What's stronger? Super Saiyan Blue-Red or Super Saiyan Blue 2

What's stronger? Super Saiyan Blue-Red or Super Saiyan Blue 2

It's super saiyan blood and super saiyan sparkle

These recolors are the laziest things.

How strong is Super Saiyan Bluer KKx20 w/ UI (attack ver.)?

UI doesnt make you stronger. It only lets you dodge better

Super Saiyan Blanco.

Vagina's blue sparkle is equivalent to globules ultra instinct. Which is stronger than kaio ken super saiyan.

Blanco isn't an SS state you mong. It's its own form entirely

KK is stronger stupid idiots

>Super Saiyan Blue 2

Wouldn't it be Super Vegeta Blue?

He buffs up like ascended saiyan and everything.

>Super Saiyan God Super Saiyian Super Vegeta

It has no official name yet.
We have to wait until they release a figurine or the character gets included in a Dragon Ball game before we know exactly what it's called.

>Super Saiyan Blue-Red
>Super Saiyan Blue 2

>Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Blue-Red Kaio-ken x20 Mastered Ultra Instinct
And he'll get a new form in the next arc too

welcome to the abomination that is dragon ball super

what was the name of this form again?

super asspull blue

why was it so useless?
Black kicked his ass on the first encounter, he didn't even manage to get in some decent punches.

Super Saiyan Rage. It's SS2 equivalent of Ascended Sayain.

Why should transformation always be effective?

What are you talking about? He knocked Black's ass out it's only cause his green fuckboi came to the rescue.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Blue Beyond Blue Kaio-ken x20 Great Ape Ultra Instinct (Perfect) Rage.

It's fucking coming.

& knuckles

Goku SSJ2 kicked Jiren straight in the neck, moving his head only a little and as SSJG his punches were blocked with 1 finger. As UI in normal mode he was able to scrach his face at beginning and forced Jiren to enter ''red aura'' mode to block his ''screaming oozaru'' attack.

Seems like UI powers up sayians as well. Or it is just bad writing.

In this case it's an asspull power up, it should have at least done something

broly mode

You mean SS Green?

Who cares? Dragon ball was supposed to end with the Freiza saga but Toriyama got his arm twisted and was forced to crap out more. Anything after is basically non-canon at this point.

KK x20 was on par with base Toppo

Blue 2 beat GOD Toppo

Boy these are the laziest and most unnecesary transformations ever
Was ot that dificult to make a perfect ssj3?

strike better as well