Hero Academia

When are they going to show the aftermath of AfO vs. Nana Shimura?

Fujo posting must be discouraged.

When Heroaca gets an 18+ rating.

What chapter does Snail mutant show up?

Can we keep it to comfyposting for this thread? For as long as possible? Please? I mean today is spoiler day, right, so soon we'll get to substantial shit.


How disappointed would you be to find out she was unscathed and is just retired somewhere, and she's the one who melted his face off?

I think he's anime-only.

To that one user that replied to my blogging thanks. I’m cheering you on as well Plus Ultra!

I'll make you a deal, I'll make only quality posts from now on if you stop doing this schmaltzy begposting thing about how much it tears your heart up to have people fighting in your safe space. Deal?

did i hear waifu posting?

You and I both know that's not going to happen, fujos are a huge part of the fandom even on Sup Forums
Just don't sperg about it in threads for the sake of the threads, you'll just start a shit flinging war

That escalates it into a revenge rape.


I just want to repeat my request for you to adopt some sort of signature phrase that's easily filterable.

So why did Gran Torino get his hero license?

that link doesn't work

What about that image screams 'tumblr' to you? It seems a fairly generic artstyle, and the filename isn't a tumblr standard.

I think waifu posting should wait for now, last thread got pretty wierd and I think a nice change of pace would do the trick. For example, how about we do a brief discussion on the crack ships from last thread and why we ship them?

If I can post more kacchan.

Hetero shipping is the norm of heroaca threads. Clearly some newfags are forcing fujoshittery.

>haha no way I as a fellow user acknowledge and accept these fujos as inevitable so stop saying mean things about u---about them

fujoshit and yurishit are inherently tumblr

fucking hell that sounds worse than death

Post homo pics on tumblr not here

I wonder how long this thread will last.

It wasn't me who did it last thread, but fuck if I'm not tired at shitposting that derails these threads. And it happens almost every other fucking thread in here. I stop doing begposting, you stop shitposting, and we both do quality posts. Sounds like a fair deal doesn't it?

Shipping is tumblr in general let’s be honest.

Yuri is okay

I love everyone in this thread!

Does anyone have any Gran Torino fanart? Also, I support comfy/cuteposting!! Even waifuposting! Everyone post their waifu and say something nice about her!
I'll start with mine: I like her buns

Stupid beaner poster getting the threads purged

You have to go back

I already do quality posting, I'm just sick of seeing your repetitive chaperoneposting like anyone will give a damn

No only homo shipping

He's anime only, but the scene he appears in is what would have been chapter 62.

I only have autism trio

yuri isn't worse than fujoshit but is definitely just as bad

We were doing this long before you faggots came up with the term.
On /u/

>being this deluded

>mfw we don't have spoiler thread because autism

Oh shit, I remember you. Did you keep coloring stuff? If so, what's your latest work?

It was me! I got your back Inasabro.
I told you it wasn't me last thread. The post I did right now was the first time I did so. Usually I indulge in qualityposting too or at least I try not to do shitposting.

Oh boy, just what the thread need

so that he could use his quirk in public to play street basketball

fuck off newfag

>Implying the todomomo and kamijirou fags that also like to spam the threads aren’t almost as bad

Hey aren't you the same guy who's been called out for his repetitive posts on three different things last thread and replied each time that it wasn't you and this was the VERY FIRST TIME you made the post identical to the earlier posts?

I like the short and dark hair

If you are a homo maybe

there's people in this very tread who think aizawa could defeat stain

>implying afo would disrespect his dick by fucking/raping her
>implying he didn't just load all the rape quirks to a proto-noumu instead

I just think Aizawa is cute!

>There are people in this very thread who realize that Aizawa could defeat Stain.
Glad I could help!

Todomomofags have reached the point of being "slightly better" than fujo/yurishit.
Anything else is still fine

That’s funny because most shitty tumblr art posted in heroaca threads isn’t gay shit at all

He should cut his hair

Well, you shouldn't. Everyone itt is an idiot. They bait each other for responses and respond for obvious baits in return.

Nejire is such an airhead that I bet I could convice her to suck my dick.

What happend to the toc anyway, it usually gets posted by now right?
I don't gave to worry about anything right?

>stainposter actually won

i mean those bandages moves as fast as a bullet thats an op weapon

No. I'm fucking serious, it wasn't me. I was the one last thread who said Endeavor and Mt Lady should fight.

>remembers previous threads
>finds this

>I mean, I don't understand the difference between a creeping AoE attack and a ranged attack. Could you explain it for me?
Happy to assist an ESL.

They've always been around, I've been here before the anime was even announced
Maybe you haven't noticed because they usually don't spam shipping art like last thread, but last thread a shitshow in general thanks to the DBS refugees

5th this week

Nah man I just don’t like shipping in general and the people who obsess over shipping make it worse.
Though I do hate yaoi and yuri ships more since the fans manage to reach a new level beyond autism.


No, that's impossible

>feel fools

>How do I troll people ITT so they will get angry at each other for no explicit reasons, and then feel like fools afterwards?
Always happy to help.


>area of effect
man look at todoroki that's a big aoe it almost look like a ranged atack

You are entitled to holding to your opinion even though it was proven wrong, but at least write it in with a correct grammar

So user was the traitor all along

user tell me you don't like their aesthetic

>Man, look at this panel! I still don't understand what a ranged attack is, but it sure looks impressive. Could you help me figure out this difficult concept user?
Pleased to be of assistance.

I don't like Jirou's aesthetic.

I really wish Jirou would try and do better than this retard

When will Inasa come back?

Thanks for posting a relevant image from the Stain fight.
Oh, wait, you didn't, did you?
That's disappointing.

Whomst'd've you just call a retard kiddo?

I told him about Twice and he fucking did it the thread before ICE and spic began their little feud, the absolute madman
But none of that matters! Everyone ITT is my friend!! Everyone a best!

The user you were replying to. Don’t care for the ship the arc might change that though and I’ve always disliked how similar their costumes are. They’re both cool costumes just too similar.

We just saw him, he and the Shiketsu kids are in the back of the line now. We still need to see Shinsou, Mei, 1-B, and the Ketsubetsu kids next.

Where is that fanart of Aizawa in short hair? I need it for reasons.

man look at todoroki using his aoe attack from the distance

I have something special but it's not ready yet. I will post it when the chapter comes out.

This is easy, just post Nighteye

Shiketsu is definitely set up as 1A's buddy/rival for hero work. I expect seeing them once they go around in their own missions

You know who

forgot my image

Not who you were (you)ing but I saved it because all Aizawas are best Aizawas


But who's better for Jirou than someone who deeply cares about her

Are we still talking about Kaminari?

I think we’re gonna see class B and maybe Shinso/Mei in the culture festival, but I just hope Inasa and the other Shiketsus don’t disappear for a year or something

>inb4 M-muh metaphor
It triggers all the right people. I love it

Yes! This one! Thank you user!

Hey now, don't get too out of hand here. We haven't seen any proof he likes her romantically, but based on that chapter he definitely cares about her. That much is undeniable.