666 Satan O-Parts Hunter

>JRPG-esque setting
>Cutiepie main heroine
>Who declares her virginity yet willingness to find a man in the same sentence
>rescue arc
>OC donut steel powers
>Loudmouth protagonist with MUH DREAM
>All in chapter 1

It's like a shonenfriend's wet dream. What gives? Is it only unpopular because it wasn't in JUMP?

Wasn't it written by the brother of Naruto manga-ka?

I remember reading this in the american Jump at least

fuck this shit, has anyone translated more of his other manga about group of state-paid executioners? forgot the name, but should have been latest. The premising was more interesting, even if it looked like he was trashing it again by making it too much about the main character

because it's shit, the art is shit, and it's uninteresting.

His twin brother. Even has a foreword at the beginning of Vol 1 about how people ride him for aping his brother's style when they learned to draw the same way.

And truth be told in a genre that's essentially catered to those who like borrowed tropes, character archetypes, and plotlines it's pretty dumb to me to shit on a guy even if he was ripping off someone's artstyle

nvm, found out that its on crunchyroll, didnt know they also ruined manga

Oh yeah and I forgot
>topless panel

nobody likes halfsies character cause they're usually retarded design.
dont know where but I heard people like more symmetrical drawings

Really? That's interesting. I read some of this a long time ago, and I'm rereading now because I forgot most of it and another thing that caught my attention is that the main character doesn't have a signature move.

A Sup Forums user a while back said that was one of the main reasons Avatar: The Last Airbender didn't catch on in Japan because Aang didn't have one.

It's intriguing how small things like that (or at least I see it as small) can put off a potential audience

It wasn’t bad, but it was literally overshadowed by Naruto and everyone forgot about him and just focused on his brother instead. Which is kind of a shame since some of his other works are decent too but no one is interested in scanning them.

anything that makes an impression on you and not easily forgettable is always gonna be good and get more attention . it makes the character stand out as THE main character because he feels unique. it may be small but it can be a big thing
and honestly name me one halfsies character that you know or remember

Holy shit I thought I was the only person who read this.

it was actually good. better than post Chuunin Exam Naruto. the art was shaky at the start, but he started to hit his stride during the beelzebub arc. and the lore is pretty interesting, not a lot of mangos do the whole religious mythology thing.

>Is it only unpopular because it wasn't in JUMP?
Well it is serialized in the same mag as FMA, what do you expect?

Like all other manga, the time skip made it shit.

I enjoyed it, I really liked the mythos with the kabbalah/reverse kabbalah. Plus some legit monster designs. The 2nd half was way too short though, felt like it got axed.

it was good until the timeskip, then it just went retarded

it was bland, but there are a few people who pretend like it was underrated

The timeskip chapters were worse than Naruto's and a lot of things got rushed in the end. I remember a lot of people were quite disappointed with the ending back then.

The hypest moment for me was when he unleashed the Satan aura during the sky tournament arc against Beelzebub. The way it was drawn really got across that Beelze was totally fucked and picked on someone who he had no business poking.

Honorary mention on how big brother draws girls better than little brother despite 666 Satan being ages ago even when compared to the last chapters of Naruto.

I liked how the women were actually useful later on, one of the few mango that I remember having somewhat good fightan female MCs.

There's still Kingdom for currently serialized stuff. Or Youjo Senki.

Already reading Kingdom. I just want more Jolyne's and less "MUH OP HEALING" female chars in the MC group...

Youjo Senki is basically all girls in the top fighters, granted the MC is a gender bender thanks to reincarnation but he's still technically a girl biologically.

Overlord isn't really about fighting, but the strongest fighting power in it are not the male MC, but rather one of the female NPCs that serves him, but she hasn't shown up yet. There's tons of competent girls fighting in that series though across the spectrum of power levels.

Log Horizon's 2nd/3rd strongest fighters are female, beaten only by teenage mutant ninja turtle who only became the strongest after learning the trick from #2 and using his own flavor of cheese thanks to his class to make it even more broken.

Then you got stuff like Kumo where the female MC is so strong it's basically a shit stomp and comfy baby sitting the world.

It's all there, you just have to look. If you go farther away from manga/anime then it's even easier, cause novels are more accessible to the average story teller in that they only need to publish text. Military Empress might be chink shit and basically ESL translated, but it's something nip otome series will never do, which is depict a ruthless female MC out for revenge and being cold and calculating about it.

Really liked the weapons, the plot, everything. Once timeskip happened it was like a story losing everything but its bones and skin. Exspecially the focus on all the gaint monsters really took away the greatness of the weapons.

Anyone reading Mad Chimera World?