Which version of Dragon Ball Z should I watch?

I know I could read the manga because is the original and is faster, but Z anime seems to be more...magical? Like I could enjoy the colours and voices and anime Z seems to be more famous. There is also the Kai, what about that?

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Do you like filler and infinite 5 minutes?

Just read the mango.

Kai preferably with the Yammamoto score. Some of the filler content in Z is genuinely enjoyable, but most of it isn't. The amount of padding the series has is absurd, and really isn't entertaining or endearing unless you have some nostalgia toward it.

This, but also watch db first.

Read the manga.

None of them, just watch Hokuto No Ken instead. It's Dragonball but a thousand times better.

Prime Toriyama at his best. No dumb dialogue, just pure action.

I think the filler in the Saiyan saga actually enhances the show, especially if you're a first time viewer. It helps you get to know all the side characters, which is helpful for idiots who skip Dragon Ball and go straight to Z. If you start with Kai, you barely see Tenshinhan and Yamcha before the Saiyan fight, so it's like "why should I care that they died? I don't even know these guys." It helps flesh out Gohan too. Filler doesn't really become a problem until all that fake planet Namek shit.

Just read the manga, the original anime is not worth it. Alternatively watch the Abridged version, the definitive version with all the shit cut out. All memeing aside it really is the better version.

Saiyan saga, watch Ocean,funi, sub
Ginyu, watch ocean funi sub

watch funi and sub for the rest

falconer with funi of course

don't bother with manga

To be clear; Abridged IS a parody, however their production quality and consistency, self-awareness and timing is better than the original (especially after the first few episodes) and it keeps the story intact.

>. The amount of padding the series has is absurd
This. Ignore the filler, you can skip episodes easily. But just going from Dragonball the pacing of episodes is awful. Minor fights take up multiple entire episodes, tons of scenes that dragon on with little to no animation, etc.

>unironically suggesting to skip the manga and miss out on literally the most well-choreographed and paneled action manga ever produced
Get out

>db is all adventures
>3 - 16 doesnt exist
please explain, this image is too high iq

I'm in a similar position to OP.
I tried watching the original DB anime but I couldnt stand the awful pacing. Just finished the manga (well up to volume 16)
Should I try the DBZ anime? Kai? Or just keep reading?

what the fuck is this post

If you don't want filler then watch Kai. Subbed or dubbed to your preference, just watch an episode of each to see which voice for the main character.
Also, would you like a recommendation on which of the movies to watch as well?

It depicts how Amerifats view the manga

180p ocean dub with portuguese subtitles

Yeah, I still have to finish DB original but im thinking to read the manga for that to go faster
If you don't mind, appreciated!

World Strongest
Tree of Might
Cooler's Revenge
Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan
Bojack Unbound
Broly Second Coming
Wrath of the Dragon
Battle of The Gods
Resurection of F

Dragon Ball Z if you're going to watch it. Filler is great.

>Dead Zone
>The World's Strongest
>Tree of Godly Might
>Lord Slug
>Cooler's Revenge
>The Return of Cooler
>Super Android 13
>Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan
>Bojack Unbound
>Broly - The Second Coming
>Broly - Bio-Broly
>Fusion Reborn
>Wrath of the Dragon

Man the quality of these are shit, where are the good ones?

Watching Dragonball and Dragonball Z as a kid back then was one of the most magical moments in my life. I'll never be able to feel the same feels again...

Is DB anime also good? Or better read the manga?

Dragon Ball manga is always the best way to enjoy the series.

Check out Dragon Ball Recut if you want to watch the TV series without filler.

watch the whole show dont bother with the manga, it doesnt have music wich is half the enjoyment

Awoid Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon ball S
both are the shittiest series ever made

watch DB first then the normal DBZ

The original Japanese version of the anime.

Don't watch Super. Please, don't waste your time with it and don't let it's evil put a sour and irreparable den't on what would otherwise be a memorable inter-generation venture of fantasy and an epic story about self improvement and dream chasing. Please, don't watch Super.

DB Kai is Censored Bullshit

same for DB S(hit)

only that they made the characters more pathetic......

japanese are truly autists, what the fuck can you make that way of reading and think is ok

>what the fuck can you make that way of reading and think is ok

this, fuck kai, taking out the fiiller doesn't compensate for taking out the original japanese ost and the blood

dont watch GT either
opposed to Super's powercreep and manga nerfing, GT nerfs everyone to its worse.
SS4 struggling to buildings and Kid Goku saving the day after Baby
and if youre an animationfag, Goku vs Ledgic and Baby vs SS4 Goku is on youtube in HD.

>Missing out on the full show experience
imagine that.

>filler fight between two literally whos is better than every fight in DBS
jesus fucking christ

>literally who

>implying cyborg tao isn't the most irrelevant DB character
Even Giran and Ranfan have a fanbase.

that dude was too powerful
tao pai pai was the best student of tsuru and killed blue with ease

toriyama already jumped the shark when he made tien defeat him like nothing on the tournament though
that started the awful tred of ridiculing the last villain to show power progression, like trunks vs mechafrieza wich was shite and then pikkon vs cell, filler I know but it's the same trend

That isn't Baki

dubtrashers need to be cleansed from this board

It's not. Read the fucking manga. The artist is good.

>Yeah, I still have to finish DB original but im thinking to read the manga for that to go faster
just read the whole manga then.

Watch Kai unless you have lot of time to burn.
All fillers in DBZ are shit anyway except that one episode when Goku and Piccolo learn to drive.

There's a color version of the manga, though

Anyways, kai fixes the Z anime's awful pacing, but not it's often pretty bad art and animation quality. manga has consistently good art and good pacing.

manga a best

A lot of the jokes from DBZ abridged will go over somebodies head if they don't into DB a lot already. It'll still be enjoyable, but you get much more out of it if you are already a fan oof the series

Isn't only the broadcast version of kai censored?

I would argue Lunch since even Toriyama forgot she existed.

You need to be cleansed off this board