Dragon Ball Super

Were we supposed to forget about this?

were we supposed to forget humans couldn't sense god ki?
because roshi sensed vegetas ki during his new transformation.

Reminder that perfection exists and is too perfect to be stained by this crappy arc.

Good Bye Jiren. Freeza is gonna kill you soon.

Golden Death Saucer.

Vegeta just channeled more of the blue power

He did it the Chiaotzu way, not with the bomb

And Hit sensed Goku's ki while SSBKK at the Champa arc and Freeza even sensed SSB at RoF when he can't even sense regular ki. Toei is just fucking retarded, as usual

Vegeta did the samething but survived at the cost of needed to catch a quick breath.

The real question is, will Vegeta get UI Blanco like Goku after the ToP (even if he's confirmed to be weaker at the end of the story) or will SSGSS be his last and strongest form?


Reminder Vegeta killed Cooler by spamming.

Spamming does actually work.

Not canon

There was a Metal Cooler spam. Only spam can defeat spam.

So is gt and dragon fist.

You right, that's also non canon crap. Your point?

bitch is non-canon

I want to hug her

Rosh is immortal. That probably has something to do with it.

You're thinking of Kelfa, but that picture of Caulifla isn't canon either because one, it's from the anime, which is not canon, and two she's SS2 in it, which is a form she will never canonically obtain in the manga.

Vegeta's thing is different, even when he did it in the Buu saga his corpse was left intact, it's not literally blowing himself up

Why do Whis and Beerus care so much about Goku and Vegeta?

>he thinks Caulifla will not achieve SS2 by fighting Goku while Kale gets controlled LSS in the manga
>he thinks the girls aren't fulfilling their only purpose (fusing into Kefla to force Goku to go UI) in the manga

I rather marry her.

>"controlled LSS"
>not using the superior "True/Mastered LSS"
fucking plebs

I love how you guys just need to post a picture of them and people will sperg out immediately with a dozen (You)'s

Their only purpose was to lose to make someone else look good. It obviously won't be Goku in the manga since he's way above them and Toyo doesn't nerf Goku or make him hold back, nor is manga Goku a retard that will spar with them instead of knocking them off immediately. I suspect they'll job to someone like the androids or Piccolo in the manga, or to another universe. Besides Kefla accomplished nothing in the anime, so no reason to waste time with her in the manga.

The ratings disagree and popularity polls disagree.
The japanese people love them and western opinions are completely irrelevant to them

Why is 17's VA so good?

Now that you mentioned it, he did some more foreign.

>Toyotaro knows it's really hard to tell apart SS Trunks/Vegeta from SS2 Trunks/Vegeta
>so he occasionality draws them a huge vein on forehead to show how they are using a more forced form than SS
Will manga-Cabba get veins too after going SS2?

Japs hate them. Kefla got like a 0.1% and Kale like a 0.4% in the popularity poll. I expect them to be out the chapter after the next one.

Bigger question: why the fuck would Goku give a shit about someone who's only as strong as Kid Buu after all the shit he's been through in Super? Goku right now could vaporize Kid Buu instantly.


Because they're their friends? At first they were just a way to entertain Beerus, but they've become kinda like family.

Stop posting this misleading shit from that old ass screenshot. That's when Kefla just showed up before she even fought him. Go there again now and you'll see that they've beat many characters from the main cast and have gotten into top 20 (in a series of hundreds of characters)
Hate them all you want. The japanese like them and they WILL be in the manga and they WILL fight Goku again.

SSG and SSB power is basically measured by being stronger than the original Vegetto. Manga Caulifla and Kale's base forms are obviously stronger than Goku and Vegeta's at Boo arc and controlled LSS seems to be stronger than SS2, so base Kefla being stronger than base Vegetto (Boo arc) and controlled LSS2 being stronger than SS3 isn't surprising, it makes sense that LSS2 Kefla reachs Goku's god forms.
Only base Kefla surpassing SSG makes no sense and considering Toei did the same with Vegetto at Z, it's probably filler to make the fusion look better

Is Broly the biggest jobber in db verse? yes

Now that's settled let's have the jobber power rankings

1. Broly
2. Vegeta
3. Vegito
4. Frieza
5. Yamcha
6. Gohan
7. Krillin

I teach in Japan and the shit you hear from the students would quickly make your headcanon crumble. They're popular. Especially among the girls.

Seriously? Didn't know that

>gotten into top 20
Nice headcanon. Also beating characters like Android 16 or Janemba in popularity isn't impressive, since they haven't done shit in decades

Sure thing David-kun

>Freeza goes from being weaker than the weakest SS ever seen to stronger than SSGSS at RoF, only losing due to his inexperience with his newest form
>in only 4 months
>without a master
>the guy isn't even into martial arts
Imagine how strong will this prodigy be after years of training with one of the most skilled and strongest martial artist of the entire existence considering Boo was just SS3 tier

Hoping Vegeta does well next episode. Really wanted him to be able to keep his promise to Cabba but guess that ain't happening.

>Nice headcanon
Then go there yourself and check where Caulifla is at you biased retard.
I bet you don't even know where the poll is from you sexist little shit.

Reminder that Buu is a literal fighting genius in every single form he's ever had, Uub included

Manga leaks will be here either today, tomorrow, or Saturday. You anons ready?

Didn't he said in Namek that he used to train with his father or I'm wrong?

Caulifla doesn't count because she was memed up there by people that rigged the poll.

At least his memory is not a waste.

How long you think 17 will survive in the manga? you think Krillin will be the first eliminated in U7? you think U9 will be the first universe eliminated?

How many universes will be deleted in Toyo's first 45 pages of the ToP?


If you want to further embarass yourself, you can do so in solitude. I'm not wasting any more of my time on you.
You'll be proven wrong soon enough and the day your drivel disappears from these threads shall be sweet.

He said the only person to ever kick dust on him was his Dad. He explicitly says he never trained in res F.

"Genius" by DB standards isn't much considering fights in DB have zero strategy other than ATATATATATATA and shooting big lasers

Maybe, just maybe if you're lucky someone will use something mildly tactical like solar flare

I guess. Just thought it'd be nice to see him and Goku win the ToP and Goku let Vegeta make the wish since it meant so much to him.

right, that whole "deviate a plan to absorb Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan within seconds of him powering up" deal was just blind luck


What's he saying in that last panel? It's not in the scans I read.

Pretty sure U9 was scripted to being erased at the start of the ToP to show it's real shit. I think next chapter will be interaction between participants/gods with other universes and the other half will be start of the tournament. Next chapter will probably erase U9 already

Every one except U6 and U11

Nothing in this series makes any sense. Its an inconsistent, self-contradicting self-repeating series with nothing new to offer.

It should tell you something that a parody series (Abridged) does a better job for both production quality aswell as story telling than the original.


It's part of the extended ending that Toriyama did for the Ultimate Edition ("Kanzenban") of the manga. He basically added Oob inheriting Kinto'un, Vegeta saying he will surpass his rival someday and changed "everything will be fine thanks to the DBs!" for "everything will be fine because Goku and his friends will be there forever to protect Earth". Also as you see, Vegeta's line comes after that message so he has the very last line of DB, not Toriyama/the narrator himself

So I guess the elimination order in manga will be...


He owns the immortal Phoenix and he eats that special grass

Why is the manga monthly?

>tfw you get to see Caulifa erased all over again


>tfw you get to see Caulifla revived all over again


thats retarded

Remember Caulifriends, it is your civic duty to dump all of your lewds

Yea well I didn't write this shit

I love Cell.

Not for the number of pages, that for sure (Toyo already does enough pages for a weekly manga).
Toriyama probably needs time to check every chapter, he can't be with him all time and check everything fast.
I wonder what will happen when Toriyama quits/dies

He said that his father was the only person to draw blood. It seemed more like whooping his ass when he got disrespectful as a youth

Neat, thanks. I always thought the end was pretty sad, with Goku just kinda finally giving up on the idea of Vegeta as a rival and running off with Uub.

He's not. Before Mafuba he knocks out Tien in DB and tells him it was all a lie. He will die, there is no phoenix, he just has a very long lifespan.

The absolute STATE of saiyan thot fags.

He says nothing about a Phoenix here, did they change it in one of the localizations?

I thought Roshi had immortality in the sense that he wouldn't age anymore, not that he was invincible.

>Roshi just carries knockout gas around

W-what would he need that for...?

I had no idea Vegeta was an Android.

I guess he survived the second time because the bomb was already used up.


Does this mean Roshi has a higher power level than Tien in this arc?

Probably not, Roshi admitted Goku was stronger than him and Tien and Goku went head to head at the second tournament

But he beat him.

user you replied too confuse two scenes. Phoenix is mentioned the first time Roshi arrives when he wants to grant Goku immortality out of gratitude for saving his turtle. Then he's informed he died due to the food poisoning.

It's paralysis gas, dumb dumb

>*user you replied to confused two scenes.

wait, would immortality grant the ability to breathe in space?

Go back to hispachan Pablo


I'm on break

Roshi was probably betting on the Mafuba buying the years for Tien to get stronk.

Gohan a cute.

But Roshi beat Tien in a fight using his knockout gas technique...his power level must be higher...

what if he just went around the arena raping everyone in the ass

Considering how perverted roshi is, he probably carries it around in case he sees a hot girl

There are techniques that circumvent power levels like sleepy boy and gun

No, you're supposed to eat the shit like a good little doggy and bark for more. Thinking is beyond the average DB fan.