Why'd he have to die?

Why'd he have to die?

The age of heroes was over. There is no need for military genius in peacetime.

because he's a chink

Because space isis decided so.

>"Stop the battle, Kircheis told me to make peace with Yang. What? Yang's dead? Then I guess I don't have to make peace anymore, fuck Kircheis lol xd."
Why did Reinhard have to kill those millions of people?

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Because you care about him.

Because of Reinhard's autism.
If only Kircheis were here...




If you don't embrace it and own it then it owns you. Master your emotions. It's still the worst scene in anime.

I-It hurts, user ;_;

Yes it does.

Oh god that scene killed me
Go to bed

Julian, you had one job

Ever heard of spoiler tags, faggot ?

I somehow was able to make it past his death without crying. Seeing Julian immediately break down in the next episode and start apologizing to his body had me sobbing though.

Why everyone and their granfathers could admit that they cried over Yang, but the moment you admit you cried over Kircheis, people will assume you are a fujo?

Because Yang is a person and Kircheis is a plot device.

shut up smoothbrain

beacuse Life is unfair.

yangs wife Crying and yelling how he should have died is what broke me.

I'm five ep before his death why do you have to hurt my emotions more Sup Forums why are you this cruel??

OP is a fag who doesn't know how to spoiler text

Why did he have to keep his virginity?

so if he died, his waifu would remain pure so she could re-marry.

>resisted against Empire of occupants
>was betrayed by jews
>suffered for other's sins
>remained pure till death
>Died at 33
Is Yang is basically a Space Jesus?

I.G. will ruin your pure husbando

I dont mind if the remake will bring more sex scenes. That episode in Gaidens where Schoenkopf railed his cute brown waifu was very hot.

You could say he was cockblocked by Reinhard.

Books actually stated that the name is misleading, and that it basically came from Alliance people guessing at their heritage so that even though he doesn't look Asian really at all, the name stuck.

You can sort of see this when you compare him to other Asian named characters who have more recognizable features of their heritage.

That's not that was said, from what I remember. Its just that people Alliance were mostly multiracial and categories as Asian etc couldn't be applied anymore, but his name sounded Chinese so they surname before first name because of traditions.

more specifically, people are split into easterners and westerners, and name order is determined by that. but considering how the alliance is one large multicultural cluster, it wouldn’t be a surprise if most defining cultural features were bred out at some point.

Technically all the characters are descendants of Australians

>the war was just one giant shitpost

>Humanity's History from Brisbane being the capital of a United Earth to the War between the FPA and the Neue Riech is one giant shitpost