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When does Yui get her own spinoff?

Not before Ringo.

Yui a shit like ESL.

Agree, Yui deserves to be the next main heroine , She deserves it more than the others cunts
Fuck you with your stupid meme, disgusting incestfag
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Yeah. Yui is honestly worst,

I hope never. She’s shit like Houki. Awful girl. We need Mikan or some incest.

Fuck Yui, we need better girls

All she deserves is becoming a human toilet.

I’d like that. Rito fucking his mom

Just saying but that's a terrible attempt at transparency.

>Yeah. Yui is honestly worst
Explain why. You fucking hater faggot, oh wait there is no reasons of why she is "supposed the worst"
>An hater faggot who hates her even like Houki with no real reasons. Also is a filthy degenerate incest fag
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Sorry, I don't speak whatever chimp language you do, please use English.

This series is hot pile of dogshit. The only good characters are, Yui, Yami, Nemesis, Minka & Mei. Fuck everyone and anything else. Fucking trash.

Why do I want a pregnant version of this?

>a bad series but it has 5 good characters

>no fun allowed whore
No thanks.

Seriously, This injustificated hate meme towards Yui is for me or just because all anons in this fucking web page are so goddamn autistic towards a tsundere well done with a credibly character development and a real crush by Rito

If Rito doesn't get some release soon he's going to snap and kill some poor girl. He's been blue balling for years now.

·Shit story.
·Shit Setting
·A fuck ton of other annoying shit one characters.
·The most retarded faggot mc in history.
·Over reliance on ecchi shit.
·This not being hentai.

The shit outweighs and eclipses the good characters I listed.

Look this

>tsundere well done with a credibly character development and a real crush by Rito


You know what I said, miserable hater fag
>No shameless things allowed Asshole

Not before Mikan

Didn’t someone update it with Ringo?

It's a good thing Mikan is okay with incest

Was she even in "darkness"?

I got it here.


I hate how that guy ruined her by association.


TLR girls are all so good its not fair

You mean made her better.

I never liked her until I kept seeing her posted constantly in threads she had no right being in. Now I love her!

(Fuck off harem fag)
(Fuck you ignorant hater fag, Yui is awesome)
(Fuck you with my haters)
Yui > Nemesis > Risa > Tearju > Mikado > Mio > Aya > Saki >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shit (You) > oshizu > rin > kyoko > run > mikan > yami > mea > lala > nana > momo > haruna
Some problem?

>liking yui

I was told this anime was very passionate and had a fulfilling definitive ending so why would it need a spinoff ?

1 - Yui is a tsundere well done
2 - Her feelings are real and pure by Rito (Because she is the ONLY ONE who really fall in love by him).
3 - Beautiful, Mature, Virtuous, Devoted, has a cute personality and determination.
4 - She only wants to protect the moral of the school.
5 - Strong in her´s moral principles.
6 - Yui refuted the lies of Risa that she said about Rito, (Rito had sex with Risa and to be like the other guys).
7 - She is not Irritable or violent like nana and yami.
8 - She loves kittens.
9 - She knows Rito not do shameless. things on purpose (chapter 44.5)
also she told to nana in defense and opinion of Rito.
>Mm...T...True.But you know... his shameless acts aren't on purpose ... I'd feel sorry form him to do that on his account~
10 - With her how protagonist the anime and manga of TLR would be Shojo and not ecchi harem shitty
11 - A character design 100 % japanese (Wafuu-Bijin)
12 - She is literally the salvation of the tsundere archetype (Apart of others tsunderes well done)
13 - She worths more than a fucking shit harem.
14 - Like her name says, She is UNIQUE in its kind (miracle of the universe)
15 - She said this about Rito before she realized in falling in love with him
>I do know the real him
>Yuuki-kun It is different from the other boys
>He's shameless, but also sincere
>Pathetic but also reliable
>Spe...cial...? since when... have I started to feel like this about Yuuki-Kun...?
Apart of have a sexy body she has potential to be a wonderful wife and mother
Yui is truly best girl and best waifu, re-evaluate your saddest life

There was a bad character named Yui. She was so bad, they made a sequel which gave her less attention to make up.

The power of the protagonist

Yeah, that’s weird. She’s just another turboslut who literally hurls herself at Rito. She has no original personality, not even an original design and cockblocks so much it’s not even funny. She’s one of the most hypocritical of the group and a perfect example of unnecessary.

Nah. I love Yui, even if she isn't my favorite. One autist isn't enough to ruin her.

Yui is like an even shittier Haruna. At least Haruna served a purpose in the very early on in the manga. In a series with saucy space vixens abound and the hottest imouto in history, who on earth would be interested in yet another Plain Jane human?

>no u
Not an argument, she single handedly brings down the quality of the whole series.

Shit taste. Wacky meme space aliens were trash. All of the ayys introduced after Yami were trash. Well except maybe Nemesis.

Reminder that if your ranking/tier list does not include both Mikan and Nemesis in S Tier or higher, your opinion is wrong.

She’s like Rin from Okusama where her only purpose is to cockblock and ruin shit. Just look ah her entire character. “Oh I’m the disciplined and proper member of school but secretly I am a huge slut and I punish people for the exact same things I do.”

If S is the top tier then no. If we're doing stupid S++ shit like then yeah they're at least S.

(Slander hater fag)

That has zero to do with Haruna though. The wide being inspiration doesn't mean much because the character is very different from her.

I wish we got more of her.

TFW you want to join ICE just to protect Yui from being associated with a shitposter

>Many slander lies towards Yui and Rin
(Fuck you, I love her)

Your haruna is only a boring insipid shit character even onodera is better


No, you love her body, that's the only decent thing she has going for her, you imbecile piece of shit hate other characters that are basically Yui with a new color palette.

I don't think ICE prevents international shitposting.

>No, you love her body, that's the only decent thing she has going for her, you imbecile piece of shit hate other characters that are basically Yui with a new color palette.
Triggered shit, Read what I wrote about her

All those are false. Did you read TLR before posting?

>"Hey kid wanna be king of the universe and accept a dozen gorgeous women as your brides? You don't even have to do shit, there's a whole bureaucracy already set up to support you and you have three planet-busting professional killers on your side."
>"nah I'm good, Haruna's my #1 girl, not that I'm actually going to start dating her or anything"
I'm still mad.

Hey, doujinshi are canon, might as well stick to them instead.

>You will never be the MC and genderbent best girlf of your own harem series

But mommy is best girl

I actually wouldn't mind a series of Yui (or the other girls) moving on with their love lives and fishing up other mackerel, halibut or swordfish. It'd also get Yabuki out of his funk.

Yui is more boring than Haruna.

He's working on Darling in the FranXX's manga, isn't he?

Yes, but I don't see how long that series could last, it's rather generic I think.

>She’s just another turboslut who literally hurls herself at Rito.
Turboslut as momo, mea, lala, run and that pervert in the closet of haruna
>She has no original personality
Being a tsundere well done doesn't mean have personality. Then what you want a generic cunt tsundere like nana and yami
>not even an original design
Have a design of a young japanese girl isn't original, What is wrong with you?
>and cockblocks so much it’s not even funny
Yui is member of the commite disciplinary of course she do that because is her responsability
> Boring
> Insipid
> Shy as fuck
> Unbearably coward
> Total inspiration of Kosaki Onodera character
> Biggest Slut In the Closet
> Shit Bland Character
> "yamato nadeshiko" BULLSHIT
Fuck you incest fag
Misumi only fulfills her job as the president of the disciplinary committee, also she can't stay with out do anything while that whore of wakana seduces Izumi, so fuck off.

I like her more than shit haruna

Dear ESLfag

Rin does way worse. She interferes with the others, she tries whoring herself to him and introduces needless tensions entering his home. She’s just a slut.

Yui is too pure for this world

> applauds Yui for being a true japanese beauty
>shits on haruna for being the same
This is plain sad, you might be legit retarded. Just don't hurt yourself too much.

>Magical girl Mikan series
>It's just her and Yami getting molested by various aliens every chapter
>Occasional Tearju molestation as well

Would your dick survive?


>Yui is member of the commite disciplinary of course she do that because is her responsability
So why doesn’t she cockblock herself? Also, in this manga, cockblocking is a bad thing so it means her job is to be shit.

>All those are false.
Ok its done you don't know anything about Yui and you are blame me unfairly while those scumbags are only shitposting her
You can't be so hypocrite with me now
Fuck you

I got to be honest, I never got a hard on from the main series itself, doujins, yes, but not the main series.

I consider the actual series to be aesthetically pleasing, however.

Yes, I want Yui to fuck me hard, with those techniques she learnt while pleasing old men!

>Yui is more boring than Haruna
A fucking ignorant with no taste
Haruna isn't have a real japanese design
You can't be so retarded

She already got one!

Oh so it was just your monkey speak, go on.

>no argument
I accept your concession.

Haruna has short hair like many Japanese. She doesn't have breast implants like Yui and behaves far more alike how Japanese prefer.

>the toothbrushes touching
Somehow seems lewd.

There's some great doujins but goddam it's hard to beat Yabuki's art

She "cockblock herself" when she realizes Rito tell her the truth about his shameless falls in the episode 3 and chapter 4 of the manga
>Yes, I want Yui to fuck me hard, with those techniques she learnt while pleasing old men!
I can't believe the level of your autism retarded and your attitude slander hater fag
How you can be so retarded ameriturd?
You don't have any argument towards what I wrote about Yui

But she's a kind girl, if I as nicely enough I'm sure she'll let me cum in her no less than twice. I'll even pay her!

Yui is too shit.

Sure thing sweety, whatever helps you sleep at night.

>over 50 minutes and no argument
Go apologise to your parents for being born and being such a waste of resources, and go fix that mistake after you're done.

>Haruna has short hair like many Japanese.
Her hair color is blue explain that also how many woman in Japan has short hair
>She doesn't have breast implants like Yui
Yui is a gifted young girl, Autistic asshole.
>behaves far more alike how Japanese prefer.
Be an insipid, boring, shy, moe girl. That explain your shit taste and why she was choiced like the 1st in the wife/girlfriend poll of TLR in japan

(Pussy faggot)
(Keep dreaming with that autistic idea)

Mea can create dream worlds that contain all of the other girls. She's objectively the best.

Not an argument, thanks for finally conceding.

Yui is a boring character but she's got the best fanservice chapters

Riko spinoff when?

>she's got the best fanservice chapters
That's not Momo & Nemesis

>Not an argument, thanks for finally conceding.
You don't have anything to say except that, Pathetic.
(Fuck yourself)

Mea has the ability to shapeshift into anyone. She also has the ability to transfer information through psycho dive.
She can literally turn you into a loli in the dream world.
I bet you feel pretty stupid for disagreeing with me now.

Momo is far and beyond bestest girl and the Momo vs Nemesis chapters are probably the most entertaining and interesting chapters in Darkness.

>Fuck Yui
Damn right, I want to. Her vagina is ready and waiting for the dick.

What is sex with each of the TLRs like?