Best and worst anime studios

Do we all agree?

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Maybe 10 years ago.

>Mad House is at the top of that list
This offends me on some unfathomable level even if it is bait. The rest of your list is shitty, but that really stands out.

Manglobe to C
KyoAni to A+
Dogakobo to A+
Production IG to A
Gainax to B
Silver Link to B
The rest who cares

>This offends me on some unfathomable level even if it is bait. The rest of your list is shitty, but that really stands out.
What would you replace it with then. I'm dying to know.

You have to put something like Kyoani or Shaft in the 'Complete Shit' category for your bait to be successful, OP.

Yaoyorozu is at the top right now.

>Gainax is "bad"

Looks like we've got some contrarians in the house.

They don't exist anymore.
>Mad House
They were A+ 15 years ago.
Are shit since at least 2 decades.
There's also no studio Orange, Shaft or Trigger listed.
Was this chart done in 1990?

>KyoAni to A+
Why do people have this much shit taste. All they do is adapt mediocre romdram/slice of life light novels. They are the literal definition of mediocre.
>Dogakobo to A+

where can I find template of this?

Nippon Animation should be higher, bitch.

Done. Didn't add Orange simply because they haven't done much.

WIT should be at the top

>no sunrise.
keep being salty about them printing money.

It's like you made this chart completely randomly, holy fuck. I don't even know where to begin.

I have no words to describe how bad your opinion is.

>Magic Bus

Literally who? Justify this, please.

Are you 12?

>Madhouse at the top.
>DogaKobo and A-1 at the bottom.

Exquisite . You made me reply.

If Pierrot and Deen were like what they were 15 years back, they could have been at the top.

>BONES is now tethered by Netflix
I'm still not sure if this is good or bad

He put A-1 in complete shit, that's just as bad.

Funny enough, TMS is probably the best for American animation as well.

kill yourself.

The shitting on A1 meme has got to go.

Yeah. Even though almost everything they've made is shit, they still have 2 good shows!

But why does Inspector Gadget have the funky mustache?

>27 replies
>18 posters
butthurt samefags.

Its just people dickriding Digibro

Eat shit faggot

Adaptations of shit are destined to be shit, they're technically competent

>watching anime youtubers
>knowing them by name
Go watch more SAO, faggot.

>le A-1 is bad meme


You can shut up, now!


As expected of the OPM generation.

>Gonzo above literally anything

By Allah, behave yourself or you'll get a taste of my whip.

>Shinsekai Yori
>Space Brothers
>Your Lie in April
They make a lot of shit, but when they do make good stuff, it's really good stuff.

>Muh studio
>Staff doesn't matter
Top kek, nu/a/ has really sunken low. Staff talents and composition, distribution of resources and passion of the staff matters not the studio.

OPM had a top-tier animation tho it just wasn't fully MADHOUSE work

Studio AIC was above average, fuck you.

>it's really good stuff
theres only one show on that list that actually is really good.

You just have shit taste senpai

>shonen shit
>low budget adaptation
>melodramatic highschool romance
>very good
or maybe you just suffer from a mental disorder and have a total of 30anime completed.

Totally 100% accurate.

You have to judge a studio by their entire body of work rather than just what they’re doing now.

I sure do love two word implication arguments!

this isnt an argument. you quite clearly lack fundamental knowledge of the artform if you think that those three shows stand out.

>You have to judge a hooker by how tight her butthole was when she was 15 and realizing her actress dreams weren't going to come so easily, not by the saggy ring of meth-sore covered flesh it is at 45.
No, user, the point of ranking studios would be to get an accurate representation of what to expect from their current and future works. Staff changes, budgets are cut, and things change. What would be the point of giving them a score based on all their cumulative works? The only thing it would do is give someone unrealistic expectations for a modern production.

"low budget" isn't an argument either. It's flat out wrong and something you'd probably see on reddit.

Literally only NHK to their name

And it was, for the most part, a shit adaptation. It only stood out because source material was so solid and the OST was fantastic.

The ost made it for me, but it was classic shitty gonzo animation. I don't see how it can be ranked higher than a D


Both of those studios are mediocre animation at best. Also why are your rankings so odd some of these no longer make animation anymore.

That explains why your ranking is terrible, you have studios that are gone now, some that have not been relevant in years. I would rate them at their current standing and that which is alive.

Speed Grapher is uniornically kino.

You have incredibly bad taste. You're the sort of person that if you told people what you liked and disliked, everyone would just laugh at you.

A1 shit tier
Think again kiddo


Give me one good reason that isn't muh CG boogeyman.

What kind of preschooler logic is this.

>people still think studios have anything to do with quality over directors/key animators


Ufotable and shaft dogshit tier. fatefags and gatarifags BTFO

I'll never understand KyoAni kids. They play it safe and shit out subpar anime. Your whole order is fucked.

>people hating on DEEN
Pleb filter

NAME the last shitty madhouse anime

Overlord 2

I said NAME the last shitty madhouse anime

DEEN is the worst.

Just in the last two years they had Konosuba and Rakugo. DEEN is saving anime.

Studios that make the shows I like

Studios that make shows I don't like

Ok, who called Studio DEEN?


>Toei on anything other than complete shit

there's a reason they're dead

Thing is that list begins pro TMZ, and the further it goes on, the more it becomes an argument against them.

CCS Clear Card

I'm 90% sure I saw this chart 10 years ago

>KyoAni and Pierrot in the same category as DEEN and Toei
You must be joking. Especially KyoAni makes beautiful animation. The problem is that 9/10 times the source material is shit. Imagine a KyoAni battle shonen adaptation (no, not Phantom World. Phantom World is shit).

>last shitty madhouse anime

C-station is the best

At least White Fox is in this pic, but it's still shit

>Imagine a KyoAni battle shonen adaptation
Kyokai no Kanata. It's shit.

>battle shonen
Phantom World was just your average harem, except prettier

>hyper realistic typewriter
>generic 2D anime hands

Looks like shit.

I don't get it. Why is putting filters over real pictures and then drawing some movement over it considered great animation?

>kyoani makes pretty stuff therefore it's good.
They do so much of the same shit over and over. They don't even try to do anything different outside of the bland romance drama genre. With Deen they at least gave us literal works of art such as Trust & Betrayal and Angel's Egg which are far beyond anything KyoAni has ever done.
>But p..pretty.
Fuck off.

>Kyokai no Kanata
everything they made except silent voice was all shit

Anime is a visual medium, "it's pretty" is indeed an argument. I do agree that outside of bland romance they do very little. Maid Dragon was fun though.

Go back to DeviantArt

>all that faggots talking smack about DEEN
Is reddit under maintenance or something?

polygon 3d anime are fairly competently done. There are way worse studios than them. Like whoever did Berserk

if we are judging by the whole body of work Gainax should be much higher

Don't expect Sup Forums to understand anything about animation or visual design


>10 years ago

Try now.

As you may have guessed, it was changed for the show proper.

What an incompetently edited image. As expected from a filthy /u/ tripfaggot

>/u/ faggot has shittiest taste & editing skill.
What a surprise.


fuck you. shaft is the complete shit studio right now, I won't agree as long you didn't put that awful studio as a complete shit garbage motherfucker.