User-kun, say Aaaaah~

user-kun, say Aaaaah~

Could you actually get drunk off those things?

I want to save Kaede from a life of loneliness.



No. Its just a convenient plot device for underage drunk characters without them explicitly drinking. Same thing for characters that get drunk from the smell of alcohol

not even into idol shit but i fucking love kaede

Who doesn't

Much like how christmas cakes are at their best a day after christmas, valentine's day chocolates are the best a day after valentine's.

Man, a cute cake spouting cheesy puns would be cute. Not because of the puns per se, they're dumb, but because she'd say them with such confidence despite them being so silly. There's something cute about that.

Kaede is olev.

Kaede is old and drunk. Drunk!

Alcohol is bad and tastes bad.

The trick is convincing a cake your kisses taste better and she doesn't need alcohol anymore.


Why is the middle one eating scorpion? THat's not very romantic/seducing.

shes never lonely with a bottle

Probably cause you can buy booze with a dead scorpion in it. Supposedly the scorpion sucks up the alcohol and if you eat it you get drunk as hell.

hide cake threads

From whomst

I didn't need this thread.

Smells like booze and old people.

I love this alcoholic and I will make her my wife.

It's us who want to be saved by an angel, user.

I imagine it's fried octopus or something. Don't Nips often eat some octopus/squid thing while going out drinking?



The art style reminds me of Turning Girls. Which is itself a comfy keiki anime.

>You will never get black out drunk with Kaede and wake up naked in her bed with neither of you knowing what happened and spend the day nursing eachother's hangovers away.

The scorpion represents sexual potency.

>created from letting fruit and shit rot until it basically becomes a mild poison
>"wow this tastes bad"

We have a genius here guys

ethanol is poison

Out of the cakes Kaede is probably the least likely to end up alone.

That would never happen to me but for different reasons

>something that is used for fuel can kill you if you ingest it

I never would have guessed

From what is this character?



Does this look like the face of sexual potency?

True wisdom right here.

Learn to speak English and you'll get an answer.

>tfw you will never fix a broken computer for your neighbor who looks exactly like Kaede

>you will never fix a broken cake who looks exactly like Kaede


Would you go gambling with her? What would you bet?


Virginity. If I lose, she takes it. And vice versa.
Ps. I am not good at gambling.

>the computer looks like Kaede
So, the neighbor's a Kaede fan too?

I hate when this happens.


>be with Kaede
>completely forget about it
Sounds like some monkey paw shit.

Don't forget to enjoy many different cakes.

The cakes are so unloved that they don't even have a P in their own manga.

God I wish I was a cake so I could wear pantyhose and shorts

I'd usually agree, but what have you drank? "Alcohol tastes bad" is quite a broad thing to say. I've never seen a person that dislikes rum and cognac, at least - even people who avoid alcohol can find something good in these.

I avoided net-juu for some reason, but it might've been a mistake. I'm picking it up just because of this woman.


God damn my kokoro.