Does it really deserve all the horrible ratings?



I personally love stylized films so O;9 was a blast. The editing, dutch angles, break neck pacing, fast quips... everything was perfect.

It was kino.

It's one of those shows that spends the first 9 episodes teasing a mystery and then the answer is a wizard did it

Everything was perfect until the last 2 episodes ruined the pacing and went ass up. It deserved 2 seasons.

Didn't deserve horrible ratings, just average ones.
I didn't like the endless fast-talking dialogue over static shots and unresolved plot points (doujin lady?).
But I did like the visual style, the animation (when it happened) and the attention to detail.


Shit writing and animation, so yes.

It's actually great. All the hate was dumbfounding.

It took a shitton of risks with very mixed success.
No one can claim that it's cookie-cutter cash-in garbage, but weighing what worked against what didn't it's not difficult to understand where the wealth of bad reviews and negative criticism comes from. It definitely felt like there was too much packed into the runtime it got. The payoff/ridiculously over the top ending would have certainly worked much better in a kinetic or visual novel backdrop.

The girl with the massive boobs is the only thing that keeps me away from watching the series


If it had a few more episodes, and if Ryota's ryotas weren't so comically large, I think it could've been quite a lot better.

It looks like occult detective, but it's not. It's shit.

>Buy the VN
>The VN literally just chops up the anime into separate routes without any new information
>Literally copy-pastes scenes from the anime without additional effort


I would say it didn't deserve them to the extent it got, but only because of gay faggots like rating it bad because they're triggered

The Sci;Adv games take their sweet ass time. This did the opposite. Sure you can technically follow the story but do not be fooled the warp speed isn't a smart choice it's just jamming as much advertisement for the game in as it can.

Yeah but you can press the button when you're done reading this time.

The girl with massive tits was terribly designed.

This reminds me of the laziness with Steins;Gate Elite and hilariously that got pushed back like half a year which is ridiculous given what it was. Now they won't even have it out to go with 0's air time.

>half a year
Is it? They never mention how long they're delaying it.

>Show went too fucking fast
>literally spent the first 3 episodes introducing the same handful of characters 3 times each probably because the show was going so fast you probably forgot who everyone was
>plot points either get swept under the rug or was just pointless to begin with
>no breathers whatsoever, everyone is speaking within 0.5 seconds between each other and some people praise this as "good directing"
>literal asspull ending that resolves nothing, the big bad villains basically did nothing you can pretty much replace them with an evil hamster and nothing would change

Terrible and pretentious. Dishonest anime

They all talked like they had a stick up their ass and the unveiled mistery wasn't even that good or complicated to begin with. Just needlessly overexplained.

I really really liked the direction of that anime and how they talked no-stop
But I guess I was the only one

Absolutely nope.
It had shit direction, but it had really good plot and themes, and zero fanservice despite the huge-titted normfag filter.
I'm really looking forward to the VN.
If it really is the same as the anime, I can't really see where the problem is: this time you can actually go on when you're finished reading, and this removes the only objective flaw of the anime.

I enjoyed it too, user. I think Sup Forums is just mentally slow.


The ending pretty much crashed the show. It was unsatisfying and made many plotlines feel pointless. There's a reason people thought it was a "go read the VN" type ending, even though it really wasn't.

It also doesn't help that one of their main girls was very specific fetish fuel that's just an eyesore to most people without that specific fetish.

I forgave the show for that dogshit end because I thought the VN was going to explore it further. Turns out nope. It's still fucking bad.

>tfw the most standout feature of the show ended up being a female characters with stupidly large tits

The true end even has less content than the anime.

What happens? Does Gamotan forever remain a ghost fucking around with his blog?

Why did they even bother pushing it out the door if it was so cocked up?

It was okay, didn't live up to the expectations set by it's core concept. People who complain that it went too fast are mentally disabled, it went too slow if anything because not much actually happened a lot of the time despite all the talking. Or maybe it's just those people who have difficulty reading subtitles who are being very vocal about this show specifically, I don't know.

A show can progress too fast without accomplishing anything, you fucking rube.

A show can't progress too fast if the plot itself actually progresses at a snail's pace for most episodes, no. It has a ton of drawn out exposition dumps and the scares people off I guess.

Yes, that's it.

Normies hate it because of Ryoka's tits

The show was great, much better than Steins ;Gate

What the fuck. I at least thought there would be a true end where you get to avoid that and he gets to stay with Ryotits.

At least he gets to live in the side endings.

People hate anything slightly different, this shouldn't be surprising.

I liked it just as much as I liked Stens;Gate. Meaning, not a whole lot. It was ok.

What is the problem with the ending?

Rating where? MAL?
Figures those retards couldn't understand this.

I didn't even know O;9 is apparently not liked.
I guess watching during a time where I took a break from visiting Sup Forums (or any other anime sites for that matter) helped. Binge watched all episodes in one go, and had fun.

Solid 7/10 overall. It's actually better than S;G if I think about it. No contrived drama in it (how come it is always that tuturu retard that dies in S;G for example?)

>No contrived drama in it (how come it is always that tuturu retard that dies in S;G for example?)
That wasn't contrived drama, that was sort of the whole plot. I don't even like S;G that much either, most of the characters sound like their dialogue was written by autists from Sup Forums.

I absolutely loved it. They tried to cram every possible sci-fi and conspiracy trope into one series and it was great. Very pretty too.

>teases pic related at the end
>didn't even explain it in the VN


>yet another brainlet who doesn't get S;G

>giving a shit about some random ratings by some random nobodies
OP, did you have fun watching it, or did you not? That's what matters.
I found it interesting. The direction, the soundtrack, the voice actors, the plot, the visual quality - all of it, I liked. It could've used another 3 episodes at best and it would've been really good.

normalfag who thinks he's not a normalfag

>That wasn't contrived drama, that was sort of the whole plot.
That plot has no justification. It makes no sense all timelines to have the same "dead-end". What is the cause of it?

Prove me wrong then.

>It makes no sense for all timelines to have the same "dead-end"
Wording. For example, PMMM justifies why Madoka is so powerful: every time Homura resets the timeline, she merges events, so Madoka's energy from the other timelines accumulates into the new one. On the other hand Marushi or whatever her name is dies every time just because, no matter how different the scenario. What's so important about her death that all timelines converge on that event?

>nervous fanboys at it again

I'm curious. Name 5 flaws O;9 had.

normistoid who thinks he's not a normistoid

>Prove me wrong then
Explain to me why anyone should waste time explaining to a blithering idiot why they're retarded for not understanding something that is explicitly explained in both anime and VN format. Please rewatch the anime, but make sure to take your Ritalin this time.

I'm not him, but I thought the character development overall was pretty thin.
What's with the inconclusive ending like The villain was horrendous, feel like a shitty copy of Norose and the gang.
What's the point of Ririka? Who is she really?
What is the relevance of Kotoribako subplot to the whole story?


why would yo do that?

They did a great job with it though.

I'll never believe your lies again

Objectively, O;9 was aesthetically far above A-1's usual trash.

No. It was KINO.


Nervous for what? It ended years ago.

It was great


A S C E N S I O N !

Sad but true