Nobody plays around backrow.

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I hope we get more meme duels and situations like this one and Brave Max.

So now that the surprise behind the "terrifying card" is gone, could Revolver even have a viable strategy to take Playmaker on?

He could retry his borreload strategy this time without wasting turns on that stupid stall strategy with that field spell and beltlink wall dragon

Watch as the data Yusaku got from Ghost Girl also contained a card that will defeat Revolver

I'm predicting the following
Yusaku gets a bunch of link monsters on board
Revolver plays Raigeki and BTFOs all of them
Miracle anime only data card which is a monster reborn on steroids revives all his links which he turns into some anime only link monster that uses a bunch of links and wins the duel

What card, Trap Jammer?

>using a trap against revolver when he has the anti-trap trap

It's definitely going to be a new link 4 with some anime only effect

>from my hand
>counter trap
broken piece of shit

>not only did it fuck ghost girl in the anime, it's also fucking her in real life

To be honest I don't think there will be any asspull and Playmaker will win legit, Revolver is playing the "new" rokkets and booster dragon and showing off his strategy while Playmaker is watching, he already knows Borreloads effects so he will be prepared

>Revolver activates Mirror Force
>Yusaku chains MST

Thanks Go, it was actually funny.

>mst negates

Storm access is the asspull enabler and it's guaranteed to happen every important duel, so we'll ar very least have that.
Also, it's past the time for Yusaku to get a Firewall upgrade. In fact, he barely used the original Firewall at all.

>Extreme Force has a card that's specifically designed to fuck Cyberse
>Flames has a card that's specifically designed to fuck Altergeists
What the fuck is the point in showing off new archetypes just to then make cards that are literally only useful in fucking over the very same archetypes? I mean yeah this card has slightly more utility than Fire Prison but if it doesn't scream Anti-Altergeist I don't know what does

>>Extreme Force has a card that's specifically designed to fuck Cyberse
that card is trash though, no idea why they printed that shit, no one will play it, red reboot is good though, I'm more disappointed that ghost girl didn't get to shill multifaker

>mfw Ghost Girl's body is now withering away in real life and nobody went to check on her.

its only been 3 hours.

Actually, who'd watch an actual anime based around the YGO card game circuit? No bullcrap like Gods and stuff, but:

>We get to see deck archetypes in full play
>Showcase how new boosters rotate in with the season
>Promo event attendance to get a chance at rare cards
>Show the players actually getting annoyed at new ban lists
>The characters actually have to shift their decks around to suit the new circuit season
>So on and so forth

I mean it won't be an issue if I have Protocol active BEFORE it's in their hand but that's a big if even if I have 3 Protocols in my deck. Though I do wonder if Emulelf can be chained to it because if so that could potentially save my bacon as well.

anti paleo?

Konami would never pull this of because the sole reason of the existence of the anime is to promote the new cards. Its essentially just a 20min ad

She's dead bro.

>MC is a good deckbuilder with unconventional decks
>MC's best friend is a petdeck faggot that hates the meta
>rival is a meta faggot that only plays the current best deck
>main girl sucks at the game

What about something on the opposite side of the spectrum? An anime about the lore of the cards, adapting the various stories of Duel Terminal into short stories that build interest in not just the card archetypes but the Duel Terminal itself.

who will be the one to play stunshit, ftk, masturbation etc?

What kind of cards do they play in this series? Is it worth getting into if you havent been caught up with the game since they released xyz monsters and beyond?

Those will be the random secondary characters they play against during the show.

She is unconscious. No matter how hard you fuck her now, she won't wake up.

In Vrains there are two major differences
One is the new summoning type Links which have a recipe and a certain amount of monsters needed to perform the summon and the other is promotion of the Speed Duel format where the monster and spell zones are lowered to 3 and the life points are cut in half.
Some of the new cards can be really fun when they get going but currently most of the new archetypes are still at petdeck status because the meta still leans in favor of vomiting as many monsters out in one turn as you can.
I personally use Cyberse (Slow build up as of right now but potential to hit hard when the pieces are there) and Altergeist (Negates everything at some form of cost and spews effects every other second) but neither are considered viable in the current climate

It's depend if Revolver want a speed duel or a master duel.

altergeists are viable after FLOD

>What kind of cards do they play in this series?
VRAINS only has Link monsters. No Synchros, Xyzs, Fusions or Pendulums.
>Is it worth getting into if you havent been caught up with the game since they released xyz monsters and beyond?
VRAINS is pretty boring so far, but I expect it to get better once they get their shit together and deal with the production issues. You don't need to have any knowledge about previous series to watch it, but they don't teach you almost anything about new rules either.

Duel Terminal plots are shittier than the anime if you can believe it

That's because they are told through fucking artwork, but that doesn't mean you can't make them good.


I know, I'm really fucking excited for every new Altergeist card except Pixiel , most folks on my campus are sad as it is when they fight my Altergeist in its current state so having even more ways of making others suffer will be great

Such a damn shame that the main cast are all morons and can't play this game for beans.

But I guess VRAINS would only be 3 episodes if a truly skilled player was part of this main cast.

>Revolver plays Raigeki and BTFOs all of them

Very unlikely if not impossible. That particular card has been banned in the OCG since even before VRAINS started. The anime use the OCG lists.

Considering Revolver VS Onizuka is a Master Duel, I think Revolver will want to fight in a Speed Duel next.

>Such a damn shame that the main cast are all morons and can't play this game for beans.
>But I guess VRAINS would only be 3 episodes if a truly skilled player was part of this main cast.
That's every YGO series ever.

>Mirror Force
Daily reminder that Atem is coming.

Does anyone in this show ever run backrow destruction?

>A.I. Atem!?

>FTK, masturbation
sounds like rival material, even the MC could pull masturbation when facing a strong opponent like chaining around an unbeatable boss monster or some shit, the MG could also try to use FTKs/very aggressive decks to make a contrast with her cute appearance

Revolver sort of does if he uses Borreload + autorokket or Trisbaena, Trickstar Lightstage can lock a set card/force it to activate or destroy it at the end phase

the only MC who even cared about non-destruction removal is Yusei and we all know he doesn't count, in the anime people play with their ass



Good thing adding legacy characters to a new series has never backfired before.



Gouki's seem pretty fun, but I doubt I'll ever play them.

Yes yes!!! Bang me!

Gouki is a manly deck.

>can't solve my problems with card games
Feels bad man.
Although I'd pay to see motorcyclists playing Yugioh.

They will drop to shit tier if people start siding Mirror Force

How can Revolver be so self-righteous when he is doing morally nihilist things?

true jobber of vrains coming through

Has there ever been a duelist in the anime who has just been like "shit I got a really bad hand im fucked"?

Yeah, Nakajima or whatever his name is from Vrains.
Also Joey.

>in the anime people play with their ass
Lewd. Doujins of Akira/Yuusaku playing with Aoi's ass when?

There's an image set in which one of the images is of Kathy's ass and back being used as a duel field.

So why is it that when Yuto played MST, I was hyped as fuck, but I didn't care anywhere near as much when Revolver flipped Mirror Force?

He never played MST. It was a filler card that was destroyed but not actually used and could have been anything

I wonder how many people here actually watched Arc-V rather than just reading about it in these threads

>Using a 10 years old card has his ace trap

Holy shit, when you guys said Revolver was a hipster I didnt believed

Hey guys, I got Revolver's signature card!

Why Revolver is so great?

>watched and read season 0
>watched and read original series
>watched gx subbed
>watched 5ds dubbed
>didnt watch zexal
>dont even know what im looking at now
when did they ban jars from tournament play again? that was when i stopped giving a shit
whats the meta like now

just XYZ your six samurai to draw 3 cards and have 12 monsters on the field dude

Normally he is a polite and weak-looking kid.

>Go gets a beam battle against Revolver
>meanwhile Blue Angel had to deal with A FUCKING TREE LMAO

Who loves hotdog.

he's bland as fuck outside of dueling, when he's dueling he becomes chuuni as fuck

But in duel, he is cold-hearted.

What's stopping them from doing this? Just:

>Second half of the year: New Boosters
>Tournament Circuit announces new ban list/rotation
>MC realizes his combo can't work anymore because it relies on a few old cards
>Explanation from the shop owner on suggestions on how to use the meta
>Show off the new meta top tier cards by trying to combo them together with the top tier old ones
>Showcase to the audience new doesn't always mean bad and you don't have to fully discard the old

Compare to the two most screentime austim protagonist and heroine, they are still even blander than Revolver.


Most of the jars are banned from tournament play since the end of GX.
Fiber Jar is degenerate and morphing jar 2 has an FTK burn loop that lets you sit through some hundred moves.
They did add morphing jar back for a while but it got banned again after the Dark World Structure Deck; for a good reason.
If you don't feel like adapting to the meta you can always play it casually with a deck that has new legacy support.
There's a lot of new cards for Red-Eyes,Blue-Eyes, Crystal Beasts etc; so you could just mention an old deck you liked and I'll see if it has new cards.
>5D's dubbed
How were you able to sit through that anomination which is censored to death.
Do yourself a favor and enjoy the subbed version which also has the 10/10 last season, since the dub cut it out completely.
5D's had the highest amount of votes for good duels and half of the top 5 are in the last season.

Underated post. Why the fuck did they give Mirror Force this much hype?

>Mirror Force
Just fucking carry 7 tools of the bandit or any other trap negation.

Jars were banned for good reason.

>red reboots you
pssh nothing personnel

Counter Counter then

You know what I think would make a great yugioh series? A series based on glam metal. The protagonist can have a band and the bandmates can be the other main characters, they can have "band-duels" which will be like team duels but like the singer vs singer, drummer vs drummer, etc. All the designs can be 80s inspired so very colourful, very over the top, etc. And hell they could even have sound-duels so they get meme advantages based on how well they play the instruments.


Another counter counter.

Morphing Jar didn't get banned because of sack worlds, but because of Empty Jar deckout degeneracy.

Anyway, Mirror Force is trash IRL and nobody runs it.

I feel like it's too much of a far stretch to consider Mirror Force an ace card.
Let's see about previewed ace cards then.
DM had the hype for all the Egyptian Gods which was all of battle city and Seal of Orichalcos.
GX had the Sacred Beasts as the final bosses for the first arc and the whole buildup for Rainbow Dragon.
Yubel was going around for a while too without anyone knowing her effect for a whole arc.
5D's had every single Signer Dragon since they were plot relevant and owned by each Signer.
Shooting Star Dragon had the whole buildup with Yusei learning accel synchros and it was previewed for a long time with it also being executed quite well.
We've also had Meklord Emperor Granel being previewed before the WRGP and only got to see it as a giant beater in the finals.
There was also the small preview match with the Nordic Gods.
Zexal had the Numeron Code from the start of the show and all the numbers.
Arc-V had the Dimensional Dragons with their upgrades.
There are always cards being hyped up and Mirror Force is far from impressive but rather hilarious and unexpected.
You should watch more yugioh shows desu.

I would watch a more down to earth realistic Yugioh anime as long as the game isn't 1:1 with irl, because that would just be boring.

I do like SoL cardgame anime though, it's a lot of fun.

user stop reminding me of how much I miss the rock openings from 5D's.
I'm gonna rewatch all of them while I'm at it so here you go.
Believe in Nexus>Last Train
I also like the EDs though.

>unbanning Judgement to buff counter fairies
I don't like where this is going at all but at least it wont replace handtraps

>unban judgement in tcg
>don't include it in the structure deck when it's in the ocg structure
fucking TEWART

>Keep Stratos banned because of HERO Beat
>Stratos isn't relevant in the OCG even though it's unbanned and they have Solidman
>What is shadow mist
At this point it's just a bad meme to be this mad at a monster just because it searches every HERO and pops S/Ts.
Grand mole is another joke being at 1.

>>watched 5ds dubbed
How did they handle all the class related stuff? Did they just cut it out completely?

What if AI is Atem with super memory loss

How would a conversation between Zura and Edo (GX and/or Arc-V versions) go?

>Yugi turns into Atem
>Judai's spooky Yubel eyes
>Signer powers
>Zexal forms

What's Yusaku gonna get?

Playmaker is yusakus form

Post best summonings in the series, this one is my personal favorite

Kaito's theme is one of my favorite OSTs in the series