this, but in Masaaki Yuasa distorted style to fit the MC wandering through a warped city at night.

Still haven't gotten around to reading Mistborn, but pic related was anime as fuck.

>first isekai
>not gulliver's travels

It's not an isekai if you're just travelling in your own world. The Yankee gets hit by a blunt object and wakes up in a medieval fantasy world. It does not get more blatant than that

Maybe not a good anime, but easily a top tier manga

dont expect a book which treat the anime industry as "Animerda" (portmendau of anime and merda french for shit)

Literally TTGL for nihilists and people with depression, and without any giant robots.

But I can see Butcher directing this. He has a hard on about Chinese stuff anyway.

The Alchemist, man this book was a wild ride

Technically, it's medieval Britain with magic

as an adveture book, it was really good, but all that message was crap if they get rid of it, I would definitly watch it.

The sheer butt-hurt from the 2deep4u litfags would be glorious.

This one is about about an aztec that discovers Europe. Would work better as a manga (could see Makoto Yukimura doing for aztecs what he did for vikings in Vinland saga)

My diary desu[/spoiler]

just use the pic bro
its my most used reactiion on /lit/

Only true answer.

The Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart would make a great shonen adventure, also, Number Ten of the Ox is moe as fuck.

This shit right here would make an amazing Sword of the Stranger-esque film or short one hour series.

A true hidden gem of the hard fantasy genre with a beautifully written disgusting anti-hero.

The Odyssey?

Tbh I always felt it would work good as an animation. It would allow all the surrealism and the Judge to be properly portrayed since it's pretty much impossible in film (and people have tried).

A Christmas Carol produced by Studio Ghibli.


The animated one was really nice.
I watch it every Christmas Eve.

I wish it was longer and had more details of the novel fleshed out onscreen with the beautiful animation they used for it.
That adaption was seriously a tour de force. Combined with the orchestral soundtrack and the 3D in theaters... I loved it.

What was this even about? Had something to do with hypocrisy of the Catholic Church but that’s all I can remember


Unironically that book is basically already anime.
> Flashy style over substance
> Hero ("Hiro") has cheat powers
> Ending is authorial incontinence
> Pointless token loli
> Organization leaders are "boss battles"
> Target audience is pretentious children including me at the time

This would be a very solid pick.

The Brothers Karamazov

all of sanderson stuff is anime

I agree, but sorta unsure about the Reckoners series. I see that it would be better as a movie than an anime series. Maybe it’s just me.

The moe adventures of Sherkaner Underhill and his spider family would be amazing.


im very serious

all good answers, Sup Forums surprises sometimes


I would fap to it

That is a fucking fantastic cover.


The Count of Monte Cristo

Hasn't this been more or less done already in a subtle way?


Maybe ease into it with a manga first.


Best isekai series ever
>Roman Legions end up in another world with Elemental pokemon
>Except they aren't the only Isekai'd people
>There's a race of 11-foot tall canine aliens
>Also hot (literally, they're human-like but with a much higher average body temperature) conanesque cannibal Barbarians that take Animal familiars
>And also the Zerg


I have a news for you...

Being an autistic chuuni 400 years before it became cool.

Decent post-singularity sci-fi

It was one of the first anti hero stories, it was about a kid trying to survive and outsmart his different masters basically. A good part of it is about the hyposcrisy of the Churchos, but it would be accurate to say that it was about the hypocrisy of society in general.

What I would like to see animated is the Devil going "wtf dude are you really going to sell your soul? that's stupid"


They already animated Madoka though

My dream

I'm surprised they haven't made this into an anime yet
>>Rich playboy in medieval China gets his dick enhanced by a Taoist magician - who infused it with dog penile parts
>>Playboy proceeds to NTR his four friends by sleeping with their wives
>>In a karmic retribution, his own wife sleeps with another man out of boredom.
>>Playboy's wife then got sold into a brothel, where she mastered the ancient chinese art of calligraphy using her pussy to hold the brush.
>>Fate has it that the playboy eventually comes across his wife - now top whore - while brothel-crawling.
>>Wife then commits suicide by hanging out of shame.

The production team behind School Days should handle this

>Playboy's wife then got sold into a brothel, where she mastered the ancient chinese art of calligraphy using her pussy to hold the brush.

What the fuck, is that an actual book?

China wrote all kinds of retarded smut in the past. Still does.

We don't need western trash and anime is already great

There's a scene where a shota rapes another shota

>darkness wars with darkness
This looks like a parody of stupid edgy shit for teens.

The Bible

do it, this will make lain see like fucking k-on


Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子




Why stop there?

And also a child prostitution ring.




Practically made for anime.

Notes from Underground
It'd be like Welcome to the NHK but even more depressing

merde french for shit
mierda spanish for shit

>Crazy evil lady has a crush on you so she starts making you dream about raping her and her twin sister when they were lolis
>Croaker's face when

The fight at the end of the second book would be rad