Who among these 4 is more experienced?


Most to least

Shizuku, Rei, Saeko, Saya

Shizuku girlfriend is Guns McTits and the way she acted with a little alcohol in her, she easily has the most experience. Rei is a normal Highschool girl who has a BF, so she most likely let him hit that. I believe that Saeko and Saya have an equal amount of experience(0) but Saya seems more like the type that would still have bubbley ideas about guys while Saeko is more grown up.

Why did I put this much thought into such a shitty show?

Doesn't matter Saya is the best wife.

>the way she acted with a little alcohol in her, she easily has the most experience

Rei fucked MC's friend so she is more experienced.

They're all virgins

Shizuka & Rei are not virgins.



You've been given the task of ending the series once and for all. How do you do it?

MC kills himself. All the women join the bus orgy.

Saeko didn't deserve to be in this shitty series.

>sadomasochistic traditionalist fascist violent dependable stoic yamato nadeshiko waifu

i mean god damn. The fact that she actually has a kind of interesting back story is good too. I mean, she's waifu trash but at least she's somewhat interesting waifu trash.

I'd kill a man for a Saya/Saeko threesome.

Shizuku is Gungs McGee's lesbian cum dumpster.

Rei is just your opportunistic rebound hoe. Used goods as I like to call her; so yeah quite experienced.

Saeko; everybody's perfect wife. Though she is mature, she is most likely a virgin. Well she may bath in the blood of her enemies but that's another story...

Saya... virgin princess tsundere. Considering who her parents are... I really doubt anybody had the balls to approach her anyway.

Alice... do we even need to ask?

Kohta... to be honest; I wouldn't be surprised if he put his dick in a gun's barrel just for the sake of it

Takashi; for a guy that's pretty much the only alpha in the grup; you can smell his virgin scent from miles


Saya's mom > Saeko > Nurse > Saya > Cockroach



I actually like Kohta the best. He has an interesting backstory, has insane knowledge of his interest and is actually the guy who pulled them together in the first place before he took a backseat to Takashi. He would've made the more interesting focus.

Most experienced in what? Paizuri?

Yes they are

is kohta homage to that fat famous youtuber with the same hairstyle as him who uses cgi shit and guns in all of his vidoes?

Rei and Hisashi's relationship was non-sexual right?

This one


One less harem member I guess

My wife Saya is so cute.