ITT: shows that were forgotten even while they were airing

We also discuss why people didn't talk about it when it was airing, and what could have been done for the show to be more popular.

Starting with last season's prime example.

Violet Evergarden. The threads are pretty much dead at this point now that shitposters got tired of shitposting.

It still gets regular threads, and it's still discussed actively on the net. That's anything but forgotten.

If anything, it's probably a show like Anime Caravan that's forgotten.

>two threads up right now
>one with 300+ replies
You don't know what a dead show looks like.

>Airing day with subs having been released a few hours ago.

It's dead jimmy

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Otome game adaptions shouldn't count. They're DOA like water is wet.

I'm pretty sure if the show wasn't by KyoAni you wouldn't say that. Like for example we don't tend to have Slow Start or Grancrest threads outside of airing days, but no one ever says they're forgotten.

Pretty sure OP said forgotten while they were airing, not forgotten after. Pretty sure KKN was popular when it was airing.

Again, you don't know what a dead show looks like.

Diabolik Wifebeaters got some attention for being hilarious.

Ooooh... this is a tough one, because when something is TOO bad, people like to shit all over it. (pic related)

Only things that are the pinnacle of mediocre/unoriginal... I really got nothing.

>Pretty sure KKN was popular when it was airing.
It was not, I assure you. But there was a thread here and there I guess so i suppose thatmeans it doesn't count.

Every season's fujoshit male idol shows are forgotten before they're even remembered.

Man that artstyle is ugly. No wonder it flopped hard.

I read it but I was saying from the announcement there wasn't enough to it to be anything more than a discount syd. there was no saving it

>It was not, I assure you.
Anonymous, you will never be an oldfag.
It was literally one of the most popular shows on Sup Forums. I always marveled at how much attention it got for such a meh show.

But then again, I never really watched it, so maybe I shouldn't speak of its quality.

I remember that the sad thing about the anime is that in the last episode, there was a message begging viewers to buy the BDs. It's like they knew it would sell poorly.

For this season, it seems like Marchen Madchen is mostly forgotten already, even in Japan. I don't think it's even trended even once, or if it did, not for very long.

All I remember about this show is that the OP was absolutely awful. And I'm saying this as a fan of Y.Aoi.

m8 i remember there being more Slayers Revolution threads than KKN threads. Also i made these pics when they aired. And amusingly both of these eps aired the same week unless my memory is failing me, so suck my dick faggot

had to dig into my fucking photobucket account to yank these out. As for the quality, KKN was fucking great

Wasn't Ousama Game forgotten even while it was airing?

Ousama Game was a shitpost fiesta, wasn't it? I didn't watch it myself, but that's the impression I got from people talking about it in other threads.

Seems like Chaos;Child was forgotten while it was airing too, which was weird considering the VN was mildly popular.

I know one, but I forgot.

Then you and I just remember 2008 differently. I watched Slayers R and hardly remember many threads about it. While Kyouran was a pretty big meme fest, coining terms like kamidere and all. And that character voiced by KanaHana that you posted getting a good amount of attention.

We'll have to agree to disagree.
And of course, my previous post was saved during that time, as well. Feel free to epoch the unix code.

I mean I don't care all that much and I will be the first to admit I have a shit memory, so you very well could be right man. What I do remember was that Penguine Musume threads were fuckin great

Umaru season 2

"forgotten" and "unable to be discussed because of medically-diagnosable autists posting gore and shit for hours" are different things

RIP Onihei
Your threads were comfy and only populated by 12 people.

Dynamic Chord will live in QUALITY heaven forever.

The thing is that people were actually trying to discuss the series in the Umaru abuse threads, but these requests for legitimate discussion fell on deaf ears. Seems like the banterfags don't actually care much about the series or characters.


But it has GARNiDELiA and ClariS music. Why isn't it popular?

I wonder.


You could not be more wrong.

>24/7 Stalker shitposting about it vs. Hibike

by retail purchasers in this case.

Every thread.

Classicaloids S2

Tbh I think it's because the plot wasn't really suited to being an anime. Didn't take advantage of the medium at all. The entire thing could have been done live action, with minimal difference.

This show was really fun and cute. Why didn't Sup Forums like it?

It was boring and not really funny.

For me it had terrible pacing and just seemed poorly written at times. It did a bad job with giving the viewer a reason to watch next week's episode.

if I was in the mood for syd I would rewatch syd and not knockoff syd

Denpa Kyoushi
UQ Holder

didn't even bother to check this out because of worst title ever

Does Dagashi Kashi 2 count?

>UQ Holder
I actually forgot this was airing

Even Japan forgot

kumeta didn't forget. kumeta never forgets.

If I wanted to watch a series about sex jokes and sexual innuendos, I'd just watch Seitokai Yakuindomo.
This series doesn't do anything better outside of the fact that there is a romance between main characters.
Even Shimoneta is a better series than this and they repeat a lot of jokes.

This had like 3 threads in the entire season it aired.

Good, harem/ecchishit needs to die already.

Isn't it a short?

No, that was a 24 min shoujo.

Now there's your problem

I finished it and I barely remember it.

i forgot to watch the last 6 episodes

Holy shit, I remember this being announced a while back. You mean this wasn't for this season? You mean it already finish airing? I've never seen it talked about ever. How many seasons ago did it air? What is even happening?

I remember that glasses girl had two toilet scenes in the same episode, and that the show had ugly fonts and an ugly artstyle. For an ecchi it was not fappable at all.

The power rangers scene was great.


Maybe it will get a thread once it gets uncensored. There was no censure on anything as far as I remember though.

do you feel sorry for failed/flopped shows? people worked on them too

This right here. I know there are some Rurumufags out there, and I find that admirable

I certainly forgot about this one.

because it's good

anime fans hate good anime

a show about literally nothing

of course nobody is watching

shit was bland

I watched the whole thing because of my love for yowapeda

>literally weeks that people even forgot to make a thread
>threads couldn't even get to bump limit
>no presence whatsoever on stalker
Second season of course.

Cheer Fruits was forgotten after episode 1

Why did Cheer Fruits flop?

Cheer fruits always had threads, sometimes even 2 threads a week!

This piece of shit show shouldn't have been conceived in the first place.

And they were all dead. I know: I was in some of them.

What was forgotten last season?

This season,Kokkoku

I watched it.

Really, aside from seeing MCs getting together from the start and their cute antics, I almost forgot to finish it. I think even the website I was using to watch the episodes forgot to upload the rest after episode 8.

Aokana, people only taked about it during airing days.


It didn't help it was god awful. The main girl was ugly as sin, and I like short haired girls. There's just something very off with her face and being kuudere seals the deal as the worst girl, even without considering the whole sexual innuendo gimmick.

The whole comedy revolving around sexual jokes is tiring and it's like they never watched Seitokai Yakuindomo because if they had, they would've known shit doesn't work. I didn't think it was possible to make something worse than SYD but they sure did.

end game right here bros.

I still want the VN translated.

I did like it, but now Sup Forums population is full of MAL users that enjoy some DEEP story on their chinese cartoons.



What was that show from a few seasons ago with the redheaded perverted teacher that for some inexplicable reason went on for 24 episodes?

The manga is pretty fun, they really fucked up the adaptation.

Someone translate the fucking manga already.

>dude sex lmao
This was literally Shimoneta except way less obnoxious and cringy about it. Might be the reason why it was ignored.

I wonder if anyone remembers

Brothers Conflict, Amnesia, Dance with Devils, Kamigami no Asobi, and Diabolik Lovers all had somewhat alive threads though. Norn9 and Code:Realize were just too boring to shitpost about.


Ironically, SYD is one the least unfunny SYD type shows.

Was cool and seemed to be going somewhere interesting until time travel happened.

There were some big threads but it depended on whether or not the episode was decent or not.

Pic related being posted and the cat episode were fun.

Can you even forget about something that no one had in mind in the first place?
Great show though.

How unintelligent must you be to manage to miss the entire censorship plot? Using the word cringy too, you're definitely a total brainlet.


That series was great. I even saved it.