Index Manga Chapter 124 dumping

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Also, Uiharu's introduction to Virtual On youtu.be/e6iKH65qwHY






What's the story in the game? Who is the final boss? Will Kuroko team up with Touma just so she can beat Misaki?


Touma is already with Index



Love is fucking stupid





If she really does go Pendex in the game, he'll have to team up with someone to stop her.


Gee, this would've worked if it was a certain other religion that easily gets radicalized.


NPC Othinus live now!

Holy shit her voice is perfect

Dr. Touma, I'm GROUP

>not using a migrant bomb
Roman Catholic Church should learn from the masters.


Long ago in a distant land, I, Aleister, the shape shifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil! But a foolish young boy wielding a magic arm stepped forth to oppose me
Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time, and flung him into the future where my evil is law. Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aleister!

The UN is ineffective as ever I see.


I want to punch Misaki


Tell me about Tsuchimikado, why does he wear the glasses?

Surprisingly fitting.


Goddamn, Kuroko is annoying.

Kamachi's highly accurate when it comes to being snarky about social and political things

>open the stream
>immediately hear Kuroko go apeshit

Don't hate the game hate the player, Kuroko.



Someone needs to take Kuroko out back and put her out of her misery. Literally every character she's come across is repulsed by her.

>Touma calls Misaka
>pisses both Kuroko and Misaki gets cucked
Good times.

Nah. Love is just dumb. Not as dumb as girls with silver hair but still pretty fucking stupid and you have to be an idiot to be obsessed with it.


Can't spell Kuroko without "Kuro"


Lots of loyalty for a hired gun.

Can Kuroko get wet less obnoxiously?


Valentines day is already over my dude


Well, depression doesn't just go away overnight.

>Lessar literally partners with anyone







And that's all. Thanks as always to everyone.
Next month we should get both the jump and maybe wet shirt Itsuwa. Just god might kwn

thanks for dumping
having that chapter come out right after getting the PV would be great

Is Lilina jealous of Misaki?

Every girl is jealous of Misaki.

I like how westerners pronounce her name Ma-sock-e. It’s a fub but it sounds good just like how people say Key-ohh-ko for Kyoko Sakura.

>streamer just has Misaka bodyslam her way into victory

fucking shitty dubs

unga bunga, mikoto smash

Sissy is a way of life user. Stop being a hater.

Othinus when? I didn't stay for Sluten and fake Claire


We already saw her and got a good taste of her voice acting.

>Mikoto bodyslams Acqua

>Kuroko calls Touma an ape
>but she makes the best ape noises when she goes "apeshit"
Really activates those almonds.

Funimation shills please leave.

Is she the final boss?

Also you can’t be complaining about the Misaki dub when she has like the best voice in the entire show.


Her voice fits perfectly.

she's opposing the final boss

Who is the final boss then?


He probably won't play as Acqua tonight right? I'm getting sleepy

This music is fucking nice

Go back to watching Steven Universe and shitty dubbed anime, MP.

Oh hey, it's Jobberzaki!

blue stalker's theme is the best

can mechsaka beat saints?

Get out of your comfort zone and try it sometime. I think you’d find it’s not as bad as you think.

Oh here come the memes

1v2ing like it's nothing.

saten is dead

Misaka True Number 1 confirmed.

>those retarded facial expressions Accel makes

What are you going to do to make it right? Are you going to take responsibility?

cuckine BTFO

That fucking accel face


Clearly Acqua doesn't stand a chance.

Does this game have friendly fire? It seemed like Uiharu did damage to both of them there.


Do you think if you sent Porter Robinson fan mail he’d tell you about how old Kamachi is and how he looks?

>we'll probably never know what exactly they're talking about in the game