Final Fantasy Lost Stranger 007 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>Final Fantasy Lost Stranger 007 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire)!cM4y1AyC!ggBUBaQbBn1zWDY7SJSLFjK1SavgHtypaEHCdcVpGn8



Was this the isekai where the sister died?


































>p038 (end)

For a second there I thought he strapped an actual cat to a Kite.

I wish more isekai protagonists were cute girls.

>p039 (TL notes)

So far I'm only reading this for the cute Cureslut.

>p040 (indicia)

Thanks OP!

That blue haired slut would need to whore herself out to survive in a magical world. Dance to lewd songs for pennies.

Reminder that Ardyn did nothing wrong. The Astrals were evil.

>look this up to see what it's about
>mfw it's written by C3 cube author

I already hate this guy, isn't he an adult? Why does he acts so immature

Dancer confirmed

This is literally one of the best isekai ever. Why isn't this more famous? I hope they adapt it into an anime later.

I'll bite, its not bad but its certainly not the best. This is literally a isekai add for FF14. Try reading sword dad or at least try looking for other storys that arent just regurgitated manga adaptations. Everyone has there own tastes.

Are you one of those pieces of shits that think the isekai about that fat otaku that got transported to another world and be a perverted piece of shit is the best? Or maybe that one about tanaka I let my friends fuck the loli wizard. Shield hero maybe? Or maybe that edgy one? Which one are you from? The OP one? Wait, that's like more than half of them right? Each and everyone of them range from average to shit. In this the MC isn't super strong. His skills is his knowledge about FF. His groups of friends are there not because they are in love with him and he have harems and shits. You know what's bait? You shitty taste in isekai. This one the MC isn't a child, isn't OP, have actual knowledge and use it, no jap wanking, and no harem yet. The lore of FF is also already deep enough for them to make it feel like a real world. Fuck your generic shit.

Isekai is literally just transported to another world user, nothing else. Its just a trope premise.

>FF lore
FF is a fucking multiverse and is inconsistent as fuck. Every game the devs reuse the the some of the core story telling elements that are popular from older games to make more money. Were not talking about classic literature here. Not that, thats inherently bad.

>Fuck your generic shit.
Nigga this started with the main character getting truck kun'd, come back when you've read a few more storys and tell me theres nothing generic about this one. Its piggy backing on loose FF lore and one of the most common isekai tropes in the current genre. Being OP and a good hearted japanese twat isn't what makes all of isekai, but I assure you the MC is already half of that.

>His skills is his knowledge about FF
This in itself is a trope holy shit user.

Oh and I should probably mention FFT advance did the premise of this story first, not to mention its a canon game in the ivalice series

Those tits are fucking humongous. She easily beats Tifa

Don't forget the asshole Crystal. Still, all his descendants got screwed, especially Noctis, so he did plenty of wrong anyway.
>tfw you get born into the most dysfunctional family in the series

You literally skipped half my post? What? Too afraid to tell me your favourite isekai? Too much of a bitch. So what if it's a mess in the games? In here it manage to make sense of the world. Or maybe you didn't read it past the first chapter. Of course being a good hearted japanese isn't all of isekai. It's being OP piece of shit that manage to get a harem and also be wank jap culture to high heaven. You're the one that need to read more isekai you dumb fuck. So, again. Which one is your favourite. Don't worry, I've read a lot of isekai. Is it the one with the god? The one with the guns? The one you get a dragon and a spider? The one you need to marry? The one you become a bath? You become a sword? A slime? A spider? The one you can write words? The one about the doctor? The one about magicians? The one where you are weak? The one where you kill everyone? The one where you get more OP as you eat? The one where you become the boss? The one about MMO? The one about the delinquent? The one where you farm monsters? The one where people think you are god? The one you transform into the evil guy that's going to die? Or maybe the one for the chinks? For the koreans? Trust me there's more but just tell me which one is your favourite?

>600 million gil
Sasuga JRPG jewery.

>literally mentioned sword tensei(sword dad).
user, I think you need to read. I don't know why you think this is the best story out there other than the fact that MC isnt OP, yet. It has all the core tropes many of the ones you listed literally have, not to mention I never said this one is bad. And if you think sword tensei falls into the OP main character category or harem god bullshit your sorely mistaken. But just like this story it falls in line with alot of tropes like "huur my knowledge from another world".

Oh I though that shit you recommended is not the best one you like. But if it is, oh shit you literally have shittier taste than I thought. I read that. It's shit. Loli got sword that is actually She the best. And people hate her somehow. While also hiding her power. Yeah user. It's just a bit less generic. No proper story or anything. Even have those super MMO shit down to a T. Kill yourself. I thought you were going to give me an actual isekai that would be good. But no just another generic shit. Not just generic but also a poor attempt at trying being unique but still keep the jap wank and being OP. Fuck you.

you don't say

Yeah you piece of shit. You talk like you were reading the epic of a lifetime. The one isekai to beat them all. The isekai that would make people jealous if they heard you read it first. But you lied. You give me one of the shittiest one yet. I thought it would be different this time. But no, you isekaishitters always manage to disappoint me. Just like those LNfags. Fuck you and fuck all of your kind that read isekai just because it's an isekai and it have a loli in it.

You're both laughably retarded. Isekai is a childhood folklore trope, almost every culture has one of some kind. What should define these things should be their story. Both nekosword and FF have plenty of material compared to pure trash that exists out in the wild, no need to bring these decent ones through the gutter, or else youll be left with no standards of the genre.