Does it really deserve all the horrible ratings?

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Absolutely, but it was a fun train wreck at least

It’s one of those postmodern comedy that people are too stupid to properly adjust their biased mindsets to appreciate this art

>shit animation
>shit visuals
>shit characters
>shit sound direction
>shit CGI
>shit story
>absolutely garbage pacing
It deserved everything it got.

The shitposts were better written than the show.

At least the OP was good right? Shame the singer went on hiatus.

You just don't get it dude, it's supposed to be bad.


Pretty average, nothing special.

Just say your a brainlet and move on

Yes, it was fucking shit.

Mari Okada. All you need to know

Please stop with this Mari = Okada meme.
Wixoss was goo.

>Mari = Okada
*Okada = bad

sorry i'm half asleep

No, Mizushima is to blame for this.

It perfectly nailed what it aspired to be, a shitty B-movie type series.
Mayoiga was a complete trainwreck, but it was very entertaining because of it. If they played it straight and tried making it a serious project it would have been godawful.

>thicc detective who deduces things by fondling her own fat
>tfw this godly concept was completely wasted on this shitshow and will never be revisited because of it
I’m not getting over it, lads

I honestly think that they didn't want to make a parody at first but fucked up so hard that they had to make up a cover story, contrary to what others say. It's bad even if you try to watch it as a parody. See Cabin in the Woods for a horror parody done right.

That's not how you spell 'perfect'.

Everyone was fucked in the head

Dumping some of the best memes.





Yeah, funposting the anime. The same as the first season of Free, it was a good time.

The CGI was used in a good way, it was almost always covered up by steam and it gave it an eerie feel

Not an argument


I almost miss this shit.

>even the memes of the show are shit
This is some 9gag tier shit. Does this show have ANY redeeming point?

Oh look, it's a spoiler!



You had to watch this dumpster fire with Sup Forums
Every thread went over a 1000 replies on airing day.

The OCs were the only good thing from this show, and maybe the threads too before the show went to utter shit and they became drama central.


>Every thread went over a 1000 replies on airing day.
That's a blatant lie
t. was there


>nothing happens: the show
>fun trainwreck
Anyone calling this show a trainwreck hasn't ever seen an actual one

On airing day? Sure they did.

They didn't.




The camwhore never got her own episode. The fat girl detective lacks content. Mari Okada half assed this show. Bad Bad trainwreck.

not all threads got thousand of replies.

Maybe at first, but not when shit started to slow down.

I MISS 2016

>if something doesn't have over-the-top action or deaths it's not funny

I miss him.

yes, its garbage

He was the peak of the show.

Its amazing how he went from "just a side character who is the first to die" to "oh hey whats up bro I'm just here hanging out with god"

My favorite character dudes. It's amazing how five minutes made him so memorable.

Honestly, as average as the show was, I miss it.

Him and Lovepon made the show.

You mean "just a side character who is the first to attempt rape", yes?

Was there a second rape attempt? I forget.

I was entertained

I can't remember either and I couldn't be bothered to plug in my HDD with Mayoiga episodes in it.


I like how we got so attached to the stupid characters and posted all sorts of dumb shit and theories about them.


Autism can take you so far.

Yes, definitely. It was garbage from the beginning to the end.

His nanaki wasn't even that bad when compared to shit like the stupid murder train and the giant boob.

Yes, it was. It was a fucking spot on a wood table he was looking at while getting fired. It was absolutely stupid.

I don't really think that's all that odd to be honest, and really I just meant that his nanaki wasn't all that dumb looking compared to some of the other shit we got.

I hate them so much for not revealing Pink Goddess' backstory.

There's no one perfect way to do parody right. I think mayoiga does decent job at being postmodern comedy



It's the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see one of those "Fuck you, I like it" threads.
It may have gone to shit by the end but the entertainment value I got from the first half was worth every second.

This is art.

Nothing fucking happened. It goes beyond the lack of action or deaths. Even the "twists" were disappointing.
>MC's twink friend that appeared to be gay and obsessed with MC actually WAS gay and obsessed with MC! Holy fuck

What a sack of shit. Even the speculations in the thread were unironically better than what it ended up to be, because in these speculations something fucking happened.

There's no perfect way to do parody right but there's a way to do it wrong and shit.
See Mayoiga.

Mitsumune is a big guy

He deserved so much better, please no bully Hayato.

Speedo should've just raped Mitsudomoe.

It would have probably happened had he not been stopped.