User and His Waifu: V/a/lentine's Day

Alright then, I think this is up to date now. Some pretty pretty pictures, if I say so myself.

A few guidelines:
-Have your submission be 4:3 ratio
-Your submission should be about your waifu and nothing else.
-Put some good effort into your submission please. Your waifu wants to be presentable, you know?
-Have fun!

For now, let's say that the deadline is February 15th 7 PM PST. So you still got a little more time really. I think that's my last update for today. Good work so far anons!

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Our fourth Valentine's together. I love you, angel.

Part of me wanted to include all her merch, but Valentine's doesn't feel quite right for that.

Happy Valentine's Day to my Darling Kuroneko!


Happy Valentine's day to Tamaki, the love of my life for nearly 5 years soon!

I love you more than ever before, my sweetheart: here's to another year full of fun and lovey-dovey times until next year~

There is a black spot right in the middle.

>tfw when i will never be on this level


We actually did pancakes for breakfast this year, I just waited until the day was over to post.

>tumblr filename
user what are you doing.

Happy V/a/lentines!

I've loved Saya for many years, but this is the first time I took the time to do something like this. I must say, it's a really wonderful feeling.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentine's Day with their waifu!

i couldn't find any green candles

Yea, I know. It'll be filled in later on.

Happy Valentine's, everyone! Hope you all had a great day this year.

Thanks a ton for doing this again. It's always greatly appreciated.

It was fun to be with Natsumoe the whole evening. I planned an earlier picture at dawn with less people but I woke up and had to go at dusk and had to move around and wait for the opportune moment. The ocean is pretty warm this year. I'll always cherish and love her.

Still alive, user!

Very cute, congrats on joining the fun user.

Looking really nice, collagefag. Now I feel a little bad leaving mine out.

Wow, great job Natsumoeanon
a cute

Happy Valentine's Day Sup Forums


Sorry I missed your post, user. I was at work. I've been collecting Lum merch for about 4 years now. I find stuff from all over the place. Most of it has probably come from YAJ and Mandarake, but I've found some good stuff at cons and ebay. Theres a one of a kind pendant from etsy and a couple other things that were gifts from /ss/.

Good to see you again Saya-user.

Thank you again, kind user. Hope this day is a glorious one for you as well.

As cute as making an ode to your waifu.
But seriously, that is lovely.

Thank you! I'll be sure to try and keep this up in the years to come.

I'm not the same guy, as I tried to say this is the first time I've posted in these threads. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.


My mistake, excellent setup nonetheless. Top tier waifu.

That's a very generous slice of pie.

If something I bet she loves Pop Rocks, Phos a qt.

Happy Valentine's everyone!

First time in one of these threads. I fell in love with Cecil the moment I saw him and while that love dwindled a little in recent years, no one's ever replaced him, and it's been reinvigorated just in time for today. So here's to another good year.

I got a normal slice but in my tired drunkenness I fucking ate it before taking the pic and didn't want to eat another huge slice

Nice sunset but what anime is she from?

What's in the envelope?

Thank you too
Philadelphia Eagles aka Tokyo Ravens

Really good turnout this year, despite Valentine's being in the middle of the week.

It’s fine; I figured you got them from there. Tasty cake, by the way!

>your pic wasn't good enough for a single (you)
Maybe next year

Mine neither Anonymous. But it's the time you spend with your waifu that really matters.

Plus I've been doing this for 11 years now and I've had some before (not that they all said it obviously), so there's always next year.

>You pic was rejected because somebody doesn't likes you (or I need moe light to take it porperly).

Another Valentines day, another holiday milestone. Even though I'm not quite in top form it of course is great to celebrate. I'm glad I was able to find time to share a very sweet brunch with this very sweet guy, it's the least he deserves.

The cupcakes ended up being among the tastiest things I've ever baked, surprisingly.

Some missing pics (dunno if on purpose or not though)

Those pancakes look good and the flowers are a nice touch.

Thanks, the pancakes turned out well. Though I do probably overplay red velvet for Valentine's Day, at least pancakes made it a little different than cake/cupcakes this year.

I don't think all of those are missing look a bit harder

Last year I promised her rum instead of 3€ vodka. Today, I deliver. Next year, Ill learn to cook so I can make her the feast she deserves.
Horrible presentation on the tempura-rice-omelette dinner but it actually tasted good.

Have a happy valentine's night!

Yes, first is on but I think the rest are missing.

Oops, I forgot about the 4:3 ratio while I was setting up. This is gonna be a bit of a weird crop.
In any case, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! It's such a wonderful feeling to have been with her for many long years now. I'm also really glad that I was able to prepare something myself this time around too. Here's to another year!

Are those rose-shaped pastries? Do you have a recipe? They look great.

Ah yes, they're called apple roses. The recipe I used for them were from here:
Though, I just added a bit of choco and confectioners sugar on top of the finished pastry as well. It's super easy to make and tastes really good too I think.

Nice, I saw "puff pastry" and got a little scared (lots of people use it to sculpt things) but I watched the video and it does look easy. Thanks.

Baking is finally done, and I'm happy with it. I need a bit of a break before I start setting up the display.

I'm holding out hope for other late night/west coast/insomniac anons to deliver some more goodness.

I'd post mine, but I have no good art of her
She's my OC tulpa wife, after all


Acefriend are you around? Do you have a throwaway email or a way to contact you at all? Zorofag here and wanted to get to know you better


Oh well, maybe next year

probably because they're low effort shit

First time doing this, tips to improve for next time would be appreciated.

Happy Valentine's Day Kris! And to you too anons, I hope you enjoyed it!

just posting my one and only waifu amanda sparkle

Kris is a great choice, user. Nice to see a waifu from Pokespe. Honestly, it's the thought that counts at the end of the day so just do what you think will please her the most.

Why haven't you commissioned art her?

Thank you!

Don't be rude, to them, user. I'm sure there are better ways to put it, but that still doesn't mean their love isn't genuine.

Funds and free time were tight this year, next year I'll give her the valentines she deserves

No, it means they are memeing just to get into a meme collage. Its the opposite of true love if you cant be fucked to even do basic shit like say, rotate or make it 4:3 or attempt anything.

Also I wanted to share this with all of y'all, Happy Valentines day Sup Forums

Let's hope this time my picture isn't flipped to the side

Too afraid to do it. I'm not sure if I'd like the end product.
And I really want to draw her myself, even if I can only trace a lookalike.

>this thread

Valentines day is about doing meaningful things for your loved one. Simply pulling up a random image of your self proclaimed "waifu", grabbing a random snack from your pantry, and uploading it to fit in with everyone else is not in any way, shape, or form meaningful. It only serves to attenuate the works of other anons who have gone out of their way to purchase items for their waifu and have painstakingly set up decorations, lighting, etc. for the occasion. Even a mere five minutes of preparing food looks monumentally better than an unopened bowl of instant ramen, a fucking half melted popsicle, and an unopened tub of ice cream. like how long does it take to cook instant ramen? how long does it take to get a bowl and scoop ice cream into it and maybe drizzle a little chocolate sauce on top? there is no excuse for such poignant "valentine displays" if one could even call it that.

Happy Valentine's Day. I really love my my wife a lot.
It's not much, but I actually remembered that it's the 14th this year. I hope it would make her happy.
And hopefully my picture isn't too bad

I redid it, sadly no more food.
This picture was hard to take.
I swear I'll do better next time. I don't have much freedom at the moment.

I just wish some anons put some indication of what day it is today. A rose, red anything, a heart, "I love you", "valentine", etc. If I saw a pic with just a cake in front of it, doesn't seem that special. I eat cake on every holiday occasion. Just feels generic.

Need something that is special to valentine's day.

I’m not disagreeing with you, but I don’t think you understand what “poignant” means. Something that’s poignant is deeply touching and poetically sad. Perhaps you meant “pathetic”?

Not everyone has access to lighting set-ups, high res cameras, and disposable income to buy expensive gifts. Relax.

i think his point was regarding significant lack of effort, rather than production value

I think it's easy to mix the two up.

There's a difference between not having expensive gifts and a half eaten slice of pie

I'm sorry if this isn't fancy enough. I've been so distracted by my classes recently I haven't had time to think about Valentine's Day. Oh well, happy Valentine's day, Yuugi, my love, at least we have each other. Happy Valentine's day, anons, your waifus are all very pretty.

I took over 50 pictures and it took some time to choose.

The chocolate is from a factory sale.
I went there last week and bought tons of chocolate including flavours that aren't on sale yet and maybe won't be on sale ever.

Alternative angle.
I finally got a real camera and don't have to use the camera from the tablet on the picture.

Looks great user. Happy valentines!

Cute anons!

Looks cute user

Anyone else have collages?

I havnt had time to update mine for this year yet. That looks real nice though twinfag.

See this is what sets apart a good valentine display from a poor one
>cute pictures
>neat/ clean desk
>tasty looking food
>good figures
the whole thing looks classy. Good work user!

Thsnks, user.

>not Yozora
Shit taste my dude

I seem to have lost a couple years' pictures, but yes.

Did dinner earlier in the year, wouldn't be able to make it home for Valentine's day. Curry is fun to make, especially for Mika.

>fellow Mika waifuist
hello brother

I like it. it's sometimes hard to make pictures look good in low light, but you did well. nice user

I didn't think I'd ever find another hobo lover out there.

some has to protect our cute hobo

I got you brother

Why are you handing her the bowl? She already has one!

>over a decade

Just proof that I actually made dinner for two.
Thanks, m8.

I hope you can reach them. Maybe this will help.

Happy valentine's day!

One bowl isn't enough for her.