Darling in the Franxx

I am sensing drama in the coming episodes but I really want see more lovey-devey scenes between them. My cynical heart can't enjoy drama anymore.

The last episode was pure drama and yet it featured the lovey doveyiest scenes yet. Have faith in bird user

Knowing Japanese there will be a lot of suffering moments. I don't like that too

Argentea is the cutest!
The designs looked stupid in the PVs but really grew on me past episodes.

I'm looking for more love too

>bird user
You mean floweranon? Am I missing something.

If everyone but 02 and Hiro dies, then there can't be any more drama.

Fund it.

Pretty confident its going to end on a high note. If the rumors are true about episode 7 focusing on zorome and miku then the episode containing the 3rd ride is going to be a relief for a lot of character as well as confirming that Darling is truly her darling.

>tfw no Honey for me
Enough is enough. I am going to make a tulpa.

Episode 1?

> Sup Forums having the capacity to remember anything happening more than a week ago.

The bird imagery is also in the ED.

No idea what this series is about, but for some reason pixiv is exploding with great fanart that makes me go HHNNGGHH.

Just watch it nigga. The threads are fun.

I can't remember what happened yesterday

>He missed out on bird posting
>Flower posting
>Peg posting
>Cuck posting
>Peg/Cuck BTFO
>Strawberry bullying
>Spider user
>/his/ user

Just watch it nigga.

not to mention greentext user

>what this series is about

>more lovey-devey scenes between them

Let him IchiGO

Ichigo deserves nothing

>She hates it

Heres the thing, I like Ichigo's looks more than 02's, but 02's personality completely blows her out of the park because she's like a mix between yandere and tomboy, who is also possessive about you.


Where's the fun of SLP, KLK, LWA, or NS? This isn't the trigger I remember.

Stop bullying Ichigo

Stop posting your Facebook meme.

Trigger only does the animation for Fight scenes and some episodes
while the rest is by A-1

Let it go user, she was never in the race.
Watch it. Either it will be a masterpiece or a trainwreck.

It's not mine. Also, suck my balls.

Wrong there buddy. A-1 also handles the action scenes in the episodes it manages.

All the fight scenes are done by trigger, meaning theres a very real discrepancy between the emotional/tension builder moments like ep5 and the fun fight scenes like ep 4 where 02 takes the opportunity to be smug to Ichigo during the battle.

my bad I thought trigger handled all the fight scenes

ooooh baby, just look at her. sexy af

Ichigo has the best personality. She isn't an assertive person yet she still finds the courage to confront 02 because she's worried about Hiro. She's a good girl and truly cares about him. She deserves him more than 02.

>All the fight scenes are done by trigger
Stop spreading this fake info for fuck's sake. They aren't. Each studio animates everything in the respective episodes they handle. Imaishi is supervising all action scenes though. That's all.

Why do fan artists keep drawing Hiro as beta? He's alpha as fuck. 002 might make him uncomfortable but he is by no means a beta.

What a load of horse shit. Ichigo confronts 002 because she's jealous of her. Everyone else but Goro (who knows about Hiro's tumour and misunderstands what it's actually like) is beginning to open up to 002, but Ichigo has sand stuck up her vagina over it.

002 was always open to getting along with Ichigo, but Ichigo has always been hostile to her. The first thing she does when they meet in person is to tell her to stay away from Hiro in the rudest manner. Yet 002 never replies in kind to her provocations (she calls her sweet in episode 2, and she doesn't slap her back in episode 5).

Ichigo a shit.

this, he had the balls to profess his snuff fetish to 002
he is a chad

As alpha as he is, he's not enough to command 02 yet. He may stand up to others, but he can't stand up to her.

What was birdposting about?

that's just what I heard man.

Nah dude, You never want an emotionally unstable push over as a leader in this kind of situation. Plus I get bored by submissive women, so that's just taste. Don't get me wrong though, she is clearly best friend material, But 02's personality is more of what I'd want from a lover's perspective, that's all. Ichigo is fun to tease tho, she's like that one girl at school who tried to be in with the cool crowd, but then got bullied loads because of it.

I've been here for 11 years. Fuck off you stupid tryhard.

No. Ikuno and Goro deserve better.

The hell is wrong with people here? Jealous or not Ichigo wasn't wrong in that scene in episode 5.

This so much. Mitsuru and Ichigo don't deserve their partners. Mitsuru's only luck is that Futoshi exists and all he's done so far is eat, otherwise he'd be the worst character.

So I started watching this and I've been thinking
I know 002 is cute and all, but why is everyone okay with the fact that she's probably responsible for the deaths of dozens of people and doesn't give a shit about it?
I mean she has the "weak shall die" mentality that's usually an antagonist thing

well Hiro is a cuck for sure

>Ichigo wasn't wrong in that scene in episode 5.
Get a load of this brainlet. Please drop the anime user. As unlikely as that is, it somehow seems to be going over your head.

>why is everyone okay with the fact that s
Gee, I don't know, maybe because they're under constant threats from extremely dangerous creatures which 002 is really good at killing?

They did what they had to do. APE says that there are many stamen lined up to pilot with her, even knowing the danger.

Remember, there's probably a lot more people like Hiro who want to do their duty to Papa, even if it means riding 3 times to death.

02 has emotionally distanced herself because she's (possibly) never had a real darling before who could stay with her.

>the "weak shall die"
That's just a fact. It's like gravity. The weak die, and the strong survive. It's only peddled as a villain trait in leftist propaganda.

her copilots either choose or were forced by higherups to pilot with her, the responsibility lies on themselves or the higherups

She literally can't help it. She is a bit of a cunt about it but she probably cares more than she lets on.

In a world where the children around you are given numbers to likely die off and be replaced with a fresh batch over and over while you kill who knows how many partners after three rides. At some point, would you still give a shit?

It's not the fact that she's killed them, it's that she clearly doesn't give a shit and would rather not be saving people at all
Actually it kind of seems like she enjoys killing people, considering what we hear from Mitsuru

t. 002

She cant help it also they live in a apolitical world
so you cant really blame the organization trying to keep humanity alive


>t. idiot
She is desensitised to it.

Obliviously at first she must have hated it but after doing this shit for so long she got used to it

The designs never looked stupid though. You just have no agency and parrot whatever the group around you says.

I think she was putting Mitsuru in his place. Don't think she liked the way he was talking. Darling is her darling, no one else.

That guy will never understand user.

Sure but with episode 5 we now know she's gotten people killed who weren't even copiloting with her

1 hour left.

The Jian, user. It's the reason why the concept art appears to give Strelitzia one "wing" in the future.

02 and Hiro's spirit animal is the mythological chinese bird that is entirely crippled on its own, with only one eye and one wing. It has to find a mate to be complete, otherwise all that it faces is a slow agonizing death alone.

Well so far, we don't know enough about her to really do much but speculate, because on the one hand, you could say that
>She didn't have a choice, and she has had to distance herself from all her previous pilots, as much as she would have liked to be on good terms with them
but we don't know what the reason is for the deadly 3rd ride, so we can't really put method to her madness.

Google "collateral damage", dipshit.

Definitely didn't sound like it was unavoidable

it's war user, you can read real accounts of officers not caring about having to send troops under their command to their deaths because they thought it's what was absolutely necessary

I missed the bird, flower, and peg posting personally.

Caught up to the series a couple of days before the 4th episode, so at least I was spared the worst of the cuck posting.

She makes my dick and heart feel funny.

Didn't sound like that to me at all. You're taking what that little bitch boy is saying at face value. His partner died in that battle, so he's bound to be biased.

I'm under the assumption that these people die all the time, so there would have to be a specifically good reason he'd be that against 002 piloting with them

>Get a load of this brainlet. Please drop the anime user. As unlikely as that is, it somehow seems to be going over your head.
And what is it that I don't get user? That Zero Two has been lonely all her life, feared and hated, and doesn't actually mean Hiro harm? Or that Hiro wants to do this and is happier with Zero Two despite possible looming death? Or that Ichigo was bitchy from the start because she was jealous?

None of that changes what happens in that scene. Ichigo expressed her worry for Hiro and Zero Two made it seem like she doesn't care if he dies. The former got justifiably angry.

>she a gud gurl she dindu nuffin

>I'm under the assumption that these people die all the time
The planation 26 team was alive 2 years ago, and is still alive today.
I don't think they die that often.
0ni was probably just involved in an especially hard misson.

spoiler: hiro dies. zero two never needed a partner to begin with. what she does need is the blue stuff thats growing on hiro's chest (its the same thing that mutated the animals that became klaxosaurs) to keep her body stable. she kisses every pilot to infect them and from there simply being close to 02 accelerates the growth. when it reaches maturation the host dies and she eats their heart

When is the PV again? An hour?

Maybe, hard to argue from here if we don't know exactly what happened
I'm sure there will be some "dick the evil out of 002" shit going on anyway so not like it matters

Less than even.

>rest of the anime is ichigo hunting down 002 for killing dahling

>All that symbolism about love, faithfulness, joy, companionship, triumph over adversity
>lol no she jus 8 her stamans

That kid has only been in service for 2 years and that was among his first battles (if not the first) so the death of his partner that early was bound to have coloured his perception of 002 from that point forward. Had it happened when he had more battle experience and witnessed more deaths, he might have thought differently. You're still taking his biased opinion as fact.

He said something about her fighting recklessly which lead to his group being cut out and she replied that she doesn't remember that. It's a forced drama misunderstanding if I have ever seen one in anime.

a soldier getting angry because half his platoon died while taking a hill, while another platoon survived and was the one that actually accomplished the mission. he's mad he was cannon fodder

i'm not gonna make it brehs

>I know 002 is cute and all, but why is everyone okay with the fact that she's probably responsible for the deaths of dozens of people and doesn't give a shit about it?
I don't think we really know how she feels about it? But these guys have chosen to do it knowing the danger. Zero Two has been through it so many times that probably she has grown numb or learned to keep it inside.

> Ichigo expressed her worry for Hiro
Not true at all. All she wanted in that scene was to influence 002 and get her to drop Hiro as a pilot. When that backfires (002 reads her like an open book and asks her if she wants Hiro for herself, even though she already failed in the test in episode 2, which Ichigo does want, as she later implicitly admits to Goro) she changes her argument and uses Hiro's well-being as a shield against criticism.

haha thats actually the end of the first cour


When they analyzed Hiro's blood, Hachi mentioned that Hiro's case is "a polar opposite reaction to the other parasites that rode with Zero Two"
If she fed off the blue stuff then all other parasites would have similar blood test results including Mitsuru, but they didn't.

Ichigo was trying to drive a wedge between 0ni and Hiro. She wanted Zero Two to betray Hiro.
Ichigo's squad would have been eliminated twice without Strelizia's help and all she does is worrying about Hiro.
Her selfishness risks the lifes of her entire squad.

Prediction for next episode: Hiro and 002/Strelizia is going to save that bitch boy that complained about her in episode 5, and he'll eat his words.

Would people really do that? Go on the Internet and tell lies?

+ Hiro fucking dies (but he doesn't)

>PV comes out
>small details from the episode are blown out of proportion in the pv
>all of Sup Forums expects one thing
>episode has a completely different main subject

Everyone dies except Hiro