Berserk VS One Piece

Let's decide what is the definitive endless saga. That the shitstorm begins.

>not mentioning nardo/shitpooden & burito

Berserk isn't endless in the same way One Piece is. Berserk is endless because Miura is a dying old man who won't make any more issues, while One Piece is endless because Oda is an energetic old man who has been pumping out issues weekly/biweekly for decades.

Those ended. Rember endless saga.

Please a moment of silence for the people who lost thier lives before guts got off the boat

Berserk will never end because Miura has been drawing it for decades and got lazy/hates it.
One piece is drawn weekly by someone who loves his work and the stories he’s made, and hurts his wrist and hand all the time to continue drawing. Say what you will about one piece, but Oda loves his work.


one piece should realistically end since it has a set schedule and we are already half-way through.
Miura will have his several inevitable hiatus, Idolm@ster plays and likely die before guts meets with griffin again

One Piece is a pirate manga about a world that's 90% water and it still probably spent less time on a Boat than Berserk.

I was a teenager when casca became a potato .....ill be dead by the time shes better


Wouldn't compare those two.
One Piece never ends because it's padded like shit and Berserk never ends because of the breaks.
Maybe we should compare Berserk to HxH.

Holy shit user. My sides.

>padded like shit
what do you mean by this user?

They've got nothing in common, even regarding their length. The comparison doesn't really work at all besides boat memes.


Anyone have Dark horse scans of Berserk?


Neither got shit on HxH in endless department.

One Piece at it's core is still just shounenshit whereas the story of Berserk is deep and meaningful. Berserk is also one of those things that will undoubtedly end whereas One Piece feels like it will go on for another decade which is bullshit. has a torrent

>Berserk is deep and meaningful

Remember how the boat started before Naruto's timeskip?

So you'll die next month? Nice.

he deal with more serious topics, like death, rape, faggotry prostitution, burning heretics
doesnt mean anything more than what i said

One Piece has a planned ending and will probably get there.

Therefore I guess Berserk is better at being endless?

As in better? Berserk.
As in endless? Berserk again.

OH come on, it's obviously Hiatus x Hiatus.

>Berserk is deep and meaningful

Hunter x hunta

One Piece's world is surprisingly dark too though. The world is controlled by a one world government that genocides people for questioning where they came from. They allow slavery and the torturing of prisoners, as well as letting their nobles blatantly kill and enslave anyone they want.