Amazon Preorder Stalker

It is over, KyoAni found a way. My condolences, Darling bros. Will Nishigori get fired?

***,318位 (**1,255pt) Violet Evergarden BD1
***,346位 (***,757pt) Darling in the Flop BD1
***,486位 (***,921pt) Violet Evergarden BD4
***,524位 (***,956pt) Violet Evergarden BD2
***,525位 (***,944pt) Violet Evergarden BD3
***,634位 (***,537pt) Darling in the Flop BD2
***,682位 (***,497pt) Darling in the Flop BD3
***,709位 (***,494pt) Darling in the Flop BD4

When were you when Yuru Camp and Takagi-san outsold KyoAni's magnum opus?
Me I was at home watching PTE

Jerking off probably

oh look, its another stalker thread right after violet evergarden aired.

the only time when its ever slightly ahead of franxx.

***,*46位/***,*46位 ◎ (**2,293 pt) Yurucamp△ 1
***,*48位/***,*49位 ○ (**8,603 pt) Idolshit7 DVD 1
***,*63位/***,*62位 (**5,244 pt) Idolshit7 BD1
***,*96位/***,107位 (***,937 pt) Cooking with Fateshit 1
***,116位/***,113位 (**1,326 pt) Antarctica
***,157位/***,145位 (***,374 pt) Shaft/Extra Last Schedule
***,198位/***,210位 (***,784 pt) Clamp Captor Sakura
***,205位/***,192位 (**1,382 pt) Takagi-san can't stop teasing me
***,255位/***,229位 (***,604 pt) Takagi-san please spare me already!
***,315位/***,291位 (**1,156 pt) Token Ranbu ticket sales
***,316位/***,294位 ◎ (**1,037 pt) Lizardporn II
***,318位/***,350位 (**1,255 pt) AOTS Evergarden
***,346位/***,329位 (***,757 pt) Darling in the Flop
***,387位/***,368位 ◎ (***,525 pt) Hakimei no Mikochi
***,430位/***,499位 (***,951 pt) Loli Shogi
***,526位/***,489位 ◎ (***,993 pt) Devilman Crybaby Box
***,671位/***,635位 ◎ (**1,213 pt) Lizardporn II
***,742位/***,704位 (***,573 pt) Death March


>Another Darling and Violet thread

>Only 318 after the new episode


This fanart is shit to be honest

Tell me again about all the shows selling better than Idolish7.

>main sales for VEG BDs not being on Amazon
>still beating Franxx in Amazon preorders

>main sales for VEG BDs not being on Amazon

Good one. VEG is a fucking flop.

You should worry about actual flops, like Darling. VEG makes KyoAni swim in money.

Also, taking nyaa DLs for rows:

It even loses in amount of nips that pirate it. How pathetic is that? Now that it flops in BDs, baned in China - how will it ever recover?


【2018年 02月 01日(木)】 ***,916
【2018年 02月 15日(木)】 **1,255

339pts in 2 week


【2018年 02月 01日(木)】 ***,239
【2018年 02月 15日(木)】 ***,757

518pts in 2 weeks

Kyoani is dead

>stable despite preorders moving away from Amazon

>flopping despite concentrated preorders as they were made available late

Fate Extra is going throught the same phase right now an soon willl drop to those levels as well, once initial rush is gone.

Im not a darlifag, in fact, I love VEG, but according to stalker, DITF is projected to sell better currently. Stalker isn't a good basis for anything though. Why do you guys have to invite shitposting into our already bad threads?

>ANOTHER Stalker thread less than a day after the previous one
>It's just a glorified VEG vs. DITF thread
>OP doesn't even bother posting the ranks/points of the other shows

>Stalker projections
oh look, a newfag

Ah, so you're retarded. Gotcha. Have fun.

>***,157位/***,145位 (***,374 pt) 2018/05/23 【限定】Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 1 [Blu-ray]
>***,401位/***,481位 (***,221 pt) 2018/05/23 Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 1 [Blu-ray]

What went wrong?

Thank you for confirming once again that VEG has the most cancerous fanbase this season.

> Still thinking BD/DVD sales are the only thing to determine a show's financial success

Oh jesus, brainlets everywhere....