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the Ginko appreciation thread

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Ginko a shit

like hairlessness? you don’t need a nine year old for that!


this is my cute Asuka of disapproval


That one shitposter's checklist to get it all out of his system has been updated.
>fuck off
>loli hater
>loli hating
>Ginko a shit
>old hag
>fuck off
>I'd rather this cow
>shitters, everyone
>sudden appearance Blue and Red Ai false flags
>muh violent bitch
>throwing rocks
>muh boogeyman
>random instances of multiquotes to imply he's a meme

Cute. Ginko is love.

Paipan and diapers

I want to eat Ginko's ass for 2 hours and then let her gag and choke me which her used pantsu.

>that small "baka"

>loli haters smug about always getting what they want, even when the series features a loli main girl
I'm getting tired and sick of the moralfaggotry that now 2D can't avoid either.

The best part about being a Ginko hater is that I get to see the face she makes when she realizes she lost the Yaichi bowl.

>shitposting this hard
Fuck off Ginko shill, everyone knows she wins, you don't have to make posts so that you can celebrate something that's obvious from the beginning later.
It was already confirmed lolis won't win, and we know why Ginko exists. We will NEVER get a lolicon show animated again

JCs are the best.

Ginko? More like Stinko

Nice bait, troll.

Ginko is pure trash.

Fuck off, if only.
Are you trying to say you think Ginko won't win? Just asking.

Add this.

Thank you OP for creating this.

Ginko's a miracle of the universe and author's favorite character to bully. I love everything about her and nice to see Yaichi finally stop being as much of a dunkass.

With the series officially licensed, I am sure readers will find out how great she is in the future.

Ginkofags are cancer who are glad their shitty old hag wins over the loli. What else can you expect from them.

Prove it.

Ginko exists.

Nope. She won't, LRD. Stay mad.


So no proof. I thought so.

Where can I find the Char appreciation thread?

>omg LRD I call him a reverse troll and imply he'd love if Ginko won am I cool yet?
No, fuck off. Try not to meme-post for once? I am mad as fuck, but only because Ginko is obviously going to win, since when was the last time anything didn't go the moralfag way?
Her whole reason of existence is to be THE legal girl, why else would she be in the show, huh?
And do you think anyone have the spine yet to make a loli ending in a popular series?
I'll ask you this, when was the last time a loli won in anime, when there was a same age girl too? No time-skip bullshit too.
RKB came closest, and even that did not have any romantic clousure.

Same shitposter, as usual.

We get it you're gay.

>anyone who doesn't like my shitty seasonal waifu is LRD xD


Keep spreading that delusions and retardation, LRD.

And he's not even subtle.

Fuck off, satisfied loli hater.
I hope a day will come when YOUR type of girl will get the short stick of eveyrthing.

Ginko is for normalfags.

>14 years old
>flat chested
Keika is the normal fag magnet

>I start a troll thread with the enemy of all lolicons as OP
>people who don't like it are the same troll!
Fuck off loli haters.
You have so many shows just for you, and yet one girl is enough to ruin all threads, (and the show itself by winning)
That's why anime has become shit.

Best girl. Red Ai is second best and Blue is third best though.

Ginko is worst girl.

She's legal aged, and not even that petite, like a fucking japanese woman, fuck off with calling her flat, or implying 14 is somehow not normalfag-tier age.

>t.LRD's wish

You're definitely LRD.

Fuck off satisfied loli hater.

>muh boogeyman

14 is not legal. Age is irrelevant regardless
>not even that petite
Except she is.
>calling her flat
A fact.
>14 is somehow not normalfag-tier age.
Nice bait.


Ginko is cute.
Can we start appreciating Red Ai now?

Fuck of, normal faggot.
Too ad anime caters to your kind.
>14 is not legal
It is you retarded murrican moralfag sheep.

It’s like someone took all the bad qualities of tsunderes and kuuderes and put them into one character and called it Ginko.

Top 3 girls. Honestly, the order matters little.

Autistic LRD is a mistake.

It's impossible to love little girls.

Never a truer word spoken. Dragon's King harem is god tier.

>2 different kind of cute, round faced lolis
>1 violent, always angry, sharp faced hag
Yeah you sure love all three of them!

might as well. This thread is only being shat up with the controversial beauty of Ginko

So, basically the autist anti-Ginko shitposter created this thread with the goal of spamming shitpost and also an attempt to contain Ginko posts at the same time because he gets mad when people talk about her in the main threads. Man, that's so obvious.

Very respectable opinions. I have no reason to disagree when looking at the big picture.

It was probably an actual Ginko (aka loli hater) fag, because they are on a high horse, since all anime caters to them, this one included.

If they are on the clock I want them on my cock.

Seriously this. Where's the charm in those critters? There's no intellectual nor physical satisfaction on loving them.

no, I created this thread under the delusion that Ginko enthusiasts could post pics in peace, and it got subverted into an argumentative shitshow. I should have known some fantastically autistic swine would care this much that we know his opinion of Ginko

Red Ai is pretty much Ginko lite and I don't see anyone shitting on her.

>I shit up all threads posting about how Ginko is the best girl because lolis are disgusting and eww so wrong
>my thread about a loli hating and lolicon cockblocking old and violent bitch from a series with a loli main girl gets negative posts about her
Yeah, what a surprise.

it's one guy

Yes. This is a troll thread, but it doesn't have to be that way if people just ignore what he's trying to do.

>Red Ai
>Ginko light
One is a loli, and don't even go territorial violent bitch, nor is she the romantic winner and moralfag choice. So, no.

Hardly anyone shits on Ginko either. 95% of the shitting on the latter is being pushed by a dedicated and autistic af shitposter. exists for a reason now.

LRD would if she wasn't a loli. Ginko is a JC who's borderline so that means she's too for his pedo taste that cares about age/shit shit.

>Hardly anyone shits on Ginko either
Aside from lolicons.
I know, fuck them right, why would they exist in threads like this, it can only be a shitposter that doesn't like the girl that is designed to be the biggest anti-lolicon girl I've seen in forever.

I dont hate lolis and Im not a moralfag, I just think Ginko is best. I even segregated myself. You proved to be the shitter among this series’ threads

I wonder what kind of chocolate her presents contain. Maybe white chocolate?

age/legal shit*

What does Ginko's as taste like?

>Ginko is a JC who's borderline
She isn't even, if we add the sharp face, deep voice, and mature personality bordering whorish, not to mention her hatred for lolis.
Fuck off Ginko shitter normalfag.

>tfw I can’t decide who is more autistic between Ginkofags and Anti-Ginkofags

Sweet and bitter white chocolate.

>I dont hate lolis and Im not a moralfag
>I just think Ginko is best

It's a full blown war between lolicons and non-lolicons, since the show is filled with lolis, while Ginko is basically the opposite of a loli.


She's 14 years old, right? This means she secretly shaves.

But then why do people have Ginko so much and not Keika

Ginko is for homos

Because Keika is not a main girl and girl set up to be romantic winner because legal and mature.

>We got a yaoi lover her guys.

He means borderline JK I assume. Her age is irrelevant regardless, she's still the best.

>Her age is irrelevant regardless
Yes, not all 14-15 year old girls are shit, but when they are as much the opposite of a loli as Ginko, they certainly are.
Unless you are a loli hater/normalfag.

Ginko a shit.

>not setup to be romantic winner
Didn’t Yaichi say he liked Keika?

>sharp face
>deep voice
>mature personality
How to spot LRD's assblasted anti-loli mental disorder that is irrelevant what makes a loli.
>hatred for lolis
False and still irrelevant to loli

Sakura was more of a loli than Ginko. She was less irritating too.

I want Ginko have her period on me.

Those are all true to Ginko you fucking loli hater, too bad you can't even act as if you liked lolis.

She's a petite JC with a flat chest. Only the cake would be a real opposite.

No such thing here outside of (You) LRD.

No, he lusts after Keika.

>LRD is this retarded
Right so vast majority of eternal lolis aren't lolis according to your logic. Pretend harder, LRD.

She is not petite
Not for long.
>flat chest
Not even. No cowtits != flat.

And her personality, maturity and general disposition just cements her as a sour old hag.

>LRD claims to be a lolicon and not a shitposter, yet he's the one shilling Ginko up to be the winner despite a lack of proof